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OSNews: Nine Language Performance Round-up: Benchmarking Math & File I/O

Jan 12, 2004, 07:00 (6 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Christopher W. Cowell-Shah)

"This article discusses a small-scale benchmark test run on nine modern computer languages or variants: Java 1.3.1, Java 1.4.2, C compiled with gcc 3.3.1, Python 2.3.2, Python compiled with Psyco 1.1.1, and the four languages supported by Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET 2003 development environment: Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, and Visual J#. The benchmark tests arithmetic and trigonometric functions using a variety of data types, and also tests simple file I/O. All tests took place on a Pentium 4-based computer running Windows XP.

"Five questions motivated me to design and run these benchmarks. First, I was curious about how the performance of Java 1.4.2 (the latest official version from Sun) compares to that of Microsoft's relatively new .NET 2003 suite of languages. Both Java and the .NET languages are 'semi-compiled' (or, looking at the flip side of the coin, 'semi-interpreted'). By this I mean that source code is compiled into intermediate-level code and then run by a combination interpreter/just-in-time compiler. With Java, the intermediate language is called bytecode and the interpreter/compiler is called a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Source code in the .NET world is compiled into the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and is run on the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) engine..."

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