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Release Digest: GNOME, August 24, 2003

Aug 25, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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Epiphany 0.9.1


What is it?

Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine. It aims to be simple and easy to use.

What's changed?

Epiphany 0.9.1


  • Do not distribute corba generated files (Marco)

Epiphany 0.9.0


  • Fix some warnings and missing includes (Christian Persch)


  • Respect toolbar priority text preference (Marco)
  • Do not show context menus on print preview (Marco)
  • Fix print preview navigation (Marco)
  • Fix opening bookmarks in new window (Xan Lopez)
  • Expand initial ~ in file name to print to (Christian Persch)
  • Fix print preview options when saving on file is selected (Christian Persch)
  • Fix a bug in navigation/html targets interaction (Marco)
  • Fix a crash when closing downloader with both completed and in progress downloads (Marco)
  • Fix some bookmarks editor drag on topics problems (Marco)
  • Actually overwrite existing files when the user requested it (Marco)
  • Fix crash with null bookmarks title (Marco)


  • More sections written and add some screenshots (Patanjali Somayaji)


  • az (Metin Amiroff)
  • el (Nikos Charonitakis)
  • et (Priit Laes)
  • fi (Pauli Virtanen)
  • ga (Paul Duffy)
  • hi (Guntupalli Karunakar)
  • is (Samuel Jon Gunnarsson)
  • no (Kjartan Maraas)

Where can I get it?

Source code:

Epiphany 0.9.1 requires 1.4, 1.5a.
The suggested version is Mozilla 1.4:

More about dependencies and installation tips:



gtkmm 2.2.7

gtkmm 2.2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. gtkmm 2.2 wraps GTK+ 2.2

Like GTK+ 2.2, gtkmm 2.2 contains only API addition, without API or ABI breakage, compared to gtkmm 2.0


This is just a rebuilt tarball, to fix a problem with installed .so filenames caused by a bad mix of generated libtool files. This happened last time as well - I don't know what causes it, but I'll try to be more careful next time.

These are the changes since the last usable version:


  • gcc 2.96: Fix build, by not #ifdefing out some template specialization declarations needed by gcc 3. (Frank Naumann)
  • MS Visual C++ .Net 2003 support - See the MSVC_Net2003 directory. (Frank Nauman, jburris)
  • Gdk::Display: Fix refcount problem with open() and open_default_libgtk_only(). (Murray Cumming)
  • Documentation:
    • Book:
      • Show correct example source code for Box instead of Alignment.
      • Memory Management: Mention set_manage() instead of old set_dynamic function.
    • Reference documentation:
      • Improved documentation for intermediate containers, property methods and proxies, (Murray Cumming)
      • TreeView::append_column(): Explain what types are supported by default, and what happens if you use a different type. (Martin Schulze)


You will need libsigc++ 1.2, available here:


There is ongoing discussion on the mailing list:
and in the #c++ channel on

Murray Cumming

Dr. Geo 0.9.8


Dr. Geo 0.9.8


Dr. Geo is a GTK interactive geometry software. It allows one to create geometric figure plus the interactive manipulation of such figure in respect with their geometric constraints. It is useable with students from primary or secondary level.


As usual Dr. Geo brings innovation ;-)

With this release we are proud to introduce our Dr. Geo Scheme Figure (DSF) feature. In the following release, we will concentrate in enhancing, stabilising and documenting it. Eventually advices from the Scheme community will be seek.

Here follow some description about the DSF.

  • Set up the Dr. Geo Scheme Figure (DSF) interface to let the user defines figure as Scheme code. From the interface point of view, we have added the File->Evaluate menu command which let the user loads and evaluates a DSF. The cool things about DSF are:
    • Figure are mostly written in a rather natural language, this is the easy part
    • But the coooolest aspect is that DSF is just Scheme code, which mean you can define a figure recursively or you can abstract even higher the way you construct your figure. Let's say defining a triangle model over the DSF API then using it into your figure definition.

Also a multi-lingual interface will be supported. We have already set up the specific system to let user define figure in their native language.

Here are some examples:

1. An empty figure

(new-figure "MyFigure")

2. A figure with some free points defined by coordinates

(new-figure "Figure")
(lets Point "A" free 1 2)
(lets Point "B" free 5 4)

3. A figure with higher level definition

(define (triangle p1 p2 p3)
(Segment "" extremity p1 p2)
(Segment "" extremity p2 p3)
(Segment "" extremity p1 p3))

(new-figure "My triangle")

(lets Point "A" free 0 0)
(lets Point "B" free 5 0)
(lets Point "C" free 0 5)
(triangle A B C)

Scheme is a very high level language, perfect to manipulate abstract knowledge. We have made a wise choice using it with Dr.Geo, the DSF shows again how cool is Scheme with geometry concept. Stay tuned with coming cool development.

Other changes in this version are:

  • Enhancement in the localisation.
  • Fix a misbehaviour in the tab system.
  • Updated Indian, German, French and Swedish translations.


GNOME Software Map entry

libglademm 2.1.0


libglademm wraps libglade for C++, for use with gtkmm. libglademm is part of the gnomemm project.

This is the development phase for libglademm 2.2.0, which will add API but will be API and ABI compatible with libglademm 2.0



  • Added Glade::Xml::get_widget_derived() and examples/derived/ to demonstrate it. This allows you to use Glade to layout your own derived container widgets. Tell me what you think. (Murray Cumming)


You will need gtkmm 2, available from the same place.

Murray Cumming

Gnome Jabber Instant Messenger 0.3


Gnome Jabber Instant Messenger 0.3


An Instant Message Client for Gnome using the Jabber Protocol (which supports all major IM protocols, like ICQ, MSN, AIM, etc).


  • New translations:

    ru (Andrey Lebedev)
    fr (Frédéric Brin)
    cs (Ondra Kudlik).

  • Updated translations:

    de (Colin Marquardt).

  • Added Group Chat (Martyn).
  • Added GConf support, now it uses that by default, and the old config system for Windows (Martyn).
  • Improved the interface in places (edit groups dialog, set presence dialog, user information dialog). Now less information is shown to improve usability (Martyn, Help from Mark Finlay).
  • Improved subscription dialog. Now you can not add a contact that is ALREADY on your roster (Martyn).
  • Added RPM support (Gawain Lynch).


  • Fixed bug when sending presence (Colin Marquardt).
  • Fixed sound problems (Colin Marquardt, Martyn).
  • Fixed socket error not being handled correctly (Martyn).
  • Fixed error "can not create new stream" which occurs after disconnecting and then reconnecting immediately after.
  • Fixed Headline error, headline messages were not being dealt with (Martyn).
  • Re-wrote the event flashing, it is now synchronised with all over events (Martyn).


GNOME Software Map entry

Gnome-games 2.3.8

If you have 2.3.7 and don't speak one of the updated translations this isn't worth it. It can of course be found at the usual places:

BTW, the NEWS entry in the tarball has the wrong version number, but when it is already 90% uploaded to, I don't care.

  • Callum

gnome-games "Eden Park" 2.3.8

For most people, an even more minor update over 2.3.7. There have been numerous translation updates including: bg, az, zh_TW, hi, no, ko, and zh_CN. The Hindi translation is completely new.

If you are finding this frozen, stable, sort of code boring you can find the latest 2.5 series code in CVS HEAD.