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Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.23-pre5

Sep 22, 2003, 01:23 (0 Talkback[s])

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Full Changelog


Here goes -pre5. It contains a bunch of important ACPI fixes, adds a very important missing hunk from -aa VM merge, amongst others.

Detailed changelog below

Summary of changes from v2.4.23-pre4 to v2.4.23-pre5


  • [wireless airo] Fix MIC support using CryptoAPI


  • [bonding 2.4] Get rid of MOD_*_USE_COUNT, and use C99 initializers
  • [bonding 2.4] Backport free_netdev()
  • [bonding 2.4] Backport PDE()
  • [bonding] Convert /proc to seq_file


  • IA64 config help update
  • IA64 460GX gart support
  • IA64 ZX1 gart support


  • Patch: Fix reported Atyfb problem on Sparc


  • Extended IRQ resource type for nForce (Andrew de Quincey) Handle BIOS with _CRS that fails (Jun Nakajima)
  • Fix ACPI oops on ThinkPad T32/T40 (Shaohua David Li)
  • support non ACPI compliant SCI over-ride specs (Jun Nakajima)
  • remove ASUS A7V BIOS version 1011 from blacklist (Eric Valette)
  • fix off-by-one error in ioremap() fixes kernel crash in acpi mode:
  • ACPI_CA_VERSION 0x20030916
  • tables.c.diff
  • from 2.6 acpi_pcilinkget_irq() returns 0 on error, not -ENODEV. (Christophe Saout)
  • exclude acpitable.[ch] from the CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY build
  • [ACPI] delete acpitable.[ch], which used to be just for CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY
  • [ACPI] Fix SCI storm on out of spec boards like Tyan
  • [ACPI] acpi_disabled is used after __initdata is freed
  • [ACPI] fix IO-APIC mode SCI storm due to sharing with PCI device (David Shaohua Li)


  • 2.4.23-pre3 WM97xx touchscreen documentation


  • Liam Girdwood: eliminates pop noises when doing a PM suspend/resume with the WM9712 AC97 codec.
  • Fix ide-scsi initialization lockup (kudos to Alan)
  • Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre5
  • Fix Andrea VM merge error


  • Fix ide-tape lock up

Adrian Bunk:

  • add CONFIG_AGP_ATI entry

Andi Kleen:

  • Fix x86-64 compatilation for pre4

Andrea Arcangeli:

  • Fix nr_free_buffer_pages()
  • Remove unused code from balance_classzone()

Geert Uytterhoeven:

  • Fixup atyfb changes in -pre4

Harald Welte:

  • [NETFILTER]: Use u16 for port numbers

Jeff Garzik:

  • fix ifdown+ifup
  • [sound i810_audio] sync with 2.5

Jens Axboe:

  • ide-cd capacity "bug"

Marc-Christian Petersen:

  • Fix wrong slash/backslash in ACPI
  • Fix 'head.S:116: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive'
  • Missing 'Hermes in TMD7160/NCP130 based PCI adaptor support' config option
  • Fwd: [PATCH 2.4.23-pre1] Menu fixes

Martin K. Petersen:

  • forte sound driver update

Mikael Pettersson:

  • repair mpparse for default MP systems

Neil Brown:

  • Revert broken knfsd change

Oleg Drokin:

  • Update reiserfs configure help

Paul Mackerras:

  • Fix IDE compile on PPC in 2.4.23-pre4
  • PPC32: Fix compile for "Walnut" board. Patch from David Gibson
  • PPC32: Use nap mode in the idle loop on the PPC970
  • PPC32: Change the ucontext to move the sigmask back where it was

Tom Rini:

  • PPC32: Fix udelay in the PPC boot code for non-16.6 MHz timebases
  • PPC32: Fix another incorrect asm statement
  • PPC32: Fix a rounding error in the bootwrapper udelay