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Release Digest: GNOME, July 17, 2003

Jul 18, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])



(If you have no clue what gdm is, skip a few paragraphs down first)

[For a stable version use version]

Yay, I'm actually being paid. Well I was a Red Hat intern during the last release, but now I've actually received my first paycheck, meaning that they weren't just joking about me working for them.

About this release (I mean I suppose you're reading this because you want to know about the new GDM release and not about my financial situation, right?). So this release is mostly bugfixes and security related fixes. Many bugs with the XDMCP support have been fixed or improved. Security is another area that got a lot of work. No security holes have been patched, but we are a lot more security consious. For example someone who compromises the gdm account can do less damage now. Furthermore all failsafe dialogs now run as the gdm user (even the error one). Also things don't link to as many libraries as they used to, for example the daemon links to 26 libs now instead of 46 (as reported by ldd).

Also with this release we revert back to defaulting AlwaysRestartServer to false. The issue that this was trying to work around has been fixed, and it is really nicer to the X server to reset it instead of restarting it. I know that in the past I held an opposite opinion, but the number of people with X bugs that get triggered by X restarts is quite high apparently. And it looks nicer this way (no flicker back to vt1) and likely faster too.

A known issues is that the graphical greeter may sometimes crash due to a bug in libart. I for some reason started getting these crashes and fixed libart, but I'm not sure when a new version of that is coming out with that fixed. Since this bug would have existed for you before, it is unlikely that you will experience it. In any case, the daemon will nowdays try gdmlogin for you if gdmgreeter is crashing.

And now for the standard part of the release announcement:

GDM is the GNOME Display Manager, it is the little proggie that runs in the background, runs your X sessions, presents you with a login box and then tells you to piss off because you forgot your password. It does pretty much everything that you would want to use xdm for, but doesn't involve as much crack. It doesn't use any code from xdm, and has a more paranoid and safer design overall. It also includes many features over xdm, the biggest one of which is that it is more user friendly, even if your X setup is failing. The goal is that users should never, ever have to use the command line to customize or troubleshoot gdm. It of course supports xdmcp, and in fact extends xdmcp a little bit in places where I thought xdm was lacking (but is still compatible with xdm's xdmcp).


Highlights of

  • HIGify almost all the alert boxes.
  • Fix install of the sessions setup by creating the /etc/X11/dm dir fixes #116836
  • Fix DNS lookup stuff in XDMCP for places without DNS. Also cache last result of DNS lookup to cut down traffic during session setup.
  • daemon, gdmgreeter, gdmlogin and gdmchooser don't link against libgnome and friends (gdmgreeter still uses canvas). This reduces number of libs linked by daemon from 46 to 26, for gdmgreeter this goes from 56 to 32 and for gdmlogin this goes from 52 to 22, and gdmchooser is down to 27
  • If a greeter crashes within 10 seconds of display start, try running a different greeter (and telling the user that)
  • Fix the chooser so that it actually chooses the host that you clicked on and not some random one. This also changes the chooser to use GtkTreeView
  • Fix #97774 by resetting the rlimits back after we fork the user session. Also make AlwaysRestartServer default to false again since it was a workaround for this bug.
  • Checking for free display numbers was only taking into account servers listening on tcp.
  • The .desktop files include correct Terminal and StartupNotify entries (Jordi Mallach)
  • Fallback for home is now ServAuthDir for gdm processes instead of / and for shell we use /bin/sh consistently (rather then /bin/bash)
  • The full error dialog is now run as the gdm user for security (no more gtk code run as root) Also uses GtkTextView, looks nicer and converts encoding correctly.
  • Be very careful when opening files just about everywhere, so this prevents some possible damange someone could do if they do manage to get the gdm user privs.
  • If X server crashes or doesn't otherwise whack its lockfile, help it along, should fix #114003 and redhat #90014
  • No translatable message contains unneccessary markup now (fixes #101794 and #101795)
  • gdmsetup .desktop file is now in the SystemSetup category and so goes into System Setup in the menu (#116977)
  • The bits that parse X output now understand v4 XFree86 output correctly
  • gdmopen now sets up TERM to "linux" on linux to make sure that fonts come out all ok
  • Use ve-config (from vicious-extensions) everywhere in the daemon
  • Fix RH #84247 by checking for gettext binary before using it
  • The standard themes now don't include the translated labels since they weren't used anyway and this improves load times and memory usage.
  • Updated the theme document a bit, and the dtd is now in the tarball in gui/greeter/
  • Random other minor fixes
  • Translation updates (Danilo Segan, Serbian team, Metin Amiroff, Christian Rose, Kjartan Maraas, Artur Flinta, Vincent van Adrighem, Valek Filippov, Laurent Dhima, Christophe Merlet, Mohammad DAMT, Dafydd Harries, Kang Jeong-Hee, Simos Xenitellis, Miloslav Trmac, Artur Flinta)

