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Release Digest: GNOME, December 2, 2003

Dec 03, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Yelp 2.5.0

Yelp 2.5.0: "More Than Meets the Eye"

Yelp 2.5.0: "More Than Meets the Eye" is finally here. For weeks I've been watching Yelp crash alone. Now you can watch Yelp crash too!

What is it?

Yelp is the default help browser in GNOME 2. I'm supposed to write a blurb about how it handles HTML, DocBook, man, and info. But that would be a lie. It handles DocBook. And does it ever handle DocBook!

What happened?

I've written a completely new transformation infastructure. It's fast, it's clean, and it works. The man and info transformations have to be reworked into this new system. That will take some work, but it will happen. Lots and lots of stuff has changed, and it shows.

How can I help?

As a fun game, I've hidden an undetermined number of memory leaks in this release. See how many you can find! If you really want to help with Yelp, consider joining #docs on GIMPNet. I'm always there, and there's always some work I can throw at someone. Read on for the list of known problems and regressions. That's probably a good place to start hacking.

What's wrong?

First, if you're not actually testing development releases, please do not use Yelp 2.5.0. This is an unstable development release. There are a lot of problems and a lot of regressions. If I see somebody whining on FootNotes about how I broke the help browser, I will take away that person's socks.

Known Problems and Regressions:

  • The TOC pages look ugly.
  • The categorization of the TOC pages needs work.
  • The Edit and Go menus are empty. Their menu items should be fairly easy to add back in.
  • Going to a page from itself puts that page twice consecutively in the history, which is annoying.
  • If a page errors out, it should be removed from the history.
  • HTML, man, and info don't work.
  • SGML doesn't work, and it won't ever again. In fact, I'm listing this as a new feature.
  • Admonition graphics don't show up.
  • Roughly 100 DocBook elements aren't implemented in the new XSLT. There are a lot of easy fixes here for anybody who knows XSLT. Try this:
    grep FIXME `find . -name '*.xsl'`
  • The previous and next links don't actually work.
  • The selection on the sidebar doesn't follow link clicks.
  • The titlebar for DocBook pages says "FIXME".
  • A lot of the DocBook to HTML rendering looks rather poor. The XSLT outputs some CSS that gtkhtml2 doesn't seem to like.
  • Tables have an alternating color rule, but it's a fixed color. This needs to follow the current GTK+ theme.
  • The translation file for the new XSLT isn't set up yet. This needs to happen soon, so that our fine translators can enjoy the hundreds of new strings I'm throwing at them.

Where can I get it?


Happy testing!

libpanelappletmm 1.3.0

The gnomemm team is very pleased to announce the initial release of libpanelappletmm.


libpanelappletmm provides a C++ binding for the panel applet API. This API is simpler and more object oriented than the underlying C API.

libpanelappletmm requires Gtkmm >= 2.0, Gconfmm >= 2.0, Libgnomemm >= 2.0, and gnome-panel/libpanel-applet >= 2.4


This is our initial release.


  • Initial Skeleton created
  • Wrapped Applet class and methods
  • Created factory functions
  • Made factory functions template functions (Murray's idea)
  • Created two examples to demonstrate wrapper (Bryan Forbes)
  • Hand-coded Applet::get_background() to use C++ types
  • Fixed dependencies (Murray Cumming)


You can download it from
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1161&release_id=201263 (near the bottom of the page)

Bryan Forbes

Gnome Drinking Game 0.1.0


Gnome Drinking Game 0.1.0


Stupid games to help you get drunk in style.


  • GUI uses libglade


  • The tarball is built properly now (look mum, i can use make distcheck)



GNOME Software Map entry


SLgtk 0.5.1


Versions 0.5.1 of SLgtk and 0.9.7 of SLIRP are now available at


Highlights of this release include:

  • Almost 150 additional Gtk functions, supporting several new widgets/objects (GtkListStore, GtkTreeview, GtkCellRenderer, etc)
  • Support for defining ancestry/class hierarchies within the bundled SLIRP code generator
  • Several updates to the VWhere guilet
  • New and improved documentation and sample guilets
  • Faster builds


The SLgtk package binds the Gtk2 and GtkExtra widget sets to the S-Lang scripting language (www.s-lang.org). SLgtk wraps almost 2200 functions from Gtk2 and its constituent libraries, includes over 4000 lines of sample code in 40+ working guilets, and provides a code generator (SLIRP) which can be useful for building additional S-Lang modules.

