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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.0-test9

Oct 27, 2003, 00:00 (2 Talkback[s])

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Full Changelog

Ok, 2.6.0-test9 is out there in all the normal places..

First off, I have to say that this week has been a lot better than last week. I've been cursing at some developers a _lot_ less: while a lot of people wanted to sync up with me after the -test7 "stability freeze" announcements with stuff that wasn't really about stability, that dropped off a lot this week, and I didn't have to be rude to people very much at all.

There's some XFS and cifs updates here, but even they were pretty benign and largely just bugfixes. Oh, and the SATA driver got included, which you either disable or which allows people to use modern hardware.

Anyway, while I've been happy with the progress from -test7, I want to see this total stability freeze work even better. The test9 patch is about 120kB compressed - which is small for a week of work, but is still more than I want to see before a stable release.

So guys, let's work on this even more for test10. I'm going to _totally_ ignore patches that aren't for major bugs. Don't send me anything that _others_ wouldn't consider horribly critical.

In other words, even if you think that something is the most important piece of software in the world, if you can't make aunt Tilly up the street say "oh, but that would be a show-stopper", then don't bother sending it to me.

If it corrupts data, is a security issue, or causes lockups or just basic nonworkingness: and this happens on hardware that _normal_ people are expected to have, then it's critical. Otherwise, it's noise and should wait.

If this works out, then I'll submit -test10 to Andrew Morton, and if he takes it we'll probably have a real 2.6.0 after a final shakedown. So try to help, please. We'll all be happier.


Summary of changes from v2.6.0-test8 to v2.6.0-test9

Alan Stern:

  • USB: fix for earlier unusual_devs.h patch

Alex Williamson:

  • ia64: trivial ia64 numa/discontig fixes

Alexander Schulz:

  • [ARM PATCH] 1692/1: Shark: PCIMEM_BASE

Alexander Viro:

  • Fix initrd with devfs enabled
  • fix for do_tty_hangup() access of kfreed memory

Alexey Kuznetsov:

  • TCP: do not return -EINTR, when data are available for read()

Andrew Morton:

  • [NET]: Make register_netdevice return correct error when driver init function fails
  • fix split_vma vs. invalidate_mmap_range_list race
  • scsi: handle zero-length requests
  • ia32 limit_regions update
  • Fix unmap_vmas() compile warning
  • Time precision, adjtime(x) vs. gettimeofday
  • atp870u oops fix
  • tmpfs 1/7 LTP ENAMETOOLONG fix
  • tmpfs 2/7 LTP S_ISGID on directories fix
  • tmpfs 3/7 swapoff/truncate race fix
  • tmpfs 4/7 getpage/truncate race fix
  • tmpfs 5/7 writepage/truncate race fix
  • tmpfs 6/7 write i_size_write
  • tmpfs 7/7 write mark_page_accessed
  • Quota deadlock fix
  • export system_running to other files
  • Kill early might_sleep warnings
  • digi_acceleport.c has bogus "address of" operator
  • fix microcode.c for older gcc's
  • Fix mtd printk warnings
  • fs/binfmt_elf.c:load_elf_binary() doesn't verify interpreter arch
  • JBD kfree() fix
  • Fix JBD memory leak
  • fix low-memory BUG in slab
  • fix for register_cpu()
  • fix bluetooth broken compilation when PROC_FS=n
  • make printk more robust with "null" pointers
  • kcapi.c CONFIG_MODULES=n build fix
  • DRM modprobe retval fix
  • parport_pc not releasing all ioports
  • Fix oops with CONFIG_MCA=y
  • Fix another CONFIG_MCA=y oops
  • ipc msg race fix
  • io scheduler oops fixes
  • pcm_native locking fix
  • Fix toshiba.c and neofb.c for CONFIG_PROC_FS=n
  • v850: Workaround for tty-driver init-order problem
  • v850: Don't reserve root-filesystem memory twice
  • v850: Use irqreturn_t on rte-me2-cb platform
  • Add needed __devexit_p's to two gameport drivers
  • /dev/mem range checking
  • Kill unneccessary debug printk
  • Fix arlan compilation with CONFIG_PROC_FS=n
  • Altix console driver
  • befs oops fix
  • early_serial_setup array bounds check

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

  • leaking info on drivers/usb

Arun Sharma:

  • ia64: make strace of ia32 processes work again
  • ia64: don't touch IA-32 segment descriptors too early
  • ia64: fix broken __emul_prefix

Bart De Schuymer:

  • [EBTABLES]: Adjust skb->pkt_type when necessary

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:

  • fix drivers/ide/pci/siimage.c for PROC_FS=n
  • fix drivers/ide/pci/cmd640.c for CONFIG_PCI=n

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • ia64: fix EFI memory map trimming
  • ia64: prevent "dd if=/dev/mem" crash

Carsten Busse:

  • USB: one more digicam for unusual_devs.h

Dan Aloni:

  • [NET]: Fix sysctl breakage during network device renaming

Dave Jiang:

  • [ARM PATCH] 1691/1: Fix IOP321 platform booting in 2.6

David Brownell:

  • USB: ACM USB modem fixes
  • USB: fix usb-storage self-deadlock
  • USB: usb enumeration clears full speed ep0 state

David Mosberger:

  • ia64: Add missing exports to modules build again
  • ia64: Fix printk format error
  • ia64: Don't mix code and declarations (not C90-compliant)
  • ia64: Sync with i386 irq.c (deadlock avoidance for certain disable_irq()/ enable_irq() sequences).
  • ia64: Based on patch by Arun Sharma: fix IA-32 subsystem to support NPTL
  • ia64: Fix IA-32 NPTL fixes so things compile again
  • ia64: Fix efi_mem_type() and efi_mem_attributes() to avoid potential underflows. In my case, the underflows occurred with the first memory descriptor which got trimmed down to a size of 0.
  • ia64: Patch by Arun Sharma: fix allocation/handling of GDT shared page (the old code was inconsistent and in places still assumed there is both a GDT and a TSS shared page, but the latter was removed a long time ago).
  • ia64: Sync with Linus' i386 patch: Revert bogus IRQ_INPROGRESS clear
  • ia64: Fix/finish kernel module table support so it actually works

David S. Miller:

  • [NET]: Undo deprecation of init_etherdev, we will add it back once all in-tree drivers are fixed
  • [LLC]: Make LLC2 compile with PROC_FS=n
  • [NET]: sysctl_net_core.c needs linux/module.h
  • [IPV6]: Set fl->proto in _decode_sesseion6
  • [TG3]: Disable/enable timer in suspend/resume
  • [NET COMPAT]: Fix hangs caused by bugs in do_netfilter_replace()
  • [SPARC]: Fix do_gettimeofday() as per cset 1.1347.1.17
  • [SPARC64]: Get hugetlb support back into working shape

David T. Hollis:

  • USB: ax8817x fixes in usbnet.c

Douglas Gilbert:

  • SCSI constants.c

Gerd Knorr:

  • Fix bttv BUG() at video-buf.c:378

Glen Overby:

  • [XFS] Fix problem with the debug code in xlog_state_do_callback
  • [XFS] remove xfs_dir2_node_addname_int remnants of an old block placement algorithm

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • USB: gadget fixes for 64bit processor warnings

Herbert Xu:

  • [NET]: More build fixes for CONFIG_XFRM disabled

Ian Abbott:

  • USB: ftdi_sio - Perle UltraPort new ids

Ian Wienand:

  • ia64: fix gate-data.S build for binutils 2.14

James Cleverdon:

  • Allow more APIC irq sources

Jeff Garzik:

  • [libata] Merge Serial ATA core, and drivers for
  • [libata] Integrate Serial ATA driver into kernel tree

Jesse Barnes:

  • ia64: fix topology init
  • ia64: zero out topology related sysfs nodes

Knut Petersen:

  • input / keyboard / Scancode Set 3 support broken
  • setkeycode ioctl fix

Len Brown:

Linus Torvalds:

  • bcopy() doesn't return anything
  • Make the pc9800, visws and voyager sub-architectures tell us their NR_IRQ_VECTORS.
  • Revert bogus IRQ_INPROGRESS clear
  • Make yenta allocate IO resource windows in same range as in 2.4.x
  • Add a quirk for the Intel ICH-[45] to add special ACPI regions

Mark Haverkamp:

  • Work around aacraid FW problem

Michael Hunold:

  • Fix bugs in various DVB drivers
  • Fix bug in saa7146 analog tv i2c-handling
  • Fix bugs in analog tv i2c-helper chipset drivers

Mike Anderson:

  • Add release function to sd for scsi_disk structure

Mike Christie:

  • fix oops caused when writing to the rescan attribute

Nathan Scott:

  • [XFS] Fix inode btree lookup code precision problem with large allocation groups
  • [XFS] final round of code cleanup, now using 3-clause-bsd in these headers
  • [XFS] Use an xfs_ino_t to hold the result of inode extraction from a handle, not a possibly 32-bit number

Neil Brown:

  • md - Use sector rather than block numbers when splitting raid0 requests
  • kNFSd - In READDIRPLUS reply, don't return a file handle for a mounted directory

Pat LaVarre:

  • SG_SET_RESERVED_SIZE negative oops

Patrick Mansfield:

  • SCSI: limit mode sense usage

Russell King:

  • [NET]: Prevent 'eth0: driver changed get_stats after register' from lying
  • [ARM] Correct acornfb arguments for fb_set_var()

Stephen Lord:

  • [XFS] Change XFS maintainer

Steve French:

  • check return code on failed kmalloc. list management bugs. fix xid going negative
  • Fix spinlock usage for SMP safety
  • Fix various SMP/locking problems pointed out by Shoobhit Dayal and Arjan van de Ven
  • Remove illegal kunmap
  • Missing spin_unlock in error path and extraneous kunmap in cifs_writepages
  • missing cifs mount options
  • add missing mount option iocharset to cifs vfs
  • list processing fixes in cifs reopen_files
  • Fix case where server hung but tcpip session still good. Fix double request of same spinlock
  • don't kill demultiplex thread on ERESTARTSYS
  • missing check for eagain on sock ops
  • fix loop on mount failure of session setup
  • fixes to not prematurely exit demultiplex captive thread

Stéphane Eranian:

  • ia64: two perfmon fixes
  • ia64: fix critical perfmon2 bugs

Zwane Mwaikambo:

  • [IPV6]: Fix sit.c compilation w/o CONFIG_XFRM