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Release Digest: GNOME, April 18, 2004

Apr 19, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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Silky 0.5.1

Silky 0.5.1 is released!

Silky is a secure chat client for GTK+.

Changes shortly:

  • Tabs can be switched by pressing alt+1..9 and alt+left/right
  • all dialogs now have common layout
  • key generation now has a progress bar
  • preferences system has been rewritten and simplified
  • /set command has been rewritten and is working again
  • config file format has been improved (no more 'type="..."' attribute)
  • "debug" option has been removed from preferences
  • few command-line options have been added to silky, such as debug or version
  • default config file is now installed along with other data files and Silky makes use of it, if user's local config file is not found
  • many old bugs fixed and new ones written
  • the code has been cleaned and partially rewritten
  • supports and requires the SILC Toolkit 0.9.12.

Read the full changelog from here:

Getting Silky:

All releases of Silky are available from:

Authors of this release:
Toni Willberg, Andrej Kacian, Daniel Richards, Ossi Herrala, Mika Bostram

Toni Willberg - -
Silky - A Gtk2 client for SILC -
SILC - Secure Internet Live Conferencing -

Bug Buddy 2.6.1

Hello GNOMErs!

Bug Buddy "My inmortal" 2.6.1 is out!

Bug Buddy is your favorite bug reporting tool, your favorite GNOME application, and the most powerful P2G (Peer to GNOME) application in the world. Everytime your non-favorite GNOME application crashes, Bug Buddy comes to help you and GNOME developers. Also you can invoke Bug Buddy when you are in troubles and you non-favorite GNOME application needs more love, fixes, etc...

This is a stable release of the GNOME bug reporting tool for the GNOME 2.6.1 release, so please, try it a lot, and of course, reports bugs using itseft!

Only a bug fix and translation updates (trasnlators, you rock!!!):


  • Fixes:
    • add scroll bar to description bug text box if needed (bug #137540).
      • Translations:
    • Updated Russian translation (Leonid Kanter)
    • Updated Basque translation (I Larrañaga)
    • Added Icelandic translation (Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson)
    • Updated Indonesian translation (Mohammad DAMT)
    • Added Gujurati translation (Guntupalli Karunakar)
    • Updated Hungarian translation (Andras Timar)


About My inmortal:

Well, I just can say that I cannot stop listening to this Evanescence song these days. You know why.


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

Monster Masher 1.5.1


A translation-update-and-bug-fix release. More translations than bug fixes, though.

What's new:

  • Fixed a sneaky compilation bug that was only reported by a very recent GCC.
  • Fixed the preferences window so that the game shouldn't kill itself even if the GConf .schemas aren't installed.
  • New and updated translations by Adam Weinberger, Gareth Owen, Alastair McKinstry, Robert Sedak, Mikel Olasagasti and I. Larrañaga, Riccardo Bozzo, Franz Gustav Niederheitmann, The GNOME PL Team, Michiel Sikkes and Kees van den Broek, Christian Rose, Miloslav Trmac, Christian Neumair, Francisco Javier F. Serrador, Kjartan Maraas, Tomas Kuliavas.

About Monster Masher:

In the old days, before man entered the world, the gnomes were abundant. Through centuries of hard labour, only slightly eased by the levitational powers provided to them by their god, they bored out shafts and caves in the mountains. Always seeking the precious stones and valuable ore...

Monster Masher is a GPL'ed mash'em-up action game for GNOME. Each level contains a number of blocks and monsters. You're a little gnome running around. By pushing the blocks you can mash the monsters one at a time. There are various power-ups and different kinds of monsters.

The requirements are Gnome 2.2 (or later) and the gtkmm and gnomemm-all libraries (note that you still need version 2.2, not 2.4) from

PS: Unfortunately, all those superb graphics artists out there are hiding themselves from me. So the inevitable happened: I'm working on a start screen background myself. But it'll have to wait till next release.

Ole Laursen

PyGTK 2.3.91

I am pleased to announce version 2.3.91 of the Python bindings for GTK.

The new release is available from ftp as and its mirrors as soon as its synced correctly:

It might take a while, so you can use current CVS for now if you can't wait.

NOTE! This is an unstable version and should not be included

in stable distributions.

GTK is a toolkit for developing graphical applications that run on POSIX systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS X (provided that the X server for MacOS X has been installed). It provides a comprehensive set of GUI widgets, can display Unicode bidi text. It links into the Gnome Accessibility Framework through the ATK library.

PyGTK provides a convenient wrapper for the GTK library for use in Python programs, and takes care of many of the boring details such as managing memory and type casting. When combined with PyORBit and gnome-python, it can be used to write full featured Gnome applications.

Like the GTK library itself PyGTK is licensed under the GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary applications. It is already in use in many applications ranging from small single purpose scripts up to large full features applications.

PyGTK now requires GTK >= 2.4 and Python >= 2.2 to build.

