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Release Digest: GNOME, August 3, 2003

Aug 04, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Evolution 1.4.4

A new bug fix release of Evolution, the GNOME groupware suite, is out.

Release notes are here:


Special thanks go to the Sun hackers (Antonio Xu, Maxx Cao, Harry Lu, Bolian Yin, Andrew Wu, Jack Jia) for their work on keyboard accessibility and to the various translation teams for keeping up with our repeated violation of the string freeze.

-- Ettore

Gnome Jabber Instant Messenger 0.2


Gnome Jabber Instant Messenger 0.2


An Instant Message Client for Gnome using the Jabber Protocol (which supports all major IM protocols, like ICQ, MSN, AIM, etc).


  • Improved chat window. The send button is now only available when content is there to send. Shift+Return combination can be used to send multiline text messages (Martyn).
  • Added feature to remove all contacts related to a group (part of the right click options) (Martyn).
  • Added UTF8 validation check on incoming socket stream (Martyn).
  • Added feature to choose the double click on a contact action (a new chat or message window) (Martyn).
  • Updated the images for the status' (Colin Marquardt, Martyn).
  • Added feature to toggle scrolling on new log information (Martyn).
  • Improved roster window to now display an error icon when there are presence or message errors in the event viewer (Martyn).
  • Added feature which shows the user presence information under the name on the roster (this can be configured to be on or off) (Martyn).
  • Improved the Makefiles to put the images (PNGs) into ${prefix}/share/pixmaps instead of ${prefix}/share/gnome-jabber. Also updated the HTML files generated for the history to include encoding information. Updated notification icon to be transparant. (Zygimantas Berucka).
  • Added translation: es (Pedro Cuevas)
  • Added translation: de (Colin Marquardt)
  • Code clean up (Martyn).


  • SF Tracker #767952: Presence priority was being ignored (Maciej Bilas).
  • SF Patch #766812: When receiving a roster with particular (Russian) content caused problems when printing the information incoming from the socket (Andrey Lebedev).
  • SF Tracker #768390: Presence range was not correct, it should be -128 to +127, (Maciej Bilas).
  • SF Tracker #769335: Writing the log file with g_iochannelwrite_chars() was using the % character in the same way printf would (Martyn).
  • SF Tracker #771259: Fixed issues with printing multibyte characters into the GtkTextView of the chat, message, headline and group message windows (Colin Marquardt, Ben Smith).
  • SF Patch #772534: Improved icons. Much Much better IMO. Thanks again for doing these (Colin Marquardt). j
  • SF Tracker #773288: Unnecessary libXML critical errors when parsing incomplete and/or badly formed xml. This was happening because the parser was still waiting information in from the socket. Now the parser checks for simple xml form (open and closing chevrons) (Colin Marquardt).
  • SF Tracker #772463: Fixed compilation error (Colin Marquardt).
  • SF Tracker #773288: Improved the way multiple resources are shown (eg. this usually occurs when the user logs on with Gnome Jabber and then again with another client like PSI) (Maciej Bilas).
  • SF Tracker #773011: Fixed crash where xml entities were not escaped and were being passed to markup in event viewer and roster (Maciej Bilas).
  • Fixed unhandled situation when requesting service requirements (before registering) fails for some reason (Martyn).
  • Fixed problem where the infoquery request to get the time locally reported the timezone to always be BST. now it uses tm->tm_zone (Martyn).
  • Fixed problem which occured when receiving chat sessions and having two dialogs (Colin Marquardt).
  • Improved the interface in places (browsing/registering services and the roster windows) (Martyn).
  • Fixed CSS file not being used for history, also fixed problems with history not being written when JID resource was different (Martyn).
  • Fixed an issue with the xml parsing module. Traversing the tree while remaining on the same parent node was failing (Andrey Lebedev).



GNOME Software Map entry


Gnome Download Manager 0.0.3


Gnome Download Manager 0.0.3


Download Manager (aka downman) is a suite of programs to download files.


  • Gdownman will now autostart the daemon if needed.
  • You can change the speedlimit of a download while downloading :)


  • Some bugs fixed ]:/

GNOME Software Map entry


Gnome-games 2.3.6

Gnome-games 2.3.6 is now available at the usual location (and mirrors):


It isn't mentioned properly in the release notes, but between pixmap sharing and documentation graphics with better compression this release is a whopping 1.5 meg smaller than 2.3.5.

The usual release notes follow,

  • Callum

gnome-games "It's For Your Own Good" 2.3.6

This release is in theory a good facsimile of what 2.4.0 will look like. The most obvious change will be that the documentation is now mostly up-to-date.

All games should now have state-sensitive undo and redo buttons as well as full keyboard navigation for the preferences.

The bug count is now about a third of what it was at the start of the 2.3 series. Since there is no recent 2.2.x release of gnome-games this can be considered a substitute, it compiles under the GNOME 2.2 environment without problems.

Changes by game:


  • These games now share pixmaps. This saves about 700k.


  • Several dead options have been removed (or hidden as gconf keys).
  • Undo doesn't corrupt the display.


  • Resizing code now works a bit better.


