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Want 2.6? Red Hat Releases "Unofficial" RPMs

Jul 18, 2003, 14:30 (28 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brian Proffitt)

Following up on statements earlier this week, Red Hat has made unofficial kernel RPM releases available for Linux 2.6.0-test1.

The RPMs, which are available on Red Hat developer Arjan van de Ven's Red Hat-hosted Web page, are presumably being provided as an advanced look at the 2.6 kernel for early adopters and potential Red Hat customers.

The RPMs come with some caveats, however, as evidenced in the Readme file on the download site:

"This directory contains unofficial RPM's of 2.6-test kernels for Red Hat Linux 9 and Rawhide. Don't expect 2.6-test to be a completely polished drop-in; it's very much a work in progress although several people report success already. The rpms get updated regularly, depending on bugs fixed and how often Linus merges patches and makes releases.

Known to currently not work

  • "LVM

Known quirks

  • "XFree86 vs AGP
    The kernel agp modules got split into per chipset modules; the auto-load mechanism of XFree86 in RHL9 isn't yet adjusted to this split. You can get it to work by hand by doing a 'modprobe intel-agp' (if you have an intel chipset of course) before starting X..."

Complete Readme

Download Page

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