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Release Digest: GNOME, May 28, 2003

May 29, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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totem 0.99.0


Totem "Keep on dancing" 0.99.0 is out.

Totem is movie player for the Gnome desktop based on xine. It features a playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls, as well as a pretty complete keyboard navigation.

It comes with added functionality such as: - Video thumbnailer for GNOME
- Webcam utility
- Nautilus properties tab


  • GNOME 2.2

And for the backend:

  • xine-lib 1.0 beta 12 or better
  • gstreamer 0.6.x from CVS or 0.7.x

It is advised that distributors ship the xine backend by default.

If Totem locks up on startup, before showing the main window, please read: and for possible work-arounds:

The upstream bug is:


  • Added support for error messages coming from the xine engine itself
  • Fixed playbacks of DVDs and other media in the movie menu
  • Speed up playlist loading
  • Worked around a bug in egg-recent that would add a '/' to local filenames
  • Read links in .desktop files to be able to use the drag'n'drop of the video as a bookmark system
  • devfs support, FreeBSD support and misc. parsing fixes for the CD selection widget
  • moved fullscreen code out of the video widget and into totem (enables fullscreen to work on the gstreamer backend)
  • Automatic GNOME-based Proxy configuration
  • Make the visual quality option menu actually work
  • Add the /apps/totem/debug entry to enable debug in the playback engine
  • Fixes concerning the colliding error and buffering dialogs
  • Added a --disable-lirc argument to configure
  • Fix handling of Recent Files and URIs


A big thanks to the translators as well, Totem is now available in 29 languages.

Bastien Nocera <>

Sirius 0.6.0


Sirius 0.6.0


Sirius is a program for playing the game of othello.


  • Increased the openingbook a bit.


  • Fixed some time issues.
  • Some small gui adjustments.
  • Made sure that a move from the openingbook always is legal.


GNOME Software Map entry

gcalctool - v4.2.86




gcalctool is the desktop calculator. It has Basic, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it uses multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree of accuracy.


These are the changes since the last release (v4.2.83):

  • Fixed bug 113703. You can now specify an alternate location for the gcalctool schemas file with: --with-gconf-source=whatever
  • Fixed bug 113754. Decimal point didn't work with a German keyboard if Numlock was turned on.
  • Install "gnome-calculator" symlink as reqested by Glynn Foster.
  • Numerous translations.


though some of the ftp mirrors may take a little while to sync].


My thanks to the translators who have worked on gcalctool:

Abel Cheung
Christian Neumair
Christian Rose
Christophe Merlet
Daniel Yacob
Danilo 305240egan
Duarte Loreto
Evandro Fernandes Giovanini
German Poo-Caaman~o
Gustavo Noronha Silva
Kjartan Maraas
Michal Bukovjan
Miloslav Trmac
Pablo Gonzalo del Campo
Pablo Saratxaga
Roozbeh Pournader
Takeshi AIHANA
Vincent van Adrighem
Yuriy Syrota

Rich Burridge