  • If you play spider then there is a subtle change: to finish the game you have to move the completed piles up to the foundation. This is now consistent with other games.


  • The joystick dialog actually works now, although since I don't have a joystick I have no idea if any of the joystick code actually works.


  • The animation code actually does the right thing now. This is only noticeable if using "partial" animation.


  • It compiles with gcc 2.96 again.
  • We now don't read all the pixmaps each time we recieve an expose event. Oops.


  • Be a bit more graceful about failing to find configuration files.

GNOME Development Series Desktop 2.3.5

GNOME Development Series Desktop 2.3.5: "Jebe"

The GNOME Development Series Desktop 2.3.5 "Jebe", is ready for your bug-busting and testing pleasure! It is available for immediate download on ftp ftp.gnome.org and mirrors:


tar.gz:124M total
tar.bz2: 92M total

For Developers and Testers!

This release is a feature-frozen, development series snapshot. It is used by developers and testers as their day-to-day working desktop, and is ready for wider testing by our user community. Like the Linux kernel, GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status, so this 2.3.x series will eventually become the official 2.4 release. Please check the 2.3 start page for more information: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.3/

Build Requirements

  • The tarballs included in the release. :-)
  • Some very basic packages not distributed with this release, such as image libraries, popt and freetype. These should all be included with or available for your distribution.
  • Xft2 and fontconfig for superior font rendering and configuration, preferably from http://fontconfig.org/ NOT XFree86 4.3.x.
  • Docbook DTD 4.1.2, Docbook XSL stylesheets and a valid system catalogue file for scrollkeeper (which in turn is required by many desktop components for documentation).

Happy testing!

  • The GNOME Release Team

linux.conf.au 2004: Adelaide, Australia http://lca2004.linux.org.au/

"Creative thinkers make many false starts, and continually waver between unmanageable fantasies and systematic attack." - Harry Hepner

Epiphany 0.8.2


What is it ?

Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine.
The name meaning:
"An intuitive grasp of reality through
something (as an event) usually simple and striking"

You can find more info about the project goals at: http://epiphany.mozdev.org

What's changed?

Epiphany 0.8.2

Code changes

  • Improve toolbar editor api for costum items (Marco)
  • Rework find implementation to integrate better with type ahead and to simplify the code (Marco)
  • Usual memory leaks fixes (Christian Persch)
  • Add some comments for translators (Christian Persch, Marco)
  • Use string valid also externally for drag and drop Url for bookmarks, a special uri for topics (Marco)
  • Cleanup toolbars model (Marco)
  • Set a version on the toolbar xml and make it low disk safe (Marco)

Interface improvements

  • Allow drag and drop of urls on the bookmarks toolbar (Xan Lopez)
  • Disable smooth scroll and image autoresize (Marco)
  • Remove useless icons from the print dialog (Marco)
  • Fix incosistency between all topic on the toolbar and bookmarks menu (Marco)
  • If the page is about:blank, set title to "Blank page" (Christian Persch)
  • More friendly description for cache preferences (Marco)
  • Add a show in bookmarks toolbar item on the bookmarks editor context menu (Marco)
  • Always open bookmarks and history pages in new window/tab according to pref on double click (Marco)


  • Fix a crash when mozilla returns no system fonts on enumeration (Marco)
  • Remove bookmarks from the toolbar also when no windows are open (Marco)
  • If there are invalid bookmarks in the toolbar dont crash on startup but remove them (Marco)
  • Support mozilla language packs (Christian Persch)
  • Fix type ahead/normal find interaction (Marco)
  • Fixes transparency issue on tab label and site icon (Christian Persch)
  • Do not try to open javascript links in new tab with middle click (Marco)
  • Fix crash when deleting all bookmarks/cookies (Christian Persch)
  • Fix session management, typo in the executable name (Nikolai Weibull)
  • Fix dialogs properties persistance (Marco)
  • Fix a crash when clicking on bookmarks while exiting fullscreen (Marco)


  • Dutch manual (Reinout van Schouwen)
  • be (Dmitry G. Mastrukov)
  • cy (Keith Willoughby)
  • cs (Miloslav Trmac)
  • de (Christian Neumair)
  • el (Nikos Charonitakis)
  • en_GB (Christian Persch)
  • es (Francisco Javier Fernandez)
  • fi (Pauli Virtanen)
  • ms (Hasbullah Bin Pit)
  • nl (Vincent van Adrighem)
  • pl (Artur Flinta)
  • pt (Duarte Loreto)
  • pt_BR (Evandro Fernandes Giovanini)
  • sr (Danilo Segan)
  • sr@Latn (Danilo Segan)
  • sv (Christian Rose)
  • zh_CN (Wang Jian)

Where can I get it?

Source code:

Epiphany 0.8.2 requires 1.4, 1.5a or cvs. The suggested version is Mozilla 1.4:

More about dependencies and installation tips: http://epiphany.mozdev.org/downloads.html

Special thanks for this release goes to all translators. They did an amazing job, we have now several full translations !
Thanks also to Stefan Rotsch that put together a nice web page based on GNOME layout.

We apologies to not have released in time for GNOME 2.3.5. There was no TARBALLS DUE message (or we missed it;).