Note: GDM2 was originally written by Martin K. Petersen <mkp@mkp.net>, and has for a while now been maintained by the Queen of England. She is usually not responsive to bug reports or feature requests. You can try to send them to me however.

Note2: If installing from the tarball do note that make install overwrites most of the setup files, all except gdm.conf. It will however save backups with the .orig extension first.

Note3: Note3 has been depracated ...


http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gdm/2.4/ ftp://ftp.5z.com/pub/gdm/

Sorry no RPMS. There is a spec file included in the tarball and it may or may
not work (it should, and it did some time ago but I haven't tried it lately).

Have fun,


PS: Since I've now got a @redhat.com addy, and access to the intranet, I now know about all the conspiracies going on inside Red Hat ... oh wait ... no, there are no conspiracies ... yeah ... that's it. I should be careful ... if I say too much I'm likely to wake up next to a dead horse head or some such ... I've now been tainted and can never be trusted again. Actually come to think of it, I've already been tainted at Eazel, but we all know where all those evil Eazel (Eavel Plans) plans went, so they weren't particularly dangerous to the world-as-you-know-it.

George <jirka@5z.com>

Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who.

  • Monty Python

Gnome Pilot 2.0.10
Gnome Pilot Conduits 2.0.10

Gnome Pilot 2.0.9 (Clieame to fame) has been released:


Gnome Pilot Changes:

  • Change usb device handling to avoid glib 2.2.2 issues
  • 64 bit clean ups (Jeremey Katz)
  • GNOME2_PATH fixes (Rodney Dawes)
  • Updated translations

Gnome Pilot Conduit Changes:

  • Fix memo conduit crash
  • Updated translation

JP Rosevear jpr@ximian.com
Ximian Inc. http://www.ximian.com

GNOME-Applets 2.3.6

This is an UNSTABLE GNOME-Applets release. Here's what's new:

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.3.6


  • Add checks for gconf writability (George Lebl)
  • Update docs build (John Fleck)
  • Some string issues in schemas files (Daniel Baeyens)

Character Palette

  • Fix crash on exit (George)

Disk Mounter

  • HIG some dialogs (George)
  • Fix memory leak (George)

Keyboard Accessibility

  • Fitts' law complient
  • HIGification (Bill Haneman)
  • Tweak icons (Calumn Benson)

Keyboard Layout Switcher

  • Fix crash, among other things (George)

Inbox Monitor

  • HIGify some error dialogs (George)
  • Remove password dialog on exit - bug #117041 (Pasupathi Duraisamy)

Sticky Notes

  • Keybinding for enter/space (Loban Rahman)
  • Window decoratios respond to mouse enter/leave (Loban)
  • Change icon size appropiately (Loban)
  • Fix crash in about dialog - bug #115195 (Loban)

System Monitor

  • Fix network code (George)

Weather Monitor

  • Revert code to 2.2.x state since weather.interceptvector has gone down
  • Remove impossible combinations - bug #103813 (Abel Cheung)


  • Brazilian (Gustavo Noronha Silva)
  • Catalan (Jordi Mallach)
  • Czech (mitr)
  • Dutch (Vincent van Adrighem)
  • German (Christian Neumair)
  • Greek (Kostas Papadimas)
  • Hebrew (Gil "Dolfin" Osher)
  • Japenese (T.Aihana)
  • Malay (Hasbullah Bin Pit)
  • Polish (Artur Flinta)
  • Serbian (Serbian team (Prevod.org))
  • Spanish (Pablo Gonzalo del Campo)
  • Swedish (Christian Rose)

Get it here:


Bluefish HTML Editor 0.10


Bluefish HTML Editor 0.10


Bluefish is a programmer's Web development editor, designed to save the experienced webmaster some keystrokes. It features a multiple file editor, multiple toolbars, custom menus, image and thumbnail dialogs, open from the Web, CSS dialogs, PHP, HTML, Java, C, and XML support, external program integration (tidy, weblint, make, javac), and lots of wizards.

