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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.5

Apr 05, 2004, 00:55 (0 Talkback[s])
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Full Changelog

Some more architecture updates, and a few fixes for silly broken stuff in -rc3. And an ALSA update.

And I'll be offline for a week, so have fun with this, and if you get the shakes because you want to compile a new kernel every day, there's always the -mm tree to play with while I'm gone..



Summary of changes from v2.6.5-rc3 to v2.6.5

Adrian Bunk:

  • fix ALSA au88x0 compilation

Andrew Morton:

  • Make pdflush run at nice 0
  • io_getevents leak fix
  • remove __ARCH_SI_BAND_T
  • ksoftirqd: missing barrier
  • run page_address_init() earlier
  • Show more stats in the sysrq-M output
  • uninline signal_wake_up
  • uninline __group_send_sig_info
  • uninline sig_ignored
  • uninline __group_complete_signal
  • uninline __wake_up_parent
  • export hugetlb_total_pages

Alexander Stohr;

  • double semicolon cleanup

Andy Whitcroft:

  • Fix hugetlb-vs-memory overcommit

Anton Blanchard:

  • ppc64: make iSeries boot mostly
  • ppc64: clean up virtual <-> absolute code

Arjan van de Ven:

  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> ICE1712 driver

Armin Schindler:

  • ISDN Eicon driver: NULL pointer check inside spinlock
  • ISDN Eicon driver: tasklet_kill removal

Art Haas:

  • [SPARC32]: gcc 3.4+ compile fixes

Bart De Schuymer:

  • [NETFILTER]: Do not require ip_forwarding for reset on a bridge

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

  • ppc32: Even more preempt fixes
  • ppc32: Remove duplicate export
  • ppc32: context switch fixes
  • ppc32: Allow PREEMPT with SMP in KConfig
  • ppc32: PCI mmap update
  • ppc64: Add a sync in context switch on SMP
  • ppc64: More incorrect syscall error test
  • PowerMac: cleanup of some scsi drivers

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • kbuild: Add cscope to make help

Chas Williams:

Chris Mason:

  • loop setup calling bd_set_size too soon

Christoph Hellwig:

  • [XFS] use ssize_t to store VOP_READ/VOP_WRITE return value
  • [XFS] Fix r/o check in xfs_ioc_space, fix checks on xfs_swapext validity

Dave Kleikamp:

  • JFS: initialize log->bp before calling lmNextPage

David Gibson:

  • ppc64: bugfix for hugepage support
  • ppc64: allow MAP_FIXED hugepage mappings
  • ppc64: add useful warning message in hugepage code

David Mosberger:

  • Replace MAX_MAP_COUNT with /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count

David S. Miller:

  • [SOC]: Fix cast-as-lvalue warnings in soc fc4 driver
  • [CARMEL]: Fix 64-bit platform warning
  • [INTERMEZZO]: Fix 64-bit platform warnings
  • [SPARC64]: Export prom_palette

David Stevens:

  • [IPV4]: Fix IGMPv3 timer initialization when device not upped

Eric Sandeen:

  • [XFS] Use PFLAGS_RESTORE_FSTRANS in place of PFLAGS_RESTORE, only restore previously saved FSTRANS state. Otherwise we can lose process flags.

Glen Overby:

  • [XFS] Add space for inode and allocation btrees to ITRUNCATE log reservation
  • [XFS] Define a new superblock field for more feature bits. Take the last feature bit in sb_versionnum to use to indicate that the new feature bit field is to be used.

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • back out sysfs reference count change

Harald Welte:

  • [NETFILTER]: Fix DEBUG compile in ipt_MASQUERADE
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix circular conntrack header file dependency

Hideaki Yoshifuji:

  • [CREDITS]: Update my affiliation

Ingo Molnar:

  • kbuild: Trivial spelling / rephrasing

Ivan Kokshaysky:

  • Alpha: UP1500 pci_mem fix

James Bottomley:

  • fix the subarch build again after ACPI breakage

James Morris:

  • [IPV6]: Link some packet walker helpers always statically

Jaroslav Kysela:

  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver remove calls to usb_driver_release_interface (not needed when disconnect is called)
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver replace usage of interface index with calls to usb_ifnum_to_if (forgot this in 1.88)
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver clean up get_iface again :)
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver high speed support
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> Intel8x0 driver added the quirk for Compaq Evo D510C.
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> PCM Midlevel
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> Documentation The description about ALSA proc files, including debug information.
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> Intel8x0 driver Removed the unprocessed IRQ detection, it seems bogus.
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> I2C cs8427,ALSA Version,ICE1712 driver Added cs8427_timeout parameter to the ICE1712 driver
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> Documentation Added cs8427_timeout to the snd-ice1712 module description
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> Sound Core PDAudioCF driver Adrian Bunk <> Fix warnings (SNDRV_GET_ID is not required since these files don't use get_id).
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver fix deadlock on register_mutex and other bugs in initialization error paths
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> PCM Midlevel Fix in snd_pcm_timer_resolution_change() - it no longer oops when 32-bit value overflows.
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver adjust usb_set_interface() calls for 2.6.5-rc2
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> Documentation Corrected cs8427_timeout
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> Documentation,I2C cs8427,ICE1712 driver fixed cs8427_timeout option to use the correct value in msec.
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> Intel8x0 driver disable the legacy midi/joystick properly as default.
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> ALSA Version release: 1.0.4rc1
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> PPC PowerMac driver Remove global enable variable
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> CS46xx driver Added parsing of mmap_valid,external_amp and thinkpad parameters at boot time
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> CS46xx driver mmap_valid is 1 by default
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> ICE1712 driver Fixed Delta410 cs8427 i/o
  • ALSA CVS update - Takashi Iwai <> IOCTL32 emulation disabled the entries conflifting with TIOC* ioctls.
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> AC97 Codec Core fix detection of 2.3 codecs
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> AC97 Codec Core fix superfluous rate register assignments
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> AC97 Codec Core fix hang because of uninitialized ad18xx.mutex with AD1985
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> AC97 Codec Core don't clobber other bits in SERIAL_CFG register with AD codecs when changing codec selection bits
  • ALSA - fixed date in version.h
  • ALSA CVS update - Clemens Ladisch <> USB generic driver add usb_device->speed wrapper for compiling with 2.2.x kernels
  • ALSA CVS update - Jaroslav Kysela <> au88x0 driver Cleanups - removed duplicate PCI IDs
  • ALSA - 1.0.4rc2

Jasper Spaans:

  • kbuild: Preset locale variables

Jeff Garzik:

  • Fix oopses in fealnx driver TX path
  • fix VIA SATA device detection

Jens Axboe:


Keith M. Wesolowski:

  • [SPARC32]: Correct init_thread_union section and alignment for gcc 3.3+
  • [SPARC32]: Allow debugging locks to compile again
  • [SPARC32]: Replace deprecated EXPORT_SYMBOL_NOVERS
  • [SPARC32]: Use model-specific cpuid calls in model-specific code
  • [SPARC32]: Optimize SMP IPI handling
  • [SPARC32]: Rename cpuid functions
  • [SPARC32]: Update module linking for symbols starting with "."
  • [SPARC32]: Display useful information in the event of a bad trap
  • [SPARC32]: Fix cast-as-lvalue
  • [SPARC32]: Regenerate defconfig

Len Brown:

Linus Torvalds:

  • Fix serious naming problem
  • Add __user pointer annotations
  • acpi: enable global wake events by default
  • Re-instate __ARCH_SI_BAND_T, to allow architecture overrides
  • Linux 2.6.5

Marcelo Tosatti:

  • pc300 driver misplaced ;

Marcus Meissner:

  • siginfo.si_band is long

Martin Schaffner:

  • kbuild: Avoid "expr length" in Makefile

Martin Schwidefsky:

  • Fix swp_entry_t encoding

Matt Porter:

  • PPC32 build fix
  • PPC32: PPC40x build fix
  • PPC32: Add missing PPC44x PVRs
  • PPC32: Fix some 4xx defconfigs
  • PPC32: Fix latent PPC44x tlb bug

Mike Christie:

  • catch errors when completing bio pairs

Nathan Scott:

  • [XFS] Fix up mrlock debug code, and ensure its only built under DEBUG
  • [XFS] Remove dup fdatasync/fdatawait call on fsync. Means we no longer take the iolock here, and readers no longer conflict with concurrent fsync activity. Kudos to Steve!
  • [XFS] Fix debug builds - need sb_features2 details in endian translation code
  • [XFS] Reenable non-block flag for DMAPI
  • [XFS] Reinstate some accidentally dropped log IO error injection code
  • [XFS] Fix shortform attr flags botch affecting listxattr - from Andreas Gruenbacher
  • [XFS] Disallow logbufs=0 unless the correct compilation flags used, else we panic.
  • [XFS] Ensure sb not flushed async on a SYNC_WAIT sync. Fixed by Bart Samwel
  • [XFS] Make the XFS access checks like the other Linux filesystems for DAC

Nathan Straz:

  • [XFS] Use unsigned long long for end_offset so we don't overflow it

Nivedita Singhvi:

  • [TCP]: Use tcp_tw_put on time-wait sockets
  • [TCP]: IPV6, do not use sock_put() on timewait sockets

Richard Henderson:

  • [ALPHA] Use __attribute_used__
  • [ALPHA] Detect and export cache shapes to userland
  • [ALPHA] DISCONTIGMEM fix From Ivan Kokshaysky <>.
  • [ALPHA] Use progbits for got section
  • [ALPHA] Add pci_dma_mapping_error
  • [ALPHA] Use raw asm instead of attributes for cond_syscall

Russell King:

  • [ARM] Add ARM virtual memory layout documentation
  • [ARM] Update ARM makefiles

Rusty Russell:

  • kbuild: Less modules printed when warned about SUBDIRS usage

Sam Ravnborg:

  • kbuild: $LANG fix

Srivatsa Vaddagiri:

  • Fix obvious stupid race in do_stop

Stephen Rothwell:

  • ppc64: create dma_mapping_error

Timothy Shimmin:

  • [XFS] Be explicit in adding in the non-transactional data to the reservation estimate. We must add in for the worst case of a log stripe taking us the full distance for a log stripe boundary.

Tom Rini:

  • PPC32: Fix thinko in arch/ppc/boot/simple/relocate.S

Ulises Alonso Camaró:

  • [AF_PACKET]: Fix packet_set_ring memleak and remove num frame limit
  • [AF_PACKET]: Add PACKET_MMAP documentation