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Release Digest: GNOME, July 22, 2003

Jul 23, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

gnocl 0.5.10

gnocl 0.5.10 is available at


In this release the canvas commands have been moved to a separate library gnoclCanvas. The separator widget has been added. The messageDialog got new features and has been renamed to dialog, since with the new option -child not only text but also more complex content can be displayed. Many widgets got new options -onButtonPress and -onButtonRelease. Gnocl should compile again with every ANSI C compiler. Many bug fixes in the source and the documentation have been included.

gnocl is a GTK+ / Gnome extension for the programming language Tcl. It provides easy to use commands to build quickly GTK+ / Gnome compliant user interfaces including canvas widget and drag and drop. Gnome support can be switched off at compile time so that the resulting gnocl library depends only on GTK+.

gnocl is loosely modeled after the well known, easy to use Tk package.

This version has been tested with GTK+ 2.2.1, Gnome 2.2.0 and Tcl 8.4.2 under Linux.

License: BSD type (same as Tcl)
Homepage: http://www.dr-baum.net/gnocl/ Contact: Peter G. Baum (peter@dr-baum.net)

gtkmm 2.2.5

gtkmm 2.2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. gtkmm 2.2 wraps GTK+ 2.2 http://www.gtkmm.org

Like GTK+ 2.2, gtkmm 2.2 contains only API addition, without API or ABI breakage, compared to gtkmm 2.0



  • Fixed memory leak of C++ instances when using Glib::wrap() on existing child widgets, for instance inside Dialog::get_vbox(). (Murray Cumming, Harold Hopfes).
  • TreeView: Correctly declared generate_cellrenderer() template specializations. gcc 3.2.3 and gcc 3.3.0 on Debian Linux, and gcc on Win32, were not picking these up, causing automatic-selection of CellRenderers (e.g. check boxes for bools) to fail. (Cedric Gustin).
  • gtkmmproc: Added GMMPROC_PROTECTED_GCLASS macro needed by libgnomecanvasmm. (Murray Cumming)
  • Documentation:
    • Corrected C-like mention of null values for references.
    • Corrected interchanged class descriptions for VButtonBox and HButtonBox. (Murray Cumming)



You will need libsigc++ 1.2, available here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1970


There is ongoing discussion on the mailing list: http://www.gtkmm.org/mailinglist.shtml
and in the #c++ channel on irc.gnome.org/

Murray Cumming

BEAST/BSE v0.5.4

BEAST/BSE version 0.5.4 is available for download at:


BEAST (the Bedevilled Audio SysTem) is a graphical front-end to BSE (the Bedevilled Sound Engine), a library for music composition, audio synthesis, MIDI processing and sample manipulation. The project is hosted at:


This new development series of BEAST comes with a lot of the internals redone, many new GUI features and a sound generation back-end separated from all GUI activities.

The most outstanding new features are the track editor which allowes for easy selection of synthesizers or samples as track sources, loop support and unlimited UnDo/ReDo capabilities.

Note, the .bse file format hasn't fully stabilized yet, so incompatibilities with future versions may occur, though we're making every possible attempt to maintain backwards compatibility.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.5.4:

  • Ported and improved synthesis module from David A. Bartold: DavSynDrum - Synthetic drum generator
  • Added support for control event editing
  • Added per-note velocity and fine-tune editing
  • Added support for per-track and per-song special effects
  • Some GUI polishing
  • Fixes to compile on NetBSD
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


gcompris 3.2


gcompris 3.2


GCompris is a full featured education game for kids between 3 and 8. The game includes many different activities like teaching how to use a mouse and keybord, memory games, vector drawing, basic educational games, reading, algebra exerciser and more.


added background music support : just put ogg files in gcompris/boards/music/background and gcompris will play them and display the information from them (author, name, ...)


canallock.c: fixed deadlock, speeded the locks moves, added canvas update
menu.c: (item_event): fixed bug #752703 (from Olivier Berger) : Better user warning message
src/boards/chess.c: (chess_create_item): fixed bug with gnuchess 5.0.5 and 5.0.6
menu.c: now if there is no plugin found for a board type, it's icon is not displayed
Improved loading time when starting a board
wordslevelmax.de: fixed Pfaume by Pflaume by Nicolas Kaiser
boards/geography/board3_0.xml.in: Fixed dual sound declaration. This level was broken.
New Locale :
"he" (Hebrew)
"ml" (Malayalam)

Updated Locale :

  • nl.po: Dutch translation updated by Kees van den Broek.
  • nl.po: Dutch translation updated by Tino Meinen.
  • he.po: Updated Hebrew translation.
  • fi.po: Set translator_credits.
  • sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.
  • es.po: Updated Spanish translation by Francisco Javier F. Serrador.
  • cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
  • ml.po: Added Malayalam translations by FSF-India.
  • cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
  • sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.



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