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Release Digest: General, July 22, 2003

Jul 23, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

Mozilla 1.5a

[From the New Features and Fixes section of the Release Notes]

  • "Many great improvements to Mozilla Composer including:
    • "better resizing for images, tables and absolutely positioned objects
    • "support for absolutely positioned objects, movable on the canvas using the mouse
    • "support for z-index management
    • "'snap to grid' when moving an absolutely positioned object
    • "Source View now uses an editor instead of a simple textarea (allows find and replace)
    • "numerous fixes in caret management, inline styles handling and CSS styles handling
  • "Chatzilla now has support for logging and lots of bugfixes.
  • "Dom Inspector can now display the #document node (the document root.)
  • "A quicksearch filter has been implemented for about:config.
  • "Improvements to tabbed browsing including:
    • "Back and Forward navigation for tabbed browsing and bookmark groups has been improved. Users can now use the back button after loading a bookmark group to restore the previous tabs.
    • "Closing a window with multiple tabs now prompts the user with a confirmation dialog (which can be disabled for future close operations.)
  • "It is now possible to jump from the JavaScript console to the relevant line in the View Source Window
  • "The '::' notation for CSS pseudo-elements is now supported. The old ':' notation is still supported for the various -moz-* pseudo-elements, but will NOT be supported in 1.5b. Themes should be updated to use the '::' notation for pseudo-elements.

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