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Release Digest: GNOME, January 16, 2004

Jan 16, 2004, 23:30 (0 Talkback[s])

gThumb 2.3.0


gThumb 2.3.0


Image viewer and browser.


  • Added photo importer tool.
  • Added crop image tool.
  • Added ability to print more images on one sheet.
  • Ask whether to save a modified image.
  • Implement generic transformations of non jpeg images.
  • Use %f, %d, %s instead of *, ! and ? in the renaming tool.
  • Allow to save void searches.
  • Update "View Next Images" and "View Prev Image" sensitivity.
  • New search icon.
  • When serching use the file mtime if no time is defined in the comment.
  • Removed Exit from the File menu.
  • Simplify the Index Image dialog.
  • Check write permissions before saving an image.
  • Use a faster loader for jpeg images when creating thumbnails.
  • Do not launch Nautilus explicitly, use gnome_url_show instead.
  • Added --import-photos option to automatically open the import photos dialog.



GNOME Software Map entry


gedit 2.5.3


gedit 2.5.[0123] (for GNOME 2.5.x)


Small and lightweight UTF-8 text editor for the GNOME environment. It supports most standard editing features, plus several not found in your average text editor (plugins being the most notable of these). Complete GNOME integration is featured.

New Features (since 2.4.1)

  • New preferences dialog (now you can also configure syntax highlighting) (Paolo Maggi)
  • Uses ngettext where appropriate (Danilo Segan, Paolo)
  • Uses the new gtk+ 2.3 GtkFileChooser (Jan Arne Petersen, Paolo)
  • New close all dialog (Paolo, Paolo Borelli)
  • Don't use EelInputEventBox, use gtk+ instead (Anders Carlsson)
  • Async loading of remote files (Paolo)

Fixes (since 2.4.1)

  • Bug #117365 - Alternate path for diff command is not configurable (Balamurali Viswanathan, Paolo)
  • Bug #117443 - Help from "Compare Files" plugin page opens Gedit "Copyright" page (Leena Gunda, Paolo)
  • Bug #122790 - Compilation error in gedit-2.4.0 (Mariano Suarez-Alvarez, Ettore Perazzoli)
  • Bug #117056 - Preferences/Plugins/Manager has mystery button (Paolo)
  • s/Gnome/the GNOME Desktop in the about dialog
  • Bug #124769 - Crash in gedit print/printpreview code (Alexander Nedotsukov)
  • Bug #117360 - Troublesome strings in gedit (Dafydd Harries)
  • Partially fixed bug #115633 - Don't split sentences in gedit (Dafydd)
  • Partially fixed bug #124238 - Compilation fails on Darwin (Jerry Talkington)
  • Bug #117518 - Shouldn't say "string" in "search for string" tooltip (Paolo)
  • Bug #102543 - Add statusbar hints to the recent files menu (Paolo)
  • Bug #118935 - Can't find and replace (backslash) (Eric Ritezel)
  • Added icon to the Edit->Delete menu entry (Paolo)
  • Bug #128379 - highlighting sometimes fails (Paolo)
  • Bug #128810 - HIGgify close confirmation dialog (Paolo B.)
  • Bug #130226 - HIGify replace confirmation dialog (Paolo B.)
  • Bug #127638 - Window tabs should truncate filenames if its to long (Paolo)
  • Bug #87172 - Should never disable (unsensitive) the Revert functions (Paolo)
  • Bug #120727 - Unnecessary calls to gtk_window_set_title (Padraig O'Briain)
  • Removed separator from dialog (Paolo B.)
  • Bug #129994 - gedit can't deal with double clicks on a tabs (Paolo B.)
  • Bug #127693 - Bug in gedit.1 manual page (Eric S. Raymond)
  • Bug #123007 - Help from date/time plugin points to Gedit copyright page (Leena)
  • Bug #122611 - gedit spell plugin lacks Ukrainian support (Maxim Dzumanenko)
  • Bug #124052 - shell_output problems with 'pos' return value (Owen Taylor)
  • Bug #121377 - shell_output: G_IO_HUP is not enough to detect broken pipe

(Laurent Vivier)

New and updated translations (since 2.4.1)

  • Alastair McKinstry (ga)
  • Arafat Medini (ar)
  • Ãsmund Skjæveland (nn)
  • Changwoo Ryu (ko)
  • Christian Neumair (de)
  • Christian Rose (sv)
  • Dafydd Harries (cy)
  • Duarte Loreto (pt)
  • Gabor Sari (hu)
  • GNOME PL Team (pl)
  • Jarkko Ranta (fi)
  • KAMAGASASAKO Masatoshi (ja)
  • Kjartan Maraas (no)
  • Kostas Papadimas (el)
  • Laurent Dhima (sq)
  • Miloslav Trmac (cs)
  • Mətin Əmirov (az)
  • Ole Laursen (da)
  • Pablo G. del Campo (es)
  • Pawan (ne)
  • Pramod (kn)
  • Reinout van Schouwen (nl)
  • Robert Sedak (hr)
  • Sanlig Badral (mn)
  • Sébastien Bacher (fr)
  • ygimantas Beručka (lt)



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This is an unstable version of gedit.
It is for test purposes only.

Please, DO NOT use it in a production environment. It will probably crash and you will lose your data.

If you are looking for a stable release of gedit, either download it from:


Or checkout the gnome-2-4 branch of the gedit module from gnome CVS.