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Release Digest: GNU, November 23, 2003

Nov 24, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

GNU SASL 0.0.10 alpha

This is a "brown paper bag release" to fix an important problem discovered in version 0.0.9.

GNU SASL is an implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer framework and a few common SASL mechanisms. SASL is used by network servers (e.g., IMAP, SMTP) to request authentication from clients, and in clients to authenticate against servers.

GNU SASL contains a library (`libgsasl'), a command line utility (`gsasl') to access the library from the shell, and a manual. The library includes support for the SASL framework (with authentication functions and application data privacy and integrity functions) and at least partial support for the CRAM-MD5, EXTERNAL, GSSAPI, ANONYMOUS, PLAIN, SECURID, DIGEST-MD5, LOGIN, NTLM and KERBEROS_V5 mechanisms.

GNU SASL is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The project page of the library is available at:

Here are the compressed sources:
ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/gsasl/gsasl-0.0.10.tar.gz (1.7MB)
http://josefsson.org/gsasl/releases/gsasl-0.0.10.tar.gz (1.7MB)

Here are GPG detached signatures using key 0xB565716F:

Here are the build reports for various platforms: http://josefsson.org/autobuild/gsasl.html

Here are the MD5 checksums:

82cbcdb210e911f77ae82cf91ceee088 gsasl-0.0.10.tar.gz
97e3f6a4ab02d9fa3aad422d25028a56 gsasl-0.0.10.tar.gz.asc

Noteworthy changes since the last release:

  • The CRAM-MD5 server now reject invalid passwords. The logic flaw was introduced in 0.0.9, after blindly making code changes to shut up valgrind just before the release.
  • Various build improvements. Pkg-config is no longer needed. GTK-DOC is only used if present.