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Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.22-ac1

Aug 29, 2003, 14:46 (0 Talkback[s])


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Linux 2.4.22-ac1

  • Resync with Marcelo
  • ATM oops fix (Chas Williams)
  • Trident audio clean up/fixes (Marc Boucher)
  • SonyPI and MEye driver updates (Stelian Pop)
  • Update ntfs warning fixes (Richard Russon)
  • PCxx warning fix (R Krishnakumar)
  • Fix amd76x crash case (Herbert Xu)
  • Update kernel build maintainers (Arno Wagner)
  • list_head_empty can use const (Inaky Perez-Gonzales)
  • Update cpufreq (Dominik Brodowski)
  • Fix wrong error paths in ymfpci (me)
  • Fix gcc 3.x/DRM 4.0 warnings (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in cpqphp (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in act200l (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in nsp_cs (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in af_irda (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in ircomm (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in irlan (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in irlap (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in irlmp (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in irnet (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Fix gcc 3.x warnings in irda core (Gerardo Pozzi)
  • Watchdog driver for ALi M6117 (Federico Bareilles)
  • Fix opl3sa2 mixer ioctl copy/user handling (me)
    Found by Stanford checker
  • Fix appletalk router dev copy/user handling (me)
    Found by Stanford checker

Linux 2.4.22-rc2-ac3

  • Finish off the core IDE hotplug support (me)
    If your hardware supports it you can now hdparm -b0 /dev/hdc change drive hdparm -b1 /dev/hdc
  • Fix problem with wan Config.in (Adrian Bunk)
  • Fix NTFS warnings (Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi)
  • Add a 3com ident to the tulip driver (Ion Badulescu)
  • Clip drives when LBA48 isn't available (Jan Niehusmann, Andries Brouwer)
  • Update megaraid2 driver (Atul Mukker, Haruo Tomita)
    Plus remove some escaped volatiles

Linux 2.4.22-rc2-ac2

  • Add USB firmware download driver (Oliver Kurth, Joerg Albert, Alex)
    Mostly clean.
  • Add USB atmel wireless driver (Oliver Kurth, Joerg Albert, Alex)
    Some cleanup still in progress
  • Fix crash from rmmod of pcwd (me)
  • Fix a case where ptrace could lose data on paging (Ingo Molnar)
  • HPT366 may try to set too high a PIO mode (Andries Brouwer)
  • Further hotplug work (me)
  • Further updates to the sk98 driver (Mirko Linder)
  • Fix a warning from proc_mkdir_mode (Tom Callaway)
  • Add missing idents for a rocketport card (Matt C)
  • Fix an error in the new IRQ router probe (Bernhard Rosenkraenzer)
  • Fix SMP hang in the trident driver (Muli Ben Yehuda)
  • Fix warning in xdr.c (Stephane Ouellette)
  • Libata updates for SATA drivers (Jeff Garzik)
  • Backport 2.6 CPU capabilities (Jeff Garzik, Mikael Pettersson)
  • Fix error paths in AD1889 for leaks (Francois Romieu)
  • Further cciss updates (Mike Miller)
  • ServeRAID updates (Jack Hammer)
  • Iptables updates (Harald Welte)
  • TFTP nat update (Harald Welte)

Linux 2.4.22-rc2-ac1

  • Add hwif->sata to fix cable issues with SI3112 (me)

Linux 2.4.22-rc1-ac1

  • Fix steal_locks problems (Herbert Xu)
    Should have us back in LSB compliance etc
  • Print X_DSDT not DSDT if only one is present (Alex Williamson)
  • Fix an ultra-obscure journal leak in ext3 (Stepehn Tweedie)
  • Add framework for IDE hotplug (me)
  • Unshare the file handles for init before (me) exec
  • XAPIC have 8bit fields, also at least one (Ernie Petrides) vendor seems to have 8bit write, 4bit read!
  • Merge lots more help texts (Steven Cole)
  • Fix missing brackets on ti pcmcia (Chip Salzenberg)
  • hwif->hold IDE fix for mediabay (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
  • ip2 warning fixes (Adrian Bunk)
  • tipar warning fix (Adrian Bunk)
  • amd76x_pm warning fix (Adrian Bunk)
  • sbc watchdog warning fix (Adrian Bunk)
  • tp600 warning fix (Adrian Bunk)
  • firmware loader needs hotplug (Manuel Estrada Sainz)
  • Fix pci consistent leak in i810_audio (Leann Ogasawara)