It includes a number of changes since the last pygtk release; We'd really appreciate testing and bug reports on this release; please take the time out to download and test it to ensure it works for your application[s]. Bug reports, as always, should go to Bugzilla; check out and for links to posting and querying bug reports for PyGTK.

What's new since 2.3.90?

Continue to wrap 2.4 api: GtkActionGroup, GtkColorButton, GtkCellLayout, GtkComboBox, GtkFileChooser, GtkFontButton, GtkIconInfo, Gtk*ToolButton (John Finlay, Johan)
ref GdkWindows on win32 (John Ehresman, Gustavo)
Clean up defs (John)
Deprecate 0.6.x compatibility functions (Johan)
Convert GValueArray to list, not tuple (Gustavo)
Add new demos (Joey Tsai)
Create unknown types on the fly, with interfaces (Johan)
Update spec (Jason Tackaberry, Thomas Vander Stichele)
Support tp_new (Johan)

Johan Dahlin

libcroco 0.5.1


This is a bug fix release for bugs
Libcroco 0.5.1 is API/ABI compatible with Libcroco 0.5. This release is made in the gnome-2-6 branch.

Here is the ChangeLog:

0.5.1: April 18 2004:

  • fixes: #140334, #140317, #139891, #139615. [Dodji Seketeli]



gconf-editor 2.6.1

gconf-editor "Una Ballata del mar salato" 2.6.1 is out! This is a stable release for GNOME 2.6.1. Only bug fixes (but important bugs!) and translation additions in this release. The funny stuff will be on cvs HEAD and 2.7.x releases.


  • Fixes:
    • Don't escape keys (Bugs #135807 and #136400)
    • Fix a crashing bug in the unref code (Bugs #124662 and #136631)
    • Fix the cell editor for float values (Bug #137468)
    • Fix a crash when launching gconf-editor with an invalid key path (Bug #136381)
    • Allow the notebook in the key editor to fill and expand. (Fix #138557)
  • Translations:
    • Added Basque translation (I. Larrañaga)
    • Added Gujarati translation (Guntupalli Karunakar)

Notice that gconf-editor is now maintained by Corto Maltese, but as he usually doesn't answer his email, and he is doing long trips and taking part in amazing adventures (sometimes funnier than hacking on GNOME) I am taking the boring part of commiting patches and making releases. So, if you want to give some love to gconf-editor, send patches or any other issue, please contact me and I'll try to do my best.


About "Una Ballata del mar salato":

Haven't you read this first Corto Maltese album? Oh man! Stop coding on GNOME! stop downloading p*rn! stop your conspiracy plans! and run to your nearest comic/book shop!


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

Gaphor 0.3.1


Gaphor is an UML modeling tool for GTK/GNOME written in Python.

This release fixes a few bugs that were found in the install procedure (python install).



GNOME War Pad 0.2.12


GNOME War Pad 0.2.12


A 'VGA Planets' client for the GNOME platform. VGA Planets is a turn-based space strategy game that can be played by 11 players at once. This game is being played since Fidonet times, and have lots of fans that still play on those old DOS clients, it's time for a GNU/Linux one :-)


  • Starchart placed on the middle when defining a new game.
  • All specs data files are loaded.
  • Developers documentation generated using doxygen.
  • Basic minefield visualization.
  • Basic ion storm visualization.
  • GDS panel info completed.


  • Lots of code cleanups & bugfixes.
  • Several UI optimizations.


GNOME Software Map entry

totem 0.99.11


Totem "Wanted Man in Kansas City" 0.99.11 is out for your enjoyment.

Totem is movie player for the Gnome desktop based on xine. It features a playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls, as well as a pretty complete keyboard navigation.

It comes with added functionality such as: - Video thumbnailer for GNOME
- Webcam utility (in development)
- Nautilus properties tab


  • GNOME 2.6 and GTK+ 2.4

And for the backend:

  • xine-lib 1.0 rc4 or better (current xine-lib CVS at the time of writing) or
  • gstreamer 0.8.x

It is advised that distributors ship the xine backend by default.

Known Bugs

If Totem locks up on startup, before showing the main window, please read:
and for possible work-arounds:

The upstream bug is:

If Totem locks up while dragging the video widget, or reordering the playlist with Drag'n'Drop, please read:

Yes, it's an Xlib bug as well.


  • Starts of a GTK+ only build
  • Allow reordering of the playlist via drag'n'drop
  • Make aspect ratio a submenu, instead of being toggled
  • Screenshot dialog fixes
  • Fix a crasher in the m3u with extinfo parsing
  • Get all the icons from the installed Totem if not otherwise available
  • Fix a crasher on startup detecting the DVD+ drives
  • Fix the release of the sound device when paused
  • Add German documentation translation by Sebastian Heinlein
  • Better error messages when opening a file fails

Updated translations

Gnome PL Team: pl.po
Veljko M. Stanojevic: sr.po
Veljko M. Stanojevic: sr@Latn.po
Adam Weinberger: en_CA