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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #78

Apr 30, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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               Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter

                   Issue #78  Thursday, 24 April 2003

          This week's newsletter is sponsored by Thawte


Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.

In this issue:

 * Top Story -- Mandrake Linux 9.1 PPC Released
 * Advertisement -- Message from Thawte
 * Mandrake in the News -- Slashdot.org, DesktopLinux.com
 * MandrakeClub -- 9.1 documentation Now Online
 * Business Case of the Week -- Tourism/Hospitality: Hirners Hotel Guide
 * Spotlight on the 'Safari Bookshelf'
 * 9.1 Software Updates -- kde3, eog, xfsdump, gtkhtml, evolution, more
 * Headlines from MandrakeClub

Top Story
Mandrake Linux 9.1 for PPC is available.
On April 11th, Mandrake Linux 9.1 "Bamboo" was released for the PPC
platform. This new release provides all the features of Mandrake 9.1
including Apache 2, "Zeroconf" network support and WiFi support.
Mandrake 9.1 for PPC provides an unequaled level of comfort to Mac
users with a simplified graphical installer, a brand-new
"MandrakeGalaxy" theme, stunning anti-aliased fonts, and of course the
new KDE 3.1 and GNOME 2.2 desktop environments.

Mandrake 9.1/PPC is based on Linux kernel 2.4.21 and includes XFree86
4.3.0, KDE 3.1, GNOME 2.2, OpenOffice.org 1.0.2, Mozilla 1.3, Apache 2,
and Samba 2.2.7. Read the announcement for all the details.

An official three-CD set of Mandrake 9.1 PPC is available now at

FREE Apache SSL Guide from Thawte.
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Mandrake in the News
Slashdot.org -- Mandrake 9.1 (Bamboo) Out For PPC.
Slashdot covers the release of Mandrake PPC:
"Well, Mandrake 9.1 is out for PPC processors and a nifty utility
included is the Mac-on-Linux feature where you can run mac os 9/x in a
window at native speed."

DesktopLinux.com -- California prison program offers Mandrake Linux to
"Mandrake Linux is now being offered as part of the California
Department of Corrections Computer Refurbishing Program. The Linux
desktop OS will join Microsoft Windows as an option in a joint
partnership between the California Department of Corrections (CDC) and
the Technology Training Foundation of America (TTFA). California
schools can choose to have the Mandrake Linux desktop pre-installed on
reconditioned computer systems from an inmate-run refurbishing program.
The computers are made available to eligible schools for free by the

MandrakeClub.com -- Mandrake Linux 9.1/PPC is ready!
The MandrakeClub website offers a quick overview of the PPC release,
including the following topics:
 * Why a PPC Machine?
 * Why Mandrake on a PPC machine?
 * Hardware compatibility

Mandrake Club members can now access the Mandrake Linux 9.1
Members are invited to browse the official 9.1 documentation in both
HTML and PDF format. Learn how to make the most of your Mandrake system
with four different manuals including two startup guides, a
configuration manual, and a comprehensive guide for advanced users. The
documentation is offered in six languages: English, Spanish, Italian,
Russian, German and French.

Additionally, Club Members benefit from a special interactive feature:
the online HTML version may be commented on every page, so users can
easily share tips and suggestions on any topic. As a result, the online
documentation will be greatly enriched by users' experience as time
goes on.

Not yet a MandrakeClub member? To learn more, please visit:

Business Case of the Week
Tourism/Hospitality: Server for Hirners Hotel Guide.
Hirners Hotel Guide is a popular index of 58,668 hotels worldwide, most
listed with their homepage and email address. They use Mandrake for
email, web, database, and workstations. The web server is the packaged
Advanced Extranet server with mod_php. Email server: postfix, database:

"At the time, we serve about 6000 hits a day (see our statistics). The
MySQL database consists of several databases with tables of up to
100,000 records. We also host a small link collection with a
self-written PERL robot: Search & Links Bugzilla is used for bug

For more examples of Mandrake in the workplace, see

Spotlight on the 'Safari Bookshelf'
Safari Bookshelf is a new online service that lets readers access
electronic versions of more than 1,000 leading programming and IT
books. Select the hottest titles from publishers such as O'Reilly,
Addison Wesley, Que, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall PTR, Sams, and
others. Unlike an online bookstore, Safari lets subscribers:

    * Conduct Searches across all of the technical books in the Safari
      library - more than 1,000 in all.
    * Read the books on your Bookshelf from cover to cover. Or, simply
      flip to the page you need.
    * Browse books by category. With Safari researching any topic is a
      snap. From XML, to database administration to .Net, you'll find
      your answer in Safari.

Sign up now for Safari and get your first 14 days free!

Software Updates
9.1 software updates have been released for:

 * kde3 -- fixes arbitrary command execution
 * eog -- fixes arbitrary command execution
 * xfsdump -- fixes insecure file creation
 * gtkhtml -- fixes vulnerability
 * evolution -- fixes multiple vulnerabilities

View the complete list at MandrakeSecure.net.

Headlines from MandrakeClub.com
Scheduling jobs with cron, at, and DrakCronAt.
Deno posts a quickie tutorial about the "cron" and "at" utilities for
running programs periodically (cron) or once (at) at a future time.
"Thanks to pre-defined rules, scheduling tasks that are run by root
user is as simple as adding a script in one of the /etc/cron*
directories, but no such rules are defined for normal users. This
mini-tutorial will show you how to schedule tasks using the mandrake
GUI tool DrakCronAt."

Welcome to the new MandrakeClub.
MandrakeClub has a new server that boasts:
    * Less overloads
    * New "docs" section with user comments
    * More compact design of the main index page
    * Much "lighter" design of the header part of the page
    * Plenty of more-or-less invisible bugfixes...

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