Linux 2.4.22-pre10-ac1

  • Just tracking Marcelo - merge pre10
    - Remove bcm4400 now b44 is in
  • Merge ALi5455 updates (Ni Wei)
  • Merge Cmedia cmpci updates (C L Tien)
    Lots of updates but this should get all the newer hardware working
  • Merge ATI Radeon IGP GART support
  • Add VIA CLE266 to AGP tables (me)
  • Update wolfson driver, move to miscdev (Liam Girdwood)
  • NFS root fixes (Herbert Pötzl)
  • CCISS maintainer change and shared IRQ fix (Mike Miller)
  • PWC updates (Nemosoft)
  • Merge requeest_firmware back port (Manuel Estrada Sainz)
  • Fix hd only non modular build (Jerome Chantelauze)
  • Remove bogus check in siimage (Kresimir Kukulj, me)
  • Fix softdog non nowayout behaviour (me)
  • VIA IDE timing check fix (Jiho)
  • Fix UDMA66 on old pdc202xx with one drive (Jörgen Stohr)
  • Tdfxfb big endian and memor sizing fixes (Richard Drummond)
  • Initial SGI Altix IDE driver merge (Aniket Malatpure)
    Still scope for further work but this is self contained
  • Further Configure.help updating (Steven Cole)
  • Use isochronous not isosynchronous (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Fix tiny data leak in old stat (various)
  • Add help for CONFIG_IEEE1394_OUI_DB (Adrian Bunk)
  • Further SATA driver updates (Jeff Garzik)
  • Ensure HAS_TSC is always set to Y or N (Jan-Benedict Glaw)
  • Fix missing include for ppc32 (Olaf Herring)
  • AMD7xx TCO driver update (Zwane Mwaikambo)
  • Add more PCI router entries (Jeff Garzik)
  • Fix cpia __FUNCTION__ warnings (Michael Buesch)
  • Remove un-needed range checks in cpia (Michael Buesch)
  • Update i810 watchdog to handle ICH5/ICH5R (Wim Van Sebroeck)
  • Update promise Configure.help (Ruth Ivimey-Cook)
  • Fix settrigger compliance with OSS API (Thomas Sailer)
  • Fix syntax error in PPC64 config check (Alan Brady)
  • Update required quota tools (Steven Cole)
  • CPUfreq updates (Dominik Brodowski)

Linux 2.4.22-pre6-ac1

  • Merge to Marcelo 2.4.22-pre6
    - Replaces the -ac O_DIRECT changes with Marcelo style
    - Quota is now as Christoph merged plus the autoload patch
  • Fix the escaped xapic bits. I think we now have it right but acpi=off may be broken (me)
  • Keyboard driver updates for stuck key fix (Chris Heath)
  • Update scsi blacklists (Tom Coughlan)
  • Update Maintainers (OGAWA Hirofumi)
  • Fix usb scanner unplug oops (Sergey Vlasov)
  • Fix netfilter circular dependancy (Sërgio Monteiro Basto)
  • Fix a USB memory scribble (David Brownell)
  • Configure.help updates (Steven Cole)
  • Fix oom_kill rekilling bug (Marc-Christian Petersen)
  • Fix cciss idents (Mike Miller)
  • Fix 5 accidentally removed configure.help bits (Steven Cole)
  • Fix highpoint crash case (Wilfried Weissmann)
  • Add late registration of IDE driver hook/debug (me)
  • Add Wolfson as maintainers for their codecs (Liam Girdwood)
  • Fix ide-floppy double reporting (me)
  • Further proc/ptrace/etc stuff (Solar Designer)
  • The tty procfile can reveal keycounts make (Solar Designer) it root only
  • Add missing -EFAULT checks for sysctl (Solar Designer)
  • ia32 on ia64 size check (Solar Designer)