Enhancements & Fixes

Changes include many bugfixes and speedups, many user interface improvements, more translations, and a very nice function reference interface. Currently included function reference files are for PHP and HTML, we hope to include more references with the next release.



GNOME Software Map entry


Eye of Gnome 2.3.5


Eye of Gnome 2.3.5


Standard GNOME image and photo collection viewer


  • General:
    • UI polishing
    • Documentation build fixes (John Fleck)
    • Don't show title on error dialogs
    • Unified copyright string - #101726 (Christian Neumair)
    • eog.desktop fixes (Jordi Mallach)
  • Collection View:
    • Hide side panes on splitter mouse click
    • Draw frame around thumbnails
    • Arrange thumbnails better
    • Show scrollbars only if required (Andreas Köhler)
  • Image View:
    • Window should be adapted to image size in all cases now - #114189
    • Show error dialog on I/O errors
  • Translation Updates: Valek Filippov (ru), Andras Timar (hu), Vincent van Adrighem (nl), Dmitry G. Mastrukov (b), Pablo Saratxaga (wa), Metin Amiroff (az), Owain Green & Dafydd Harries (cy), Jens Finke (de), Christian Rose (sv), Jordi Mallach (ca), Miloslav Trmac (cs), Gil "Dolfin" Osher (he), Artur Flinta (pl)



GNOME Software Map entry


Background Buddy 1.22


Background Buddy 1.22


Automatic wallpaper changing daemon for GNOME 2.x, FluxBox, WindowMaker, and XFCE. BGBuddy supports multiple directories, and will traverse subdirectories.


Fixed a bug where a directory containing a number would cause the delay to be set to that directory path.



GNOME Software Map entry




polyxmass 0.5.2


polyxmass 0.5.2


Mass spectrometry framework in which the user can define brand new polymer chemistries, and use these polymer definitions to simulate/analyse mass spectrometric data for any polymer sequence complying with a polymer chemistry definition.


  • Added the project documentation to the polyxmassdata module (the polyxmass.pdf file is also available directly from the project web page).





GNOME Software Map entry


Gossip 0.4

Gossip 0.4:

Imendio is proud to announce yet another release of Gossip. Since 0.3 we have gotten a lot of positive feedback about Gossip. We've also seen a lot of people interested in helping out in the development of Gossip.

What is Gossip?

Gossip aims at making Jabber easy to use and tries to give GNOME users a real user friendly way of chatting with their friends. Since this is the first release (even though we have used it ourselves for over six months) we are not there yet but we are working hard on getting Gossip to be the natural choice for people who want instant messaging without fuzz.

News in 0.4:

  • SSL support through Loudmouth/GnuTLS.
  • Chat window beautification.
  • Added contact information button in chat window.
  • Fixed the contact information window to actually show useful information.
  • Proper error checking when entering group chat.
  • Plugged a couple of memory leaks.
  • Support for autoaway.
  • Fixed disconnect/connect problems.
  • Support for disabling graphical smileys.
  • Support for disabling sound events.
  • Support for disabling timestamps.
  • Made renaming of contacts work.
  • Made it possible to remove contacts from the roster.
  • Added remember password to password dialog.
  • Added bugzilla info.
  • Improvements to add contact dialog.
  • Notification in titlebar when new messages arrive to unfocused windows.
  • New translations: nl, cs, es, cy, ru

What is Jabber?

Jabber is an open instant messaging XML-based protocol. It can be used instead of ICQ, AIM, MSN, ... or together with them through gateways (not supported in Gossip yet).

More information

The project page (also includes screenshots) can be found at: http://www.imendio.com/projects/gossip

and tarballs can also be found at:

Gossip uses the library Loudmouth:


Mikael and Richard