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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.2-rc3

Jan 31, 2004, 14:45 (0 Talkback[s])
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Full Changelog

The bulk of this is an ACPI update, but there's USB, ia-64, i2c, XFS and PCI hotplug updates here too.

Please don't send in anything but critical fixes until after the final 2.6.2 release.


Summary of changes from v2.6.2-rc2 to v2.6.2-rc3

Alan Stern:

  • USB Storage: unusual_devs update
  • USB: Don't dereference NULL actconfig
  • USB: Fix DMA coherence when reading device descriptor
  • USB: Update sound/usb/usbaudio.c

Andi Kleen:

  • Fix error checking in IPC_SET

Andreas Schwab:

  • ia64: Fix xbow.c compilation

Andrew Morton:

  • ia64: i2c config fix
  • kbuildL fix cscope index generation
  • Fix two warnings on x86-64
  • Fix kernel_flag again
  • pmdisk.c needs utsname.h
  • cpufreq: fix cpufreq_update_policy

Arjan van de Ven:

  • usb: remove some sleep_on's

Ben Collins:

  • head.S
  • [SPARC64]: Changes to accomodate booting from non-phys_base memory
  • [SPARC64]: Add _end and _start to list of sections
  • [SUNSAB]: Fixup sunsab_receive_chars for when serial console isn't open (no tty)

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • ia64: Kconfig cleanup, part 1
  • ia64: remove MCA (MicroChannel) cruft

Christoph Hellwig:

  • [XFS] Small ktrace fixes
  • [XFS] Simplify pagebuf_rele / pagebuf_free
  • [XFS] Don't fail pagebuf allocations
  • [XFS] Stop using sleep_on
  • [XFS] Plug a pagebuf race that got bigger with the recent cleanup

Dave Jones:

  • USB: fix suspicious pointer usage in kobil_sct driver

David Brownell:

  • USB gadget: net2280 controller updates
  • USB gadget: add File-backed Storage Gadget (FSG)
  • USB gadget: config/build updates
  • USB gadget: zero config updates
  • USB gadget: ethernet config updates
  • USB gadget: serial driver config update
  • USB: fix gadget config

David Mosberger:

  • ia64: arch/ia64/Kconfig URL update: www.linux-on-laptops.com
  • ia64: Drop copyright notices on header files which are either entirely trivial
  • ia64: Fix typo in comment in asm-ia64/posix_types.h
  • ia64: Patch by Jesse Barnes: remove unnecessary set_affinity handler
  • ia64: Fix merge error: remove duplicate NR_CPUS
  • ia64: Implement exception-table sorting for real

David S. Miller:

  • [IPV6]: Fix TCP socket leak, do not grab socket reference when adding to main hashes
  • [IRDA]: Mark init/exit functions of drivers static to fix build
  • [SPARC64]: Remove interruptible_sleep_on() usage, with help from Tom Callaway

Dirk Behme:

  • [ARM PATCH] 1749/1: Remove warnings in csumpartialcopygeneric.S

Dominik Brodowski:

  • Validate ACPI CPU frequency values

Frank Becker:

  • [ARM PATCH] 1744/1: SA Cerfboard/cube update (flash)
  • [ARM PATCH] 1747/1: MIssing export for cpufreq
  • [ARM PATCH] 1748/1: SA Cerfcube update (base+pcmica)

Grant Grundler:

  • ia64: enable PIOW/DMAR relaxed ordering on ZX1

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • USB storage: remove info sysfs file as it violates the sysfs 1 value per file rule
  • USB: fix up emi drivers Kconfig dependancy
  • USB: fix up whiteheat syntax errors from previous patch
  • USB: add ohci support for OMAP controller
  • I2C: remove printk() calls in lm85, and clean up debug logic
  • PCI: add .owner field to the config sysfs file to be "correct"
  • PCI: fix compiler warning in probe.c cause by PPC patch

Herbert Xu:

  • USB Storage: revert freecom dvd-rw fx-50 usb-ide patch

James Simmons:

  • fbdev booting fix
  • fbdev documentation patch

Jean Delvare:

  • I2C: undo documentation change
  • I2C: Fix bus reset in i2c-philips-par
  • I2C: Add ADM1025EB support to i2c-parport
  • I2C: Bring lm75 and lm78 in compliance with sysfs naming conventions

Jesse Barnes:

  • ia64: fix cast in irq_lsapic.c
  • ia64: kill some more warnings

John Rose:

  • PCI: Allow pci hotplug drivers to initialize individual devices

Kieran Morrissey:

  • PCI: name length change
  • PCI: pci.ids update

Leann Ogasawara:

  • PCI hotplug: pcihp_zt5550.c ioremap/iounmap audit

Len Brown:

  • [ACPI] If ACPI is disabled by DMI BIOS date, then turn it off completely, including table parsing for HT.
  • [ACPI] In ACPI mode, delay print_IO_APIC() to make its output valid
  • [ACPI] print_IO_APIC() only after it is programmed http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1177
  • [ACPI] "acpi_pic_sci=edge" in case platform requires Edge Triggered SCI http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1390
  • [ACPI] fix compiler warning (Andrew Morton)
  • [ACPI] prevent ES7000 tweak from breaking i386 IOAPIC (Andrew de Quincey)
  • [ACPI] sync with 2.4.23 Re-enable IRQ balacning if IOAPIC mode http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1440
  • [ACPI] add warning to thermal shutdown (Pavel Machek)
  • [ACPI] set APIC ACPI SCI OVR default to level/low http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1351
  • [ACPI] replace multiple flags with acpi_noirq -- ala 2.4
  • [ACPI] revert two fixes in preparation for ACPICA merge
  • [ACPI] update Linux to ACPICA 20031029 (Bob Moore)
  • [ACPI] Update Linux to ACPICA 20031203 (Bob Moore)
  • [ACPI] delete old _TRA code formerly used just by IA64. (Bjorn Helgaas) The current approach is to walk the _CRS in pcibios_scan_root() using acpi_walk_resources().
  • [ACPI] /proc/acpi files appear in /proc if acpi=off (Shaohua David Li)
  • [ACPI] set acpi_disabled=1 on failure for clean /proc http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=991
  • [ACPI] change hard-coded IO width to programmable width http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1349 from David Shaohua Li and Venatesh Pallipadi
  • [ACPI] ACPICA 20040116 from Bob Moore
  • [ACPI] acpi_bus_add() ignored _STA's return value from Bjorn Helgaas
  • [ACPI] fix ACPI spec URL in comment - from Randy Dunlap
  • [ACPI] on SCI allocation failure, don't mistakenly free IRQ0 from Jes Sorensen
  • [ACPI] move zero initialized data to .bss from Jes Sorensen
  • [ACPI] handle system with NULL DSDT and valid XDSDT from ia64 via Alex Williamson

Linda Xie:

  • PCI Hotplug: add unlimited PHP slot name lengths support

Linus Torvalds:

  • Move exception table sorting much earlier
  • Fix sha256 padding block initializer to be static
  • Linux 2.6.2-rc3

Marcelo Tosatti:

  • PC300 update

Mark M. Hoffman:

  • I2C: i2c-piix4.c bugfix

Martin Hicks:

  • ia64: add platform_timer_interrupt() hook
  • ia64: remove old sn1 machvec header file
  • Remove sn2 debug printk
  • PCI Hotplug: Trivial warning fix

Matthew Chapman:

  • ia64: Fix ptrace infrastructure some more so that strace'd sigreturn() works without trashing any registers.

Matthew Dobson:

  • PCI: add pci_bus sysfs class

Matthew Wilcox:

  • PCI Hotplug: Better reporting of PCI frequency / bus mode problems for acpi driver
  • PCI: add pci_get_slot() function
  • PCI: fix pci_get_slot() bug

Michael Hunold:

  • dvb subsystem and saa7146 v4l fixes

Michael Schierl:

  • [APM] Is this the correct way to fix suspend bug introduced

Nathan Scott:

  • [XFS] Fix a warning from some gcc variants after recent flags botch
  • [XFS] Revert botched merge where KM_NOFS check was unintentionally dropped
  • [XFS] Add the security extended attributes namespace
  • [XFS] Remove no-longer-needed debug symbol exports
  • [XFS] Sync up some missing header updates from local XFS tree

Oliver Neukum:

  • USB: fix whiteheat doing DMA to stack
  • USB: fix dma to stack in ti driver

Ralf Bachle:

  • PCI: fix probing for some mips systems

Rolf Eike Beer:

  • PCI Hotplug: Fixup pcihp_skeleton.c

Russell Cattelan:

  • [XFS] Christoph has signed over copyrights
  • [XFS] Move bits around to better manage common code. No functional change

Russell King:

  • Prevent PCI driver registration failure oopsing
  • [ARM] Eliminate tsk->used_math
  • [ARM] Fix bitops pointer qualifiers
  • [ARM] Add comments for newish functions in cacheflush.h
  • [ARM] Remove FP work-arounds

Stephane Eranian:

  • ia64: fix icc compilation

Suresh B. Siddha:

  • ia64: replace inline assembly in sn2 code

Takayoshi Kochi:

  • PCI Hotplug: add address file and fix acpiphp bugs