Linux 2.4.22-pre3-ac1

  • Resync with Marcelo makes it a lot smaller
  • Fix k7 powernow (Duncot Bruno)
  • Update DRM driver maintainer inf
  • (Rik Faith)
  • Export acpi_disabled for drivers (Stelian Pop)
  • Fix duplicate cpu_has (Mikael Pettersson)
  • Fix x86_64 show_regs (Mikael Pettersson)
  • Fix yenta hang with PCI serial int (Russell King)
  • Fix warning in bootsect.S with newer cpp (Michael Buesch)
  • Fix scsi debug mode10 bug (Jeff Garzik)
  • Fix vicam build with older gcc (Margit Schubert-White)
  • Fix sbni build with newer gcc (Margit Schubert-White)
  • Fix isdn_ppp warnings with newer gcc (Michael Buesch)
  • Fix nsp scsi warnings (Michael Buesch)
  • Fix warning in fs/buffer.c (Michael Buesch)
  • Fix warning in svcsock.c (Michael Buesch)
  • Quota autoloading (Jan Kara)
  • Read lapic version correctly (Venkatesh Pallipadi)
  • Add S/390 qeth driver core (Utz Bacher, Cornelia Huck, Frank Pavlic, Andreas Hermann)
  • Add S/390 qdio driver core (Utz Bacher)
  • Fix negative numbers in Configure (Mikael Starvik)
  • Add missing configuration help texts (Steven Cole)
  • Fix cs46xx/i810 audio crash on unload (Josko Plazonic)
  • Fix bcm4400 with newer binutils (Adrian Bunk)
  • Update ata-scsi driver (Jeff Garzik)
  • Add Intellinet USB2 ethernet idents (David Hollis)
  • Fix & bracketing in mm/filemap.c (J A Magallon, me)
  • Remove duplicate config.in entries (Steven Cole)
  • Fix codec register before probe case (me)
  • Wolfson AC97 touchscreen driver (Liam Girdwood)
    Needs an official device id yet...
  • Intelfb updates (David Dawes)
  • Intelfb makefile fix (me)
  • Scsi scan race fix (T Prashanth)
  • Make acpi handle hardware with no smm cmd port (Jesse Barnes)

Linux 2.4.21-ac4

  • Fix the postfix problem (Stephen Tweedie)
  • Put in the not so nice ide scsi crash fix (me)
    This fixes the first 99% of the problem so its a definite improvement for now
  • Fix exec file handling semantics (me)
    Noted by Paul Starzetz
  • Export mmu cr4 flag data for direct render (Ian Romanick)
  • Resync various bits of missing docs (Steven Cole)
  • Implement 2.5 like block exclusive for CD in 2.4 (some burner like tools want it) (Arjan van de Ven)
  • Fix nVidia AGP (Marcelo Penna Guerra)
  • JFS full file system fix (Dave Kleikamp)
  • Add arch specific code for SH-64 processor (Paul Mundt)
  • Handle scsi_unregister fail in gdth driver (Michael Still)
  • Fix clock reporting printks for siimage (Pablo Martikian)

Linux 2.4.21-ac3

  • Fix an hpt driver bug triggered by the new HPT (me) BIOS
  • Initial VIA and S3 DRM modules merges (VIA)
    These are marked up with some warnings and need a chunk of clean up work yet.
  • btaudio update (Gerd Knorr)
  • Backport 2.5 ipc/sem.c fix (Manfred Spraul)
  • Fix scsi_register failure path for aacraid (Michael Still)
  • First crack at fixing the ide reset oopses (me)
  • Fix the incompatibility between via audio and esd/gnome desktops (me)

Linux 2.4.21-ac2

  • Fix an HPT37x oops case with 374 and non 33Mhz clock (me)
  • Fix some emu10k1 oopses from the ac97 updates (me)
  • Fix AF_UNIX dgram select problem (Krzysztof Halasa)
  • Fix Make xconfig problem (Edward Macfarlane Smith)
  • Add another new eepro100 ident to eepro100.c (Tom Alsberg)
  • Fix aacraid new volume crash (me)
  • Fix math-emu build with gcc 3.3 hopefully (me)
  • Fix wrong comparisons on some sound drivers for codec detect (Adrian Bunk)
  • Fix problem with eexpress driver (Shane Shrybman)
  • Remove LNZ reference from Configure.help (Matthias Andree)
  • Add support for Cirrus PCI/PCMCIA (Komuro)
  • Allow both Cirrus and 82092 to exist together (me)
  • Fix a remove race in the 82092 driver (me)
  • Fix dnotify bug with read/writev (Zou Pengcheng)
  • SiS IDE update (Lionel Bouton)
  • Add PCMCIA bus ident to ethtool for pcmcia devices (Bill Nottingham)
  • Backport 2.5 updates to overcommit interface (Rik van Riel)
  • Synclink driver updates (Paul Fulghum)
  • Fix z85230 losing frames by waking the queue too early (Stefan Tamas)
  • O_DIRECT race fixes (Stephen Tweedie)
    Tweaked a little to merge with XFS. XFS folks should double check these.
  • Allow use of db4 to build aicasm (J A Magallon)
  • Revert problematic scsi change (fixes ppa/imm) (ChrisW)
  • Further highpoint raid updates (Wilfried Weissmann)
  • Fix data direction for start stop scsi command (Heiko Carstens)
  • Fix a module loader memory leak (Keith Owens)
  • Fix multiple ircomm bugs (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Fix irda qos handling, add tx_window setting (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Correct race in IrLMP (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Fix an RR/Poll handling error in irlap (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Update irda-usb driver (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Fix IrIAP leak (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Mask C/R bit in irlap connection address (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Fix some non modular build errors (Jean Tourrilhes)
  • Remove duplicated junk from dasd_fba (Rik van Riel)
  • Fix mac8390 typ
  • (Etsushi Kato)
  • Fix m68k floppy warnings (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Fix apollo compile (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Update mac sonic driver (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Fix atari pamsnet driver (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Fix mac68k keyboard warning (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Fbcon fixes (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • M68K page handling fixes (Roman Zippel)
  • Use ptrace_check_attach on m68k (Andreas Schwab)
  • Remove m68k phys/virt fallback (Roman Zippel)
  • Fix lmc build on some platforms (Geert Uytterhoeven)
  • Update meye driver (Stelian Pop)
  • Update sonypi driver (Stelian Pop)
  • Fix a couple of glitches in the added 1210SA support for siimage (Hugo Mills)
  • Fix llc802.2 leak case (Oleg Drokin)
  • Add more unexpected apic filtering (Randy Dunlap)
  • Fix a case where hid rejected some UPS devices (Vojtech Pavlik)
  • Fix via audio crash on setup (me)

Linux 2.4.21-ac1

  • Further ehci fixes and updates (David Brownell)
  • CPUfreq updates (Dominik Brodowski)
  • Updated DMI blacklists and facility to disable APM idling (Arjan van de Ven)
  • Allow an NFS to specify if d_revalidate is a stale handle event or not (Trond Myklebust)
    Should fix CODA and VFAT problems
  • Ignore residue on autosense commands in sym53c8xx_2 (Tony Battersby)
  • SiS frame buffer updates (Tomas Winischhofer)
  • Add Xyratex to scsi list of large/sparse lun (David Lethe)
  • MPT fusion driver updates (Pam Delaney)
  • Hopefully fix the Promise SX6000 clash with PDC202xxx IDE drivers when using 20277. (me)
  • Add a framework for plug in ac97 drivers (me)
  • Fix IRQ handling in speedstep-ich (Samuel Thibault)
  • Redo the AC97 codec plugin interface (me)
Linux 2.4.21rc8-ac1
  • Sync with Marcelo 2.4.21rc8
  • Fix megaraid tools breakage due to bad fix
  • Add support for Dell XP 4100CX SCSI (Gregg Lebovitz)
    Possibly a contender for the longest delay in patch application ever (2.5 years)
  • Fix force_ac97 printk in nm256 driver (Douglas Kilpatrick)
  • Fix plip hang on ifdown/ifup (Stas Sergeev)
  • Two more minor siimage updates (me)
  • Handle PDC20275 on Promise SX6000 (me)
  • Fix erroneous licensing clash (Kurt Robideau)
  • DSCC driver updates/reset handling (Francois Romieu)
  • Add initial support for Adaptec/SII 1210SA (Hugo Mills, me)
    Tidied up Hugo's changes so we can cleanly add more idents later
  • Fix missing hid include (Pete Zaitcev)
  • Driver for AX8817x based USB ethernet (Tivo, Dave Hollis)
    Original driver by Tivo, cleanup by Dave Hollis Supports Linksys USB200M, Netgear FA120, Dlink DUB-E100, Hawking UF200
  • Remove bogus printk in AWE driver (me)
  • Fix init of mp_bus_id table (Herbert Xu)
  • Fix double iounmap on octagon probe fail (Francois Romieu)
  • Fix several floppy driver SMP races (Jens Axboe)
  • Fix a shmem deadlock (Andrea Arcangeli)
  • Fix ST16654 uart overrun (Ed Vance, William King)

