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Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.21rc2-ac3

May 22, 2003, 17:27 (0 Talkback[s])

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This contains SiS IDE updates so SiS users may want to be careful with this kernel. Ditto for CMD680/SI3112

Linux 2.4.21rc2-ac3

o     Possible fix for IDE lost IRQ problem (Alexander Atanasov)
o     Add VIA KL/KM266 AGP (Dietrich Radel)
o     Handle older Compaq ACPI * prefix to HID (Andrew Grover)
o     Add mmio==2 support to the ide-dma layer (me)
o     Clean up and document the CMD680 driver (me)
o     Fix the CMD680 resource handling bugs (me)
o     VIA 8327 IDE support (Vojtech Pavlik)
o     Update SiS IDE for 655/630SET and oddments (Lionel Bouton)
o     Fix missing exports for modular XFS (Bero Rosenkraenzer)
o     Update worst case quota block count for ext3 (Jan Kara)
o     Add CRC32 libraries backport (David Woodhouse, Duncan Sands)
o     HDLC doc fixes (Krzysztof Halasa)
o     Use tail -n for the posixly afflicted (Olaf Hering)
o     Fix wrong use of strstr in reiserfs (Sam Ravnborg)
o     Correct AMD enable bits (Vojtech Pavlik)
  Should fix IDE boot timeout when probing empty AMD device slots
o     Fix netlink compile with gcc 3.3 (Andrew Church)
o     Frame buffer is in bits so fix vesafb (Adam Mercer)
o     Make ksoftirqd cpuid match 2.5 (and allow for 100 cpus without overflow.) (Martin Hicks)
o     Fix a pcmcia without ISA crash (Pavel Roskin)
o     Fix cs89x0 set_mac_address handling (Stefano Fedrigo)
o     Update the ide tags I forgot to do before (me)
o     Fix a delayed block/xfs problem from a missed merge (Christoph Hellwig)