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Release Digest: KDE, October 17, 2003

Oct 17, 2003, 23:30 (0 Talkback[s])
KExchange 0.3.2
Summary A currency converter for over 150 currencies using current exchange rates.
Release Focus Maintenance release
Release Note Added a German translation. Updated data retrieval due to server-side modifications - all users must upgrade to this version.
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Financial / Investment : Currency Tools
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9756
TreeLine 0.6.0
Summary An information storage program.
Release Focus Major feature enhancement(s)
Release Note Added the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts; optional keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing parent nodes found with a search; shortcuts for browsing nodes (lowercase / uppercase letters for jumping forward / backward to nodes which start with the letter); incremental searches with the "/" shortcut; a command to set a node's data type quickly; several linking field types ("URL", "path", "email" and "picture") with appropriate treatment; "Choice" and "Combination" field types (each enables selection from a customized list of strings); and data output font customization. Improved the window layout (three right views divided into upper sections for the selection's data and lower sections for the data from the selection's children); and printing (font customization and default page size).
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x) or Qt 2.3.x (KDE 2.1.x +)
Category PIM
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9755
Komport 0.4.5
Summary A serial port communication and terminal emulator.
Release Focus Major feature enhancement(s)
Release Note Added a scroll buffer; upload and download; and a settings dialog.
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Desktop : Utilities
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9754
LogViewer 0.7
Summary A panel applet log file monitor.
Release Focus Code rewrite
Release Note Added the ability to display lines from different logfiles in different colors.
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Administration : Monitoring : Log Files
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9752