Linux 2.4.21rc7-ac1

  • Sync with Marcelo 2.4.21rc7
  • PC300 updates (Henrique Gobbi, Nigel Metheringhma)
  • Fix ide-proc crash with no drivers loaded (Herbert Xu)
  • Fix pc300 build with new binutils (Adrian Bunk)
  • Minor | to || in fpu emulator (Margit Schubert-While)
  • Fix remaining CRC32 build problem with luck (David Woodhouse)
  • Use pentium3/4 targets with newer gcc (Margit Schubert-While)
  • Remove DRM id string stuff as in 2.5 (Margit Schubert-While)
  • Merge radeonfb updates for newer radeon (Margit Schubert-While)
  • Add nokia 5510 to usb-storage (Markus Gaugusch)
  • Merge hfsplus file system (Roman Zippel, Brad Boyer, ...)
  • Fix ac97 build on SMP (Adrian Bunk)
  • Fix pcnet32 unload crash with multiple cards (Matt Wilson)
  • Make it clear AMD IDE covers Nvidia (Paolo Ornati)

Linux 2.4.21rc6-ac2

  • Add framework for pci_device_restart error (me) recovery
  • Smarter vesafb ram handling for double buffering (Thomas Backlund)
  • Fix vesafb docs (Thomas Backlund)
  • Fix ppp_generic error path leak (Patrick McHardy)
  • Add VIA P4M266 AGP1x/2x/4x support (Nimrod A Abing)
  • Allow vga16 frame buffer on IA64 (Jeremy Katz)
  • Fix & v && in sysrq.c (Margit Schubert-While)
  • Remove various bits of old # if 0 in pdc202xx (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger me)
  • Further hacking on the SI680 driver (me)
  • Add the Toshiba Piccolo IDE (me)
  • Update ac97 layer so that it has alloc/release (me)
  • Make the drivers use the ac97 changes (me)
  • Fix up drivers not doing ac97 locking (me)
  • Fix memory leak in forte ac97 handling (me)
  • Always tune DMA on the SI680 as the BIOS firmware doesn't. (me)

Linux 2.4.21rc6-ac1

  • Merge with Marcelo 2.4.21-rc6
  • Finish off the codec->digital operations (me)
  • Move i810 code into generic digital ops (me)
  • Make i810_audio use ac97_codec ops properly (me)
  • Add per card quirk handling to aacraid (me)
  • Resolve pipe writing to r/o file systems (Stephen Tweedie)
  • Add missing hidden device check (Mark Salyzyn)
  • SG fixes (Douglas Gilbert)
  • Update ACPI to next Intel release (Bernhard Rosenkraenzer)
  • Fix pcibios code on SH3 for core changes (Paul Mundt)
  • Resync tlan with Jeff (Jeff Garzik)
  • Fix solutionengine build (Paul Mundt)
  • SH build issues fixes (Paul Mundt)
  • First cut at making modular IDE happy again (me)

Linux 2.4.21rc5-ac2

  • Backport tlan update and add 64bit support (me)
  • Make SiS APIC work (me)
  • Fix incorrect strncmp in sclp driver (Pete Zaitcev)
  • Fix further cmpci copy/user bugs (Hollis Blanchard)
  • Update ACPI to newer intel base code (Bero Rosenkraenzer)
  • Fix a bogus ; in the ACPI code (Pavel Machek)
  • IDE I/O and DMA state machine fixes (Alexander Atanasov)
  • Fix gcc 3.3 build of ma600 (Eduardo Pereira Habkost)

Linux 2.4.21rc5-ac1

  • Resync with Marcelo 2.4.21-rc5
  • IBM S/390 architecture bug fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
  • IBM S/390 DASD driver fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
  • IBM S/390 sclp fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
  • IBM tape fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
  • AGPgart support for SiS651 (Thomas Winischhofer)
  • Fix emulation bug in the mips utsname handling (Ben Collins)
  • Fix module list race (Keith Owens)
  • Fixes to CRC32 library and optimisations (David Woodhouse, Joakim Tjernlund)
  • I/O pause waitqueue fix (Jens Axboe)
  • Fix typo in ide Config.in (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
  • Fix ac97 to init volume mute bit on volume control lacking codecs (me)
  • Correct vm86 virtualisation of pushf iopl (Stas Sergeev)
    Fixes some problems with dos4gw
  • Nvidia AGP support (someone in Nvidia)
  • Fix gcc 3.3 build of sdla_chdlc (Eduardo Pereira Habkost)
  • Fix gcc 3.3 build of olympic (Eduardo Pereira Habkost)
  • Fix gcc 3.3 build of DECnet (Eduardo Pereira Habkost)
  • Fix gcc 3.3 build of cs46xx (Eduardo Pereira Habkost)
  • Report -EFAULT back on /proc/misc (Daniele Bellucci)
  • Merge S/390 ctrlchar handler fix (Pete Zaitcev)
  • Add oneshot support to UHCI USB as well (Pete Zaitcev)
  • Fix type errors in kcopy irq save (Guy Streeter)
  • Major merge of aacraid updates (Mark Salyzn, Deanna Bonds)
    64bit stuff, raid mode, SATA, other new idents
  • Rewrite the aacraid link list code to be 64bit safe (me)
    This aacraid is likely to need a bit more debugging yet and also there is work to do on error recovery handling
  • Fix CRC library problem with ksyms (me)

Linux 2.4.21rc4-ac1

  • Resync with Marcelo 2.4.21rc4
  • Allow setuid core dumps by a sysctl (me)
    First test release. Note that you probably want to set the core dumping path to somewhere like /cores/ via sysctl when using this feature. Setuid cores are made root only and owner rw only.

Linux 2.4.21rc2-ac3

  • Possible fix for IDE lost IRQ problem (Alexander Atanasov)
  • Add VIA KL/KM266 AGP (Dietrich Radel)
  • Handle older Compaq ACPI * prefix to HID (Andrew Grover)
  • Add mmio==2 support to the ide-dma layer (me)
  • Clean up and document the CMD680 driver (me)
  • Fix the CMD680 resource handling bugs (me)
  • VIA 8327 IDE support (Vojtech Pavlik)
  • Update SiS IDE for 655/630SET and oddments (Lionel Bouton)
  • Fix missing exports for modular XFS (Bero Rosenkraenzer)
  • Update worst case quota block count for ext3 (Jan Kara)
  • Add CRC32 libraries backport (David Woodhouse, Duncan Sands)
  • HDLC doc fixes (Krzysztof Halasa)
  • Use tail -n for the posixly afflicted (Olaf Hering)
  • Fix wrong use of strstr in reiserfs (Sam Ravnborg)
  • Correct AMD enable bits (Vojtech Pavlik)
    Should fix IDE boot timeout when probing empty AMD device slots
  • Fix netlink compile with gcc 3.3 (Andrew Church)
  • Frame buffer is in bits so fix vesafb (Adam Mercer)
  • Make ksoftirqd cpuid match 2.5 (and allow for 100 cpus without overflow..) (Martin Hicks)
  • Fix a pcmcia without ISA crash (Pavel Roskin)
  • Fix cs89x0 set_mac_address handling (Stefano Fedrigo)
  • Update the ide tags I forgot to do before (me)
  • Fix a delayed block/xfs problem from a missed merge (Christoph Hellwig)


  • RMAP


  • LLC (See 2.5)
  • VaryIO (Never accepted mainstream)


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