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PostgreSQL Weekly News - May 28, 2003

Jun 03, 2003, 07:00 (5 Talkback[s])
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By now I'm sure you're all running 7.3.3 right? :-) The official announcement went out Monday night, and all of the ftp mirrors should have the latest distribution by this point. You can find a list of ftp mirrors at http://www.postgresql.org/mirrors-ftp.html. I should also mention that each release is also available through the sourceforge project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgsql/. Be sure to read the HISTORY file included with the distribution for a detailed list of changes.

With 7.3.3 released, we are now getting into the "home stretch" for 7.4. A number of miscellaneous improvements went in this week, some large and some small. A core dump in pg_get_triggerdef was fixed, we now ensure function names are schema-qualified when needed, argument-printing code has been simplified, pl_funcs now have support for plpgsql PERFORM statements, our static cbrt() implementation in float.c was cleaned up, compilation on Cygwin was fixed, and we now make sure printtup() always sends the number of columns previously advertised in RowDescription message. A very remote case of incorrect computation of StartUpID was fixed, based on a report from Rao Kumar.

There were also some nice enhancements made in the back end. Information schema saw some minor improvements, and yes/no interactive responses have now been internationalized. The implementation of btrim/ltrim/rtrim were all improved. The changes were made in preparation for using rtrim1() as the bpchar-to-text cast operator, but these changes stand on there own as a performance improvement even if we decide not to do that. CHAR(n) to TEXT/VARCHAR conversion was also modified to automatically strip trailing blanks along with removal of some redundant operators for VARCHAR. There was also some clean up on resolution of ambiguous operators/functions to avoid surprising choices for domains (domains are treated as equivalent to their base types and binary-coercibility is no longer considered a preference item when choosing among multiple operators/functions). And lastly, some marginal cleanup was done that includes merging the (essentially) duplicate resolution code in parse_func.c and parse_oper.c as well as restructuring "special operator" handling to fetch operators via index opclasses rather than hardwiring assumptions about names (cleans up the pattern_ops stuff a little).

There were a number of improvements to ecpg this week; fixes include ecpg now recognizing named structs/unions (so you don't have to list the whole definition every time you declare a variable anymore), ecpg now accepts array elements as arguments, it now allows input from stdin and output to stdout, a fix for incorrect output for some structs, and a segfault fix when detecting undefined cursors.

And rounding things out this week are some error handling and logging changes that will be new in 7.4. Error-handling logic in libpq was adjusted so that for the first time, libpq copes sanely with running out of memory for a query result. The log_ GUC settings are now controllable only by super-users, so non-super users can't turn them off, and debug_ GUC variables output DEBUG1 rather than LOG.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

phpPgAdmin 3.0 enters beta phase

Aqua Data Studio, version 3.0 Released

== PostgreSQL In the News ==

PostgreSQL 7.3.3 Released

IBM to Release 'Express' Database for SMBs

== Upcoming Events ==

Fenasoft Brasil Software Week: Sao Paulo, Brazil: May 27-30 dbExperts will have a PostgreSQL demonstration

Open Source Conference: Portland, Oregon: July 7-11
A PostgreSQL track is available this year

== PostgreSQL Weekly News - May 28th 2003 ==

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