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Release Digest: GNU, January 20, 2004

Jan 21, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

The GIMP 2.0pre2


The most recent installment from the GIMP production line, version 2.0pre2, is available now for perusal, downloading, evaluation, testing and use from


or from one of the mirrors listed at http://gimp.org/download.html

Since the last release, nearly 40 known bugs have been killed, and many other small changes have been made during code reviews.

Given the relatively small number of bugs reported against our past pre-release, we expect this to be the final pre-release before 2.0, so we extra-appreciate the time you spend testing and breaking it.

Happy GIMPing,

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre2

  • 130828: Compile error with gcc 2.95 (Adrian Bunk)
  • 35335: Curve tool doesn't conserve black (Simon)
  • 130866: Remove multiple PNG entries in file type dropdown (Brix)
  • 106991: Add mnemonics for all menu items (finished by Mitch)
  • 130869: Add smaller image templates (Dave Neary)
  • 130916: Handle multiline texts better (Mitch)
  • 120424: Add dirty flag to default image title (Brix)
  • 130912: Fix rounding errors in JPEG plug-in (keith@goatman.me.uk)
  • 131016: Add support for layer offsets in multipage tiff loading (Pablo d'Angelo)
  • 124073: Modify behaviour of zoom tool to avoid funny fractions (Dave Neary, Simon)
  • 131088: fix select-to-pattern script-fu (Mitch)
  • 82478: Fix zoom handling in fractal explorer (Pedro Gimeno)
  • 115793: Make thumbnail preview of indexed images match display (Pedro Gimeno)
  • 130471: Handle RGBA images correctly in the CEL plug-in (Dov Grobgeld)
  • 131109: Remove EMX specific code (Sven)
  • 130118: Handle GIMP2_DIRECTORY with non-UTF-8 characters correctly (Tor Lillqvist, Sven)
  • 82465: Make preview match image when image is greyscale (Sven)
  • 92586: Force SF_IMAGE value to reflect the selected image (Sven)
  • 116765: Fix selection artifacts while moving selections (Pedro Gimeno, Mitch)
  • 131215: Only call bind_textdomain_codeset when available (Reinhard Geissler)
  • 125141: Resolve API issues with GimpPixelFetcher and GimpRegionIterator (David Odin, Maurits Rijk)
  • 109078: Fix histogram for graylevel images (Pedro Gimeno, Mitch)
  • 131146: Fix drag & drop of patterns to layer masks (Dave Neary, Mitch)
  • 128112: Use a better error message if help files are not present (Mitch)
  • 78732: Don't paste outside the visible screen, if possible (Mitch)
  • 131561: Make "Condensed" fonts available for use (Manish Singh)
  • 71922: Fix SuperNova preview for Alpha channel (David Odin)
  • 82464: Fix SuperNova preview for greyscale images (David Odin)
  • 121966: Fix SuperNova plug-in (David Odin)
  • 110610: Allow user to choose file formats even if the current image type is not supported by them (Pedro Gimeno)
  • 131980: Fix crash in crop tool (David Odin, Sven)
  • 131030: Allow saving data without pre-multiplying by alpha channel in tiff plug-in (Pablo d'Angelo, Dave Neary)
  • 125864: Guides behave correctly when spacing is set to 1px (Brix)
  • 131721: Fix handling of alpha channels across undo steps (Mitch)
  • 128025: Fix behaviour when there is a floating selection (Mitch)
  • 131076: Make fuzzy select tool respect alpha channel in indexed mode (Mitch)
  • 131779: Improve indexed scaling dialog (Mitch)
  • 127673: Overlapping widgets in gradient editor {Mitch)

Other contributions:

David Odin, Manish Singh, Simon Budig, Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann, Tor Lillqvist, Henrik Brix Andersen

Dave Neary