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Alan Cox: Linux 2.5.69-ac1

May 07, 2003, 03:52 (1 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

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This should be treated as handle with care - the IDE taskfile stuff is
important but the earlier revision did tickle some PIO problems. The
fixes aren't known to be 100% so drive carefully
        - Rebuilt from 2.5.69 base adding -ac stuff on top
o       Fix linking errors                              (Andi Kleen)
o       Make mwave compile again                        (me)
o       Fix PIO IDE corruption (hopefully)      (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o       Update Quadrics pci.ids to those requested by   (Daniel Blueman)
o       Fix ibmtr_cs build                              (Jochen Hein)
o       Wolfson codec updates                           (Liam Girdwood)
o       Fix iphase stack usage                          (Chas Williams)
o       Fix dc395 oops                                  (Oliver Neukum)
o       C99 initialisers for random                     (Art Haas)
o       C99 initialiser for libfs                       (Art Haas)
o       Fix up pcmcia drivers for IRQ changes           (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o       Use mod_timer in PC98 floppy                    (Vinay Nallamothu)
o       Use mod_timer in sdla drivers                   (Vinay Nallamothu)
o       Use mod_timer for AF_WANPIPE                    (Vinay Nallamothu)
o       Use mod_timer for mpt fusion                    (Vinay Nallamothu)
o       Use request_region in sbc_gxx                   (Bob Miller)
o       Use request_region in octagon-5066              (Bob Miller)
o       Use request_region in elan-104nc                (Bob Miller)
o       Use request_region in ipmi                      (Bob Miller)
o       Update H8/300 ucLinux support                   (Yoshinori Sato)
o       Add base ICH5 audio support                     (Martin Schlemmer)
o       Fix debug/return order in cpia_pp               (Gabriel Devenyi)
o       Fix return before gameport_close                (Gabriel Devenyi)
o       Fix debug after return in arlan                 (Gabriel Devenyi)
o       Fix atm svc race with sigd                      (Chas Williams)
o       Put syscall table in R/O section                (David Howells)
o       PCMCIA rework to fix plug/unplug deadlock       (Russell King)
o       C99 initialisers for drivers/media dvb code     (Art Haas)
o       More C99 initialisers for audio                 (Art Haas)
o       Set data direction properly on sync cache       (Heiko Carstens)
o       Nuke various dead scsi externs                  (Christoph Hellwig)
o       Handle Seagate ATA IV errata on CSB5            (Duncan Laurie)
o       Fix con2fb crash with unallocated VT            (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Initial SH3 resync                              (Paul Mundt)
o       Update aha1740 to new DMA etc                   (Marc Zyngier)
o       Update meye drivers                             (Stelian Pop)
o       Update SH maintainers                           (Paul Mundt)
o       Fix ISA audio requirements for PC9800           (Osamu Tomita)
o       Large numbers of ia64 typo fixes                (Steven Cole)
o       Remove duplicate include in mpu401.h            (Art Haas)
o       C99 initialisers for amd8111e                   (Art Haas)
o       C99 initialisers for MTD                        (Art Haas)
o       FAT search speedups for MSDOS fs                (Björn Stenberg)
o       Rewrite i386 user space access to fix races     (Manfred Spraul)
o       Ressurrect dmasound driver                      (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       S/390 typo fixes                                (Steven Cole)
o       Some of the v850 update queue                   (Miles Bader)
o       Fix ps2esdi build                               (Michael Buesch)
o       Fix lba48 issue to check end sector/num sector  (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix get/sethostname error paths                 (Stephan Maciej)
o       x86-64 build fixes                              (Mikael)
o       Fix ACPI IRQ returns                            (Andrew Morton)
o       Use mod_timer in synclink driver                (Vinay Nallamothu)
o       Remove bogus return in bpck6                    (Gabriel Devenyi)
o       Add i855PM AGP                                  (Bill Nottingham)
o       Netlink hooks for using netlink to report       (Dave Miller)
        error messages
        | Not useful in itself but a kick off point
o       Make videodev_proc_destroy __exit               (Tom Rini)
The following -ac changes are present
X86_HAL support for Linux in BOCHS
Unisys ES7000 support
Various config doc fixes
APM handling for more broken setups
APM handling for PC9800
Updated Unexpected I/O APIC detection
Support for rejecting/pinning tasks on iopl/ioperm (for NUMA)
PC9800 SMP parsing
Short jump for lock loops
PC9800 GDC console
Corrected K7 checks for SMP
Alternative Athlon fast copy
Always write PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE for pseudo PCI
sys_sched_affinity 32/64 fixes
Stack use on sh
BIO updates
Taskfile I/O for IDE
Fix iforce doc formatting
Console blank key for laptops
Morse code errors
PC9800 console
Newer Sony PI driver
Fix IDE attachment list corruptions
Fix ide /proc identify 
Cleaned up ide-cs
Synaptics mouse enable fix
Warning fixes for mtd
Updated drivers for 3c523/7
EISA framewaork aware depca
PC9800 parport
PCI quirks for smbus hiding
First bits of work on dpt_i2o for 2.5 DMA
AFFS updates
Stack limits for parisc
ipc bits (need review)
ikconfig (Config in /proc etc)
SIGCHLD for kmod
Definitions for PRIO ranges
Streams bits
vsscanf fixes
RPMBUILD not RPM for macro name
Kconfig help fixes
Fix pnp_card_register_driver/unload stuff for ALSA (needs review)