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Release Digest: Distributions, November 11, 2003

Nov 12, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


[ Thanks to Brixton Linux Action Group for this link. ]

BLAG Linux And GNU by the Brixton Linux Action Group http://www.blagblagblag.org

BLAG is an operating system. It comes with everything you need to get a computer up and running--it needs no other software.

It has Internet, graphics, video, sound, office, security, file sharing, and more applications. It's fast, reliable, runs on older machines, and flies on fast boxes.

It can be installed on any x86 computer (e.g. what windoz usually runs on). It can be the only installation on the computer or you can "dual-boot" and have BLAG with another operating system.

BLAG is based on RedHat and software collected on the Internet. It includes 200 additional packages not included in RedHat. It is also much leaner than RedHat--BLAG only needs one CD. It is meant for users.

BLAG9000 is eagerly awaiting to be downloaded. Grab it at one of these locations:


BLAG9000 is a significant leap from 8001.

A bit of the New

Synaptic and apt. BLAG can be upgraded via the Internet with a GUI. Simply hit Update List->Dist Upgrade->Execute and your system will get all the latest updates, with dependencies all figured out for you.

Automajick installs. Four categories: miniblag, deskblag, serverblag, and blagblagblag allow you to install the distro without having to answer anyquestions or configure anything. Hit F6 at boot: for more details. It will auto-wipe your system.

miniblag is the smallest install at less than 350 Megs

deskblag installs a Gnome desktop with all the typical apps

serverblag installs all the server daemons but no GUI

blagblagblag installs everything on the CD

BLAG has completely new look

bittorrent - a peer-to-peer filesharing system meant to help quickly distribute large files efficiently. In BLAG bittorrent is configured as a Mozilla or Galeon plugin.

gtkpod, if you happen to be lucky enough to have an iPod

New installer help text

Streamtuner, tune to mp3 radio stations--it\'s great...

alsa drivers for folks that have more demanding sound requirements

perl-Video-DVDRip nice GUI for ripping/encoding DVDs

Updated BLAG Apps

mplayer, now with 157 video and 61 audio codecs. It can play dang near everything. Now with embedded video in your web browser.

Mozilla version 1.5

abiword 2.0.1

galeon 1.2.12

Filesharing apps all updated: lmule, lopster, gtk-gnutella

audacity now brings Linux decent audio editing tools

MuSE, which streams to icecast servers

scribus 1.0.1 Desktop Publishing

pfaedit for font editing

sodipodi vector graphics (think Adobe illustrator)

gimp & cinepaint

Plus more*more

Developers can install BLAG packages on top of RedHat or get the BLAG DVD, which is rumoured to be around somewhere... The DVD has all RedHat, all BLAG, all developer tools, all source, etc. It's more crufty, but hey, it's for developers. :)