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Release Digest: GNU, June 13, 2003

Jun 13, 2003, 23:30 (1 Talkback[s])


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GIMP 1.3.15

Hi GIMPers,

there's a new development snapshot of The GIMP for you to play with. Grab a copy from


or from one of the mirrors listed at http://gimp.org/download.html.

I suggest you also upgrade to Pango 1.2.3 and GTK+ 2.2.2 which have just been released since there are some important bug-fixes in these releases which also affect The GIMP.

Here's a short summary of changes. For a more complete coverage, please consult the ChangeLog:

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.15

  • Removed color correction tools from toolbox again [Sven]
  • Factored out color-picking code into a GimpColorTool class [Sven]
  • Updates to the W32 build system [Tor Lillqvist, Hans Breuer]
  • Removed the need for special casing for some platforms [Yosh, Sven]
  • Added item rotation (90, 180, 270 degrees) [Sven, Mitch]
  • Load old paths as new vector objects [Mitch]
  • Apply transformations to linked items [Mitch]
  • Generalized item transformations [Mitch]
  • Improved session managment [Mitch]
  • Speed up fonts query [Yosh]
  • Backed out pluggable tools [Sven]
  • Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors:
Branko Collin, Pedro Gimeno, Dave Neary, Raphael Quinet, Maurits Rijk, Adam D. Moss, Jakub Steiner

Happy GIMPing

texinfo 4.6

I have released version 4.6 of Texinfo, the GNU documentation format, with supporting programs.

You can get it by anonymous ftp from
ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/texinfo/texinfo-4.6.tar.gz ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/texinfo/texinfo-4.6.tar.bz2 and its mirrors worldwide (see http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html).

The Texinfo home page is http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/.

Please email bugs or suggestions to bug-texinfo@gnu.org, general discussion to help-texinfo@gnu.org.


4.6 (10 June 2003)

  • Language:
    • new command @/ specifies an allowable breakpoint within a line.
    • new command @dofirstparagraphindent to control whether the first paragraph following a section heading is indented. Default is to omit this indentation, unlike the output up to now.
    • new command @indent for explicitly indenting a paragraph.
    • makeinfo writes a new construct for @image in Info output, so that graphical Info browsers (such as Emacs Info under X) can display an actual image. (Standalone Info ignores this, since it runs in a tty.)
  • makeinfo:
    • Common:
      • search for image files in the include file search path.
      • warns if @value is used on an undefined variable.
    • Info output:
      • default --split-size now 300,000 bytes, up from 50,000.
      • with --enable-encoding and a given @documentencoding, output a Local Variables section specifying that encoding, for use with Emacs.
    • HTML output:
      • uses <h3> at the smallest.
      • a few css <style> definitions are included to better implement @format, @display, @small..., etc.
      • new option --css-include=FILE includes FILE in the <style>.
      • @cartouche now outputs a <table> with a border.
  • texinfo.tex:
    • new Polish translation txi-pl.tex.
  • texi2dvi:
    • --command=CMD replaces --texinfo=CMD; it inserts CMD at the first line of LaTeX files now, or after the @setfilename for Texinfo files.
  • info:
    • RET now goes to the nearest xref (rather like Emacs Info), instead of the next xref starting on the current line.
  • Distribution:
    • new Romanian (ro) translation.
    • variables now declared const where appropriate.
    • gettext 0.12.1, automake 1.7.5.