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Release Digest: KDE, November 5, 2003

Nov 06, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])
REBECKA 0.9.15
Summary A full-featured, context-based editor with syntax highlighting and rich configurability.
Release Focus Major feature enhancement(s)
Release Note Added anti-aliasing support.
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x)
Category Development : Tools : Editors
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9810
SIM 0.9
Summary A multi-protocol instant messenger client.
Release Focus Major feature enhancement(s)
Release Note Rewrote code to be plugin-based. Added support for the AIM, MSN (version 8) and Jabber protocols; meta-contact support; quick search to the contact list; Miranda emoticons; typing notification (ICQ and Jabber); user picture support (ICQ); AIM buddies support (ICQ); rich-text support (Jabber); file transfer support (Jabber); picture in vCard support (Jabber); sending / receiving contact lists (AIM and Jabber); and a Portuguese translation.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Communications : Instant Messenging
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9809
Kooka 0.41a
Summary A raster image scanning frontend for SANE.
Release Focus Minor bugfix(es)
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Computer Devices : Scanners
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9808
KDar 0.3.2
Summary A frontend to DAR - the Disk ARchive library.
Release Focus Major build fix(es)
Release Note Added filename filters; and more action icons.
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Utilities : Archiving
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9807
KMySQLAdmin 0.6.7
Summary A program to manage and query MySQL.
Release Focus Minor feature enhancement(s)
Release Note Improved the user rights management interface.
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Database
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/9806