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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.5.75

Jul 10, 2003, 22:44 (10 Talkback[s])

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Full Changelog

Ok. This is it. We (Andrew and me) are going to start a "pre-2.6" series, where getting patches in is going to be a lot harder. This is the last 2.5.x kernel, so take note.

The probably most notable thing here is the anticipatory scheduler, which has been in -mm for a long time, and was the major piece that hadn't been merged.

Some architecture updates: cris has been updated for 2.5, ia64 and arm26 updates etc. And various random (smallish) things.


Summary of changes from v2.5.74 to v2.5.75

Adam Belay:

  • [PNP] Handle Disabled Resources Properly
  • [PNP] Allow resource auto config to assign disabled resources
  • [PNP] Fix manual resource setting API

Alex Williamson:

  • ia64: turn off ALLOW_IOV_BYPASS

Alexey Kuznetsov:

  • [TCP]: Delete obsolete comment

Andrew Morton:

  • move_vma() make_pages_present() fix
  • page unmapping debug
  • NUMA memory reporting fix
  • ramfs: use rgeneric_file_llseek
  • inode_change_ok(): remove lock_kernel()
  • nommu vmtruncate: remove lock_kernel()
  • procfs: remove some unneeded lock_kernel()s
  • remove lock_kernel() from file_ops.flush()
  • block_llseek(): remove lock_kernel()
  • Make CONFIG_TC35815 depend on CONFIG_TOSHIBA_JMR3927
  • Report detached thread exit to the debugger
  • timer renaming and cleanups
  • fix lost_tick detector for speedstep
  • fix lost-tick compensation corner-case
  • cleanup and generalise lowmem_page_address
  • Security hook for vm_enough_memory
  • ext2: inode allocation race fix
  • fix double mmdrop() on exec path
  • ext3: fix journal_release_buffer() race
  • Set limits on CONFIG_LOG_BUF_SHIFT
  • Fix cciss hang
  • e100 use-after-free fix
  • PCI domain scanning fix
  • ipc semaphore optimization
  • bring back the batch_requests function
  • Create `kblockd' workqueue
  • elv_may_queue() API function
  • elevator completion API
  • anticipatory I/O scheduler
  • Use kblockd for running request queues
  • per queue nr_requests
  • blk_congestion_wait threshold cleanup
  • allow the IO scheduler to pass an allocation hint to
  • handle OOM in get_request_wait()
  • block batching fairness
  • generic io contexts
  • block request batching
  • get_io_context fixes
  • block allocation comments
  • after exec_mmap(), exec cannot fail
  • bootmem.c cleanups
  • epoll: microoptimisations
  • fix current->user->__count leak
  • MTD build fix for old gcc's
  • fix rfcomm oops
  • i2o_scsi build fix
  • Improve mmap readaround
  • use task_cpu() not ->thread_info->cpu in sched.c
  • misc fixes
  • breadahead() tweaks
  • proc_attr_lookup() fix
  • xattr: cleanups
  • xattr: blockdev inode selection fix
  • xattr: update-in-place optimisation
  • xattrr: preparation for fine-grained locking
  • xattr: fine-grained locking
  • Module autoloading for quota
  • display bootserver in /proc/net/pnp
  • BSD accounting speedup

Anton Blanchard:

  • enable device mapper in compat layer

Arun Sharma:

  • ia64: IA-32 support patch: msgsnd/msgrcv return value off by 4
  • ia64: IA-32 support patch: munmap should return EINVAL if size == 0
  • ia64: IA-32 support patch: mmap should return ENOMEM

Ben Collins:

  • [SPARC64]: Fix formatting and typos in boot Makefile
  • [SPARC64]: Enable KALLSYMS, use print_symbol()

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

  • fix IDE init oops on PowerMac

Bernardo Innocenti:

  • Fix do_div() for all architectures
  • Fix problem introduced by do_div() patch

Bruno Ducrot:

  • powernow-k7 typo fix

Chad Talbott:

  • ia64: SN2 updates

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker:

  • Allow modular DM

Dave Jones:

  • [AGPGART] SiS 755 support for AMD K8 GART
  • [CPUFREQ] Fix stupid inverted FID/VID bug
  • [CPUFREQ] update cpufreq docs to reflect newly merged architecture support From Dominik Brodowski
  • [AGPGART] Add AGP3 support for all VIA AGP3 chipsets
  • [AGPGART] Fill out bridge structure with pdev before querying agp version
  • [CPUFREQ] Misc cleanups
  • [CPUFREQ] kobj refcount fixes
  • [CPUFREQ] move cpufreq_restore(), and don't make it dependent on CONFIG_PM
  • [CPUFREQ] don't care about "rmmod -f". It's expected to break things
  • [CPUFREQ] More misc cleanups

Dave Kleikamp:

  • JFS: Possible trap/data loss when fixing directory index table
  • JFS: If unicode conversion fails, operation should fail
  • JFS: Make error return codes negative
  • JFS: add nointegrity mount option

David Mosberger:

  • ia64: A couple of additional fixes to sync with 2.5.73+
  • ia64: support arch_get_unmapped_area() cache
  • ia64: Remove UNW_DEBUG again. Adding it was a mistake
  • ia64: Fix LOAD_OFFSET macro in kernel linker script. Reported by Mika Penttil.
  • ia64: Sync up with 2.5.74+
  • Use ".incbin" for initramfs image build

David S. Miller:

  • [SPARC64]: Move raid xor into library assembler file
  • [SPARC64]: Kill all irq_cpustatt except _softirq_pending
  • [SPARC64]: Use kstat_this_cpu where possible
  • [TCP]: Initialize socket route on move to established state
  • [TCP]: Eliminate spurious CWND restart on every new connection
  • [SUNHME]: Set RXMAX/TXMAX large enough to handle VLAN frames

Dmitry Torokhov:

  • [NET] Attach inner qdiscs to TBF

Eric Sandeen:

  • [XFS] add swsusp support to xfs daemons

Gary Hade:

  • ia64: fix for sys32_sysinfo bug

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • PCI: change WARN_ON(irqs_disabled()) to WARN_ON(in_interrupt()) to keep the fusion drivers happy
  • sysfs: change print() to pr_debug() to not annoy everyone
  • SYSFS: add module referencing to sysfs attribute files
  • sysfs: add sysfs_rename_dir() Based on a patch written by Dan Aloni <da-x@gmx.net>
  • kobject: add kobject_rename() Based on a patch written by Dan Aloni <da-x@gmx.net>
  • driver core: added class_device_rename() Based on a patch written by Dan Aloni <da-x@gmx.net>
  • driver core: add my copyright to class.c

Greg Ungerer:

  • selection of boot parameters at configure time for Motorola 5282 targets
  • conditional ROMfs copy for Motorola M5307C3 board
  • force PAGE_SIZE to be an unsigned long
  • remove unused register from clobber list in down_trylock()
  • simplify access_ok() for all m68knommu targets
  • shared library support for MMUless binfmt_flat loader
  • flat loader H8/300 specific support abstracted
  • flat loader m68knommu specific support abstracted
  • flat loader v850 specific support abstracted
  • conditional ROMfs copy for Cleopatra/5307 board
  • .no .romvec section for DragonEngine/68328 target
  • define shared lib limits for flat loader
  • cleanup show_process_blocks() for non-mmu targets
  • define raw read/write for m68knommu io access
  • remove 68360 specific trap init call
  • 68328 DragenEngine configure updates
  • conditional ROMfs copy for SecureEdgeMP3/5307 board
  • DragenEngine interrupt handler to use irqreturn_t
  • conditional ROMfs copy for NETtel/5307 board
  • fix security_initcall in m68knommu linker script
  • clean module_exit in m68knommu serial drivers
  • fix return type of m68knommu timer handler to be irqreturn_t
  • fix interrupt handler passed as arg to return irqreturn_t
  • use irqreturn_t in ColdFire interrupt setup code

Herbert Xu:

  • [IPSEC] Add policy expiration
  • [IPSEC] Fix refcnt leak in xfrm_lookup

Hideaki Yoshifuji:

  • [IPV6] fix a mistake in ipv6_advmss() conversion
  • [NET] Fix oops with /proc/net/{raw,igmp,mfilter, raw6,igmp6,mfilter6,anycast,ip6_flowlabel}.
  • [NET] Send only unicast NSs in PROBE state
  • [IPV6] ignore on-link information without on-link flag set
  • [IPV6] remove unused variable
  • [IPV6] fix algorithm for updating lifetime
  • [ATM] Convert clip neigh table to C99 initializers
  • [IPV6] Fix BUG when appending destination options headers

Hirofumi Ogawa:

  • FAT maintainership

Ian Molton:

  • ARM26 architecture update

Ingo Molnar:

  • another timer overflow thing
  • Double unlock in BSD accounting speedup patch

James Morris:

  • [IPSEC]: Do not call request_module() under spinlock in xfrm_get_type()

Jason Lunz:

  • [NET] Fix refcounting of dev->promiscuity for af_packet

Jean-Luc Richier:

  • [IPV6] Fix ipv6_addr_prefix() for prefixlen != 0 (mod 8)

Jeff Garzik:

  • fix via irq routing Via irq routing has a funky PIRQD location. I checked my datasheets and, yep, this is correct all the way back to via686a.
  • [netdrvr 8139too] fix debug printk

John Levon:

  • OProfile: __exit fixes
  • OProfile: needed fix to IO-APIC timer
  • OProfile: fix a comment

John Marvin:

  • ia64: don't let PTRACE_POKEDATA write the NaT bits of syscall args

John Stultz:

  • jiffies include fix This patch fixes a bad declaration of jiffies in timer_tsc.c and timer_cyclone.c, replacing it with the proper usage of jiffies.h.

Krzysztof Halasa:

  • C99 initializers in hdlc_generic.c

Linus Torvalds:

  • The sbp2 driver needs <linux/pci.h>, but didn't include it. It apparently used to work due to some random magic indirect include, but broke lately.
  • Add an asynchronous buffer read-ahead facility. Nobody uses it for now, but I needed it for some tuning tests, and it is potentially useful for others.
  • Re-organize "ext3_get_inode_loc()" and make it easier to follow by splitting it into two functions: one that calculates the position, and the other that actually reads the inode block off the disk.
  • Carl-Daniel Hailfinger suggest adding a paranoid incoming trigger as per the "bk help triggers" suggestion, so that we'll see any new triggers showing up in the tree.
  • Go back to defaulting to 6-byte commands for MODE SENSE, since some drivers seem to be unhappy about the 10-byte version.
  • When forcing through a signal for some thread-synchronous event (ie SIGSEGV, SIGFPE etc that happens as a result of a trap as opposed to an external event), if the signal is blocked we will not invoce a signal handler, we will just kill the thread with the signal.
  • Simplify and speed up mmap read-around handling
  • Fix several broken macros to get the "private" field of a seq-file in the networking code.
  • Avoid deadlocking on thread shutdown after a vfork
  • Fix IDE initialization when we don't probe for interrupts
  • Make the gcc version checks use the preprocessor symbols consistently.
  • Update CREDITS file and other documentation about my new email address
  • Fix up the IDE irq disable to take into account some
  • Fix mailer-induced corruption in initramfs build rules

Lode Leroy:

  • [IPV4] display bootserver in /proc/net/pnp

Marc Zyngier:

  • EISA: core changes
  • EISA: Documentation update
  • EISA: More EISA ids
  • EISA: PA-RISC changes
  • EISA: PCI-EISA dma_mask
  • EISA: avoid unnecessary probing

Martin Diehl:

  • Missing IrDA stuff for 2.5.73-bk8: sir_dev

Martin Hicks:

  • ia64: fix register-backing store initialization for main thread

Matthew Wilcox:

  • PCI: Improve documentation Fix some grammar problems Add a note about Fast Back to Back support Change the slot_name recommendation to pci_name().
  • PCI: arch/i386/pci/direct.c can use __init, not __devinit pci_sanity_check() is only called from functions marked __init, so it can be __init too.
  • PCI: pci_findbus needs a domain Give pcifind_bus a domain argument and move its declaration to <linux/pci.h>
  • PCI: Remove pci_busexists Convert all callers of pcibus_exists() to call pci_find_bus() instead.
  • PCI: arch/i386/pci/irq.c should use pci_findbus Use pcifind_bus rather than relying on the return value of pci_scan_bus.
  • PCI: arch/i386/pci/legacy.c: use raw_pci_ops Make pcibios_fixup_peer_bridges() use raw_pci_ops directly instead of faking pci_bus and pci_dev.
  • PCI config space in sysfs
  • Driver Core: fix firmware binary files Fixes the sysfs binary file bug.
  • ia64: Use generic pci_scan_bus()

Mikael Starvik:

  • CRIS architecture update for 2.5.74

Paul Fulghum:

  • synclink.c update
  • synclinkmp.c update
  • synclink_cs.c update

Paul Mackerras:

  • Compile fix and cleanup for macserial driver

Pavel Machek:

  • New maintainter for nbd
  • suspend SMP-kernel with one CPU
  • Fix thinko in acpi
  • Fix swsusp with PREEMPT

Randy Dunlap:

  • [IPV6] use correct mib struct
  • [NET] Add MODULE_LICENSE (GPL) to wanroutrer so that kernel is not tainted

Roger Luethi:

  • via-rhine 1.18-2.5: Fix Rhine-I regression

Russell King:

  • [SERIAL] Don't return -ERESTARTSYS if signals aren't pending

Rusty Russell:

  • Remove cpu arg from cpu_raise_irq
  • Per-cpu variable in mm/slab.c
  • Remove unused __syscall_count
  • Make ksoftirqd a normal per-cpu variable
  • Make kstat_thiscpu in terms of __getcpu_var and use it
  • switch_mm and enter_lazy_tlb: remove cpu arg

Scott Feldman:

  • [e1000] request_irq() failure resulted in freeing twice
  • [e1000] fix VLAN support on PPC64
  • [e1000] missing Tx cleanup opportunities during intr handling
  • [e1000] alloc_etherdev failure didn't cleanup regions
  • [e1000] ethtool diag cleanup
  • [e1000] h/w workaround for mis-fused parts
  • [e1000] s/int/unsigned int/ for descriptor ring indexes
  • [e1000] misc cleanup

Stephen Hemminger:

  • Change OSDL address in CREDITS
  • [NET]: PPP handling fragmented skbuffs

Stephen Lord:

  • Remove unused xfs_syncd.c file
  • Cleanup xfs and pagebuf sysctl code, use posix initializers to avoid confusion in the future over which constants apply to which initializers.

Steve French:

  • Fix compiler warning
  • cifs xattr support part 1
  • Signing fixes (1-4)
  • Update cifs vfs information and readme
  • Fix statfs failure due to invalid value for ffree

Steven Cole:

  • update Documentation/Changes, scripts/ver_linux

Thomas Graf:

  • [NET]: Make {send,recv}msg return EMSGSIZE when msg_iovelen is too big, as per 1003.1

Tom Rini:

  • PPC32: Update the OpenPIC code
  • PPC32: Update the bootloader serial code to have stub functions
  • PPC32: Remove references to a removed file
  • PPC32: Minor KGDB updates
  • PPC32: Add a backend for standard (ns1655x) UARTs for debugers
  • PPC32: Update the Motorola Sandpoint support
  • Remove the Zynx 4500 platform code. It was old and unmaintained
  • PPC32: Remove the MEN F1 platform code. It was old and unmaintained

Trond Myklebust:

  • Add open intent information to the 'struct nameidata'
  • Pass 'nameidata' to ->create()
  • Pass 'nameidata' to ->permission()
  • Use the intents in 'nameidata' to improve NFS close-to-open consistency
  • make create() follow symlinks again

Ulrich Drepper:

  • wrong pid in siginfo_t
  • tgkill patch for safe inter-thread signals

Ville Nuorvala:

  • [IPV6] fix a dst leakage and clean-up in tcp_v6_connect()
  • [NET]: Fix tunnel device bugs added by alloc_netdev() changes
  • [IPV6]: Fix DST handling bug in ip6ip6_err()
  • [IPV6]: Convert ip6ip6 tunnel driver to alloc_netdev()