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Release Digest: KDE, January 27, 2004

Jan 28, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

Planets 3D

"A graphical tool for the simulation of the solar system, based on gravity power calculations. Focus lies on a nice OpenGL graphic and user friendly modification possibilities for our good old solar system (what about a second sun? :-)..."

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Digikam 0.6.0 Release Candidate

"Digikam is a digital photo management application, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a 'snap.' The photos can be organized in albums which are automatically sorted chronologically. Digikam is a Gphoto2 frontend..."

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"Konference is a Video-Conferencing app for kde3. It is based on openh323 and heavily derived from gnomemeeting and especially VideoConference..."

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Konstruct 20040127

"Konstruct is a build system which helps you install KDE releases and applications on your system. It downloads defined source tarballs, checks their integrity, decompresses, patches, configures, builds, and installs them..."

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"An aquarium applet for kicker. Nine diferent fish, higly configurable, etc..."

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Kst 0.94

"kst is a program for looking at data streams. It can plot:

  • "x-y plots
  • "power spectra
  • "histograms
  • "equations (including equations of data streams).
  • "data in files which are being updated as data is being logged, in which case in can act as a plotter for a chart recorder..."

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