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Release Digest: KDE, December 22, 2003

Dec 23, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

Opale 0.5


Opale is a very simple personal finance manager for KDE and KOffice.

Opale 0.5 is (in my humble opinion) the first real release ready for public consumption. I've improved the GUI, especially the chart rendering.

Changelog :

  • code cleaning. Don't underestimate this part :)
  • new chart engine(using KDChart), now i can proudly show screenshots
  • removed this ugly 'utt' stuff
  • now pops up the file setting (asking currency/bankname) when creating a new file
  • Italian translation added (Giorgio Moscardi)
  • Estonian translation added (Rivo Laks)
  • German translation added (Timo Huebel)
  • Russian translation added (Stanislav Karchebny)
This release requires koffice-1.3, which is not yet released. Until it is actually released, only cvs users can use/try opale-0.5. Koffice-1.3 is expected to be released on january 2004. (see http://www.koffice.org)


Translations : I would like some more translations. Translating within the kde framework is really easy, you just need to know how to use kbabel, which is easy. If you want to translate Opale, get in touch with me. There's nothing more than ~60 lines, and it won't take long for you to translate it.

Financial language proof reading : Also, i'm not that fluent in English, and i have difficulties finding the right words in Opale, especially for financial-related expressions. If you can help me with that, by telling me what to change (or better, sending me a patch)

Opale webpage is http://orzel.freehackers.org/opale
Screenshots can be found on http://orzel.freehackers.org/opale/screenshots.html

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Thomas Capricelli <orzel@freehackers.org> http://www.freehackers.org

Konserve v0.9


this is the release of Konserve v0.9

Konserve is a small backup application for the KDE 3.x environment. It lives in the system tray and is able to create regularly backups of several directories or files.

Changes in this version:

  • Drag-and-Drop support. Local directories can be dropped on the Konserve icon in the system tray. The wizard opens with the source url already set.
  • Size of the Preferences window is adjusted to the content.
  • The labels are changed for a more consistent user interface

Bugfixes in this version:

  • Creating backups of local files works again
  • Missing include statements are added

You can get it on:


There is also a link to the documentation and screenshots.

Special credits this time go to Kjell Morgenstern for implementing drag and drop support. Thanks Kjell!


Florian Simnacher