SLgtk also includes a visual version of the powerful S-Lang "where" command, extensions to and performance enhancements for several GtkExtra widgets, and a pixbuf loader for the FITS image file format widely used within astronomy.


-Michael S. Noble

Changes in v0.5.1:

  1. SLIRP 0.9.7 enhancements:
    • extended type ancestry support: an opaque type may now have a hierarchy of ancestors, instead of just one.
  2. Use new SLIRP ancestry support to encode knowledge of most the Gtk class hierarchy within SLgtk. Among other things, it is now possible to:
    • use g_signal routines on any GObject instance, not just GtkWidget
    • ditto for g_object set/get q/data routines on any GObject instance
    • catch many more type mismatch problems at the S-Lang layer, instead of allowing them to cascade down into the C layer of Gtk proper
  3. Wrapped gtk_container_foreach()
  4. Created gtk_widget_get_allocation() to return (GtkWidget*)->allocation field. Added a use case to examples/drawarea.sl sample code.
  5. Added nominal support for:
    • GtkItemFactory object
    • g_quark_* family of functions.
    • g_param_spec_* family of functions
    • GtkTextChildAnchor object
    • GtkCellRender object (and children)
    • GtkListStore object (and sample code at examples/liststore.sl)
    • GtkTreeView widget using a GtkListStore model
  6. Wrap fundamental G_TYPE_* macros (gtype.h) as S-Lang ulong constants.
  7. Wrap G_TYPE_PARAM_* macros (gparamspec.h) as S-Lang ulong constants.
  8. Attempting to create a text tag from an unbalanced name/value property list now signals error, instead of creating the tag with zero properties.
  9. gtk_text_buffer_get_iter_* routines now return the GtkTextIter result on the stack, instead of using a reference parameter (as in C api). This is the more natural S-Lang usage, and requires less code than in C.
  10. VWhere 1.0.7 enhancements:
    • improved zooming and panning
    • added preference to customize default plot line/connector style
  11. Simplified build process and improved performance.

OpenHacha 0.1


OpenHacha 0.1


OpenHacha is a "free as in freedom" implementation for GNU/Linux of the propietary-and-only-for-MS-Windows program Hacha. OpenHacha is based on the libhacha.cs library, a C# implementation of the Hacha program features, developed by the Sierra project.

OpenHacha 0.1 (2003-11-29)

  • Code cleanups for more reasonable widgets names..
  • New "About" dialog.
  • Check the chunks are there before trying to join them.

OpenHacha 0.0.99 (2003-11-24)

  • First public release.
  • Basic Gtk# interface.
  • Split files with Hacha format supported.
  • Join the chunks generated by Hacha program supported.
  • WARNING: The new Hacha CRC format is not supported.



GNOME Software Map entry


Planner 0.11

Planner 0.11 has been released!

What is Planner?

Planner is the project management application formerly known as MrProject. There will be more information about Planner shortly on the website at http://planner.imendio.org/, which we are working on getting up and running. In the meantime, don't hesitate to join our mailinglists to discuss the development and use of Planner:


What is new?

This release is mainly a bugfix release. If you have problem loading files with MrProject 0.10, you should upgrade to this release.

Thanks to Frederic Crozat and Ryszard Klos for bug fixes.



Good luck,
the Planner hackers

GTK+ OpenGL Toolkit 0.2.0


GTK+ OpenGL Toolkit 0.2.0


Gtk+ ogltk (ogle-tick) is a GTK OpenGL toolkit which gives the programmer an easy to use API to create 3D Objects and scenes.

OpenGL Toolkit for GTK+ 2.x

Initial Public Release:

  • 3DView (GTKWidget)
  • scene
  • GLobject (Base Class)
  • Defined 3D Objects (glo_box, glo_cube, glo_gear)
  • glt_Color - glColor
  • glt_matrix - Transformation and Rotation Matrix
  • LightSources (Lightbulb)


Gtkglext 1.0.x
OpenGL (Mesa)



GNOME Software Map entry