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Release Digest: GNOME, June 12, 2003

Jun 13, 2003, 05:00 (2 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Atlantis 0.1.1


Atlantis 0.1.1


Atlantis is a native Web browser for the GNOME desktop.


2003-06-09 Ali Akcaagac

  • ===== Released 0.1.1 (alpha) =====
  • src/atlantis-bonoboui.c (atlantis_combo_entry_activate_callback): when entering an url in the locationbar it used to resolve it together with the url which was previously choosen in the buffer (from bookmarks, or clicks) this caused to show a concatenated effekt, we now make sure this doesn't happen anymore.
  • src/atlantis.c (skip_protocols): replace all strncmp() calls with case insensive calls from glib g_ascii_strncasecmp(). we need case insensive checks because protocols can be written in different cases in html pages and lead into crashing the browser if not found properly.
  • README: updated the readme file again and added copyright notice. Also enchanced the features section.

2003-06-08 Ali Akcaagac

  • README: updated the readme file.
  • data/atlantis-logo.png: file re-created with a better butterfly.
  • data/atlantis.png: file re-vreated with a better butterfly.
  • data/atlantis.xcf: the gimp xcf file of the raw butterfly image.
  • data/atlantis.html: values adjusted for the new atlantis-logo.png file, which has slightly changed.
  • src/atlantis-gtkhtml.c (atlantis_submit_idle_add): this function got added to process submits correctly otherwise the gtkhtml engine segfaults.
  • src/atlantis-gtkhtml.c (atlantis_submit_callback): function got changed to add an idle instead calling the submit directly. used to cause crashes in previous atlantis versions.

2003-06-07 Ali Akcaagac

  • configure.in: updated pkg_config versions for checked libraries.
  • data/atlantis.xml: fixed labeling of toolbar elements which previously showed the accelerator underscore. this shouldn't be like that so it got fixed.
  • data/atlantis.html: used tidy to check and style the html intro page.
  • src/atlantis.c: removed version output to the console.
  • data/atlantis.xml: file changed to atlantis.xml.in/ and passed through intltool.
  • data/atlantis.applications: file got added so atlantis will get registered to the mime system.
  • data/Makefile.am: uncomment entry for atlantis.application, added intltool macro for *.xml.in files, updated filelist for make dist and separated the ui xml file to it's own section.

2003-05-10 Ali Akcaagac

  • src/atlantis.h: replaced the (C) sign with xc2xa9.
  • src/atlantis-interface.c (atlantis_initialize_gtk_hpaned): changed the panesize to 225 pixels in the initial function.
  • src/atlantis.c (main): removed extra functioncall to set the panesize to 225 pixels because we do it in the initial function now.
  • configure.in: bumped atlantis version to 0.1.1 (alpha).
  • src/atlantis.c (load_bookmarks): search for bookmarks in ~/.atlantis directory now and fall back to supplied bookmarks file if none is found there.
  • src/atlantis.c (recursive_parser): remove gtk_events_pending and gtk_main_iteration_do. we don't need to check for pending events because the parser is fast enough to parse stuff before any gui action takes place.
  • src/atlantis.c (bookmark_parser): remove gtk_events_pending and gtk_main_iteration_do. we don't need to check for pending events because the parser is fast enough to parse stuff before any gui action takes place.



GNOME Software Map entry


Firestarter 0.9.2

About Firestarter

Firestarter is visual firewall tool for GNOME. The program features a friendly setup wizard, a real time hit monitor, an advanced rules based system for traffic shaping and many advanced features like kernel tuning, NAT and port forwarding setup tools.

Changes in this version

  • Fix segfault when resolving names, patch by Olivier Abad.
  • Updated list of non-routable networks (so called bogons).
  • Fixed Reject packets setting not working.
  • Fixed some issues with the parsing of resolv.conf.
  • Support for the metalog and syslog-ng log formats.
  • Tested to work with Slackware 9, should work with Gentoo.
  • Slightly less preferences, more of "It Just Works(tm)".
  • Misc. other bug fixes.
  • Translation updates by Alexandre Folle de Menezes (pt_BR), Duarte Loreto (pt), Christian Rose (sv), Pablo Saratxaga (vi), Takeshi Aihana (ja), Kostas Papadimas (el), Christian Neumair (de), Francisco Javier Fernandez (es), Jeroen van der Vegt (nl), Abel Cheung (zh_TW), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk), Kjartan Maraas (no), Alessio Dessi (it) and the Serbian translation team (sr).


Firestarter is available from http://firestarter.sourceforge.net Program screenshot: http://firestarter.sourceforge.net/fs-mistshot.png

Gnome-themes-extras 0.1

Gnome-themes-extras "Gnomes are like onions" 0.1 is released

In order to lighten your day we now announce the first public release of the gnome-themes-extras package. It is a package with extra metathemes for GNOME 2.2 and higher.

You find screenshots, descriptions and download instructions here: http://www.gnome.org/~uraeus/

There is also an unofficial rpm package for RH 9 available here: http://www.linuxrising.com/files/gnome-themes-extras-0.1-0.i386.rpm

Credits for this release goes to:
Jacub 'Jimmac' Steiner for his work on Gorilla Yanko Kaneti for SPEC file hacking
Alex Duggan for the build system
David Vignoni for Lush and Nuvola icons Andrew Johnson for his Smooth theme engine and themes Matthew McClintock for his Wasp icons
And me :)

Pablo Gonzalo del Campo for the Spanish translation Duarte Loreto for the Portuguese translation Abel Cheung for the traditional Chinese translation Jordi Mallach for the Catalan translation Christian Rose for the swedish translation

Other small fixes:
Andrew Sobala
Dennis Cranston

Special thanks to:
Dom Lachowicz for his work on librsvg
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus@linuxrising.org>