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Release Digest: GNOME, October 16, 2003

Oct 17, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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GtkSourceView 0.7.0


GtkSourceView 0.7.0


It's a text widget that extends the standard Gtk+ 2.x GtkTextView. It improves it by implementing syntax highlighting and other features typical of a source editor.

It's currently being used by gedit, Glimmer source code editor and other projects like DiaSCE2 and Mono Debugger.


  • GLib and GTK+ 2.2.0 or later
  • LibXML2 2.5.0 or later
  • libgnomeprint 2.2.0 or later

News since last release

  • Really set the background color of the bracket match tag [Paolo Maggi]
  • Fixed syntax offsets table updating (bug #117441) [Gustavo Giráldez]
  • Fixed multiline case-insensitive backward search (bug #114666) [Gustavo]
  • Limit number of keywords in <keyword-list> to 250 (workaround bug #110991) [Gustavo]
  • Trivial bugfixes (bugs #121204, #121501, #121190, #115780) [Gustavo]
  • Undoing a delete now leaves the cursor at the right position (bug #112682) [Gustavo]
  • Shrink the current undo queue if reducing the maximum undo levels (bug #123273) [Gustavo]
  • Replace glib 2.3 deprecated calls and compile tests without GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to be able to build with Gnome 2.5 [Paolo]

New and updated translations

  • Japanese [Takeshi Aihana]
  • Dutch [Kees van den Broek, Tino Meinen]
  • Spanish [Francisco Javier F. Serrador]
  • French [Christophe Merlet]
  • Traditional Chinese [Abel Cheung]
  • Finnish (new) [Pauli Virtanen]
  • Bangla (new) [Sayamindu of Ankur group]
  • Norwegian [Kjartan Maraas]
  • Hindi (new) [Guntupalli Karunakar]
  • Italian [Stefano Canepa]
  • Vietnamese [Pablo Saratxaga]
  • Albanian (new) [Laurent Dhima]
  • Brazilian Portuguese [Agney Lopez Roth Ferraz]
  • Hungarian (new) [Andras Timar]
  • Tamil (new) [Dinesh]
  • Czech [Miloslav Trmac]
  • Portuguese [Duarte Loreto]
  • Swedish [Christian Rose]
  • Azerbaijani [Metin Amiroff]
  • Basque (new) [Piarres Beobide]


gURLChecker 0.7.3


gURLChecker 0.7.3 (unstable branch)


gURLChecker is a web links checker.
It can work on a whole site, a single local page or a browser bookmarks file.


  • Use DOM parser instead of SAX parser to parse XBEL.
  • Added informational popup on check cancel or check end.
  • Added possibility to delete some links in the check result and to save changes in the bookmarks file.


  • Correction of Bug #4728 (Too many timeouts), however, it need to be confirm...
  • Fixed a problem with timeouts on non-existent servers.
  • Encoding problem has been fixed for bookmarks files.


GNOME Software Map entry



(If you have no clue what gdm is, skip a few paragraphs down first)

Well, I really ought to be doing homework, but alas, security problems tend to creep up in the most unexpected times. This time it's not as serious, but still somewhat serious for large installations. These are two local DoS attacks, unexploitable in a different way then to crash or hang the main daemon thus making further logins impossible. Note that neither will crash or hang current sessions however. They were classified as CAN-2003-0793 and CAN-2003-0794

I've made a release which is for GNOME2.4 and for those of you still running old GNOME I've made However should really compile on old GNOME (anything 2.0 and up I'd think) and you should really use this version as it has many security enhancements over 2.4.1.x and many MANY fixes over that version. The version just fixes the security problems and the underline problem and nothing else. The version includes several new bug fixes.

And now for the standard part of the release announcement:

GDM is the GNOME Display Manager, it is the little proggie that runs in the background, runs your X sessions, presents you with a login box and then tells you to piss off because you forgot your password. It does pretty much everything that you would want to use xdm for, but doesn't involve as much crack. It doesn't use any code from xdm, and has a more paranoid and safer design overall. It also includes many features over xdm, the biggest one of which is that it is more user friendly, even if your X setup is failing. The goal is that users should never, ever have to use the command line to customize or troubleshoot gdm. It of course supports xdmcp, and in fact extends xdmcp a little bit in places where I thought xdm was lacking (but is still compatible with xdm's xdmcp).


Highlights of

  • SECURITY: Fixed CAN-2003-0793, a local DoS, the socket connection is now non-blocking and limitted to the number of commands
  • SECURITY: Fixed CAN-2003-0794, a local DoS, the line length is limitted to 4096 bytes (note, this was not a buffer overrun).

    (Thanks to Jarno Gassenbauer for pointing out the above two problems)

  • Avoid possible DoS by using "-audit 0" for the X server command line
  • When cookies are in the fallback dir touch them every 12 hours to avoid tmpwatch from removing them
  • Add config key NeverPlaceCookiesOnNFS to allow cookie files on NFS or similar filesystems
  • Graphical greeter now graphically complains if it can't load a theme rather then plainly failing.
  • Go shell quoting crazy (fixes among others rh #105858, but none of the issues were actually security problems, "annoying" on really weird configs at most)
  • Some more anality with touching user owned files
  • Fixed the graphical greeter line breaking to not upset pango and generally work with marked up strings
  • Fix an underlining bug in the graphical greeter when the underlined letter is the last letter. (discussed in rh #106189)
  • Minor other fixes (among others #123958, #124680)

Note: GDM2 was originally written by Martin K. Petersen <>, and has for a while now been maintained by the Queen of England. She is usually not responsive to bug reports or feature requests. You can try to send them to me however.

Note2: If installing from the tarball do note that make install overwrites most of the setup files, all except gdm.conf. It will however save backups with the .orig extension first.

Note3: Note3 has been depracated ...



Sorry no RPMS. There is a spec file included in the tarball and it should work. So generate an rpm with

rpmbuild -ta gdm-whatever.tar.gz

Have fun (or whatever else you wish to be having),


PS: I really ought to be doing homework :) $Rightarrow$ no silliness for you

George <>

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  • Napoleon

totem 0.99.7


Totem "Paperbag writer" 0.99.7 is released.

Totem is movie player for the Gnome desktop based on xine. It features a playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls, as well as a pretty complete keyboard navigation.

It comes with added functionality such as:

  • Video thumbnailer for GNOME
  • Webcam utility
  • Nautilus properties tab


  • GNOME 2.2

And for the backend:

  • xine-lib 1.0 rc0a or better (CVS recommended for ALSA users) or
  • gstreamer 0.6.x or 0.7.x

It is advised that distributors ship the xine backend by default.

If Totem locks up on startup, before showing the main window, please read:
and for possible work-arounds:

The upstream bug is:


  • Fix .pls playlist parsing and saving, as well as .m3u, .asx and .desktop playlist parsing
  • Fix seeking with the arrows
  • Add more paths for the Realplayer codecs
  • Add an error message when we can't save the playlist
  • Fix warnings when we have ampersands in the filename
  • Fix XRandR handling


Christian Rose: sv.po
Veljko M. Stanojevic: sr.po
Veljko M. Stanojevic: sr@Latn.po
Kjartan Maraas: no.po


Bastien Nocera <>
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GENIUS 0.5.6

To find out what Genius is, skip a few paragraphs down, or go to

Biggest news is really the syntax highlighting since 0.5.5 and a whole bunch of fixes. You need GtkSourceView installed for syntax highlighting.

(Note title of the release and thus note the lack of silliness in these notes:)

In any case, Genius is one of the oldest GNOME projects, it has been the original GNOME calculator before I got wild ideas about it doing absolutely everything. It is programmable has a powerful language and handles many fun features including matlab like support for matrices. It requires GNOME2 and a recent enough gmp library. However you can still use the command line version if you prefer non-gui interface.

There is still a lot of work required to make this all nice, mostly it needs to have the function library improved and verified to be correct and documentation needs to be written (the complete help system is not yet in place). Feel free to help out :)

Here are the news in 0.5.6:

  • Several leaks fixed
  • Several uninitialized data usage fixed
  • Tolerances are floats, add aliases 'Sign' and 'AbsoluteValue' and add the 'Identity' function
  • Lots of internal cleanup including not using deprecated stuff.
  • Start using vicious-extensions lib, and with that the 'genius' binary no longer inits gnome which means faster startup and faster regression testing runs
  • Lots of random minor optimization (both performance and memory usage)
  • Some build fixes
  • Fix systems without wordexp (FreeBSD ports)
  • Allow loading programs from the command line to gnome-genius
  • Use GtkSourceView if available for syntax highlighting
  • Handle change directory for filename completition correctly
  • GUI a teeny bit HIGgier (but not completely)
  • Translation updates (Guntupalli Karunakar, Danilo Segan, Vincent van Adrighem, Pablo Gonzalo del Campo, Francisco Javier F. Serrador, Duarte Loreto, Christian Rose, Guntupalli Karunakar, Wang Jian, Mai Hao Hui, Metin Amiroff, Jordi Mallach, Xavier Conde Rueda)

Note that making RPMS should be simple with rpmbuild -ta <tarball>, you should also get the updated GMP RPM which has MPFR enabled since that's a lot better then internal FP routines of genius. RPM for that is on the 5z site. I don't know why redhat doesn't enable MPFR in their builds.

Have fun,


George <>

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Epiphany 1.0.3


What is it?

Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine. It aims to be simple and easy to use.

What's changed?

Epiphany 1.0.3


  • Add support for mozilla 1.5 final (Kristian Rietveld)


  • Translated to Ukrainian


  • it (Francesco Marletta)
  • uk

Where can I get it?

Source code:

Epiphany 1.0 requires Mozilla 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.5 or 1.6a. The suggested version is Mozilla 1.5:

More about dependencies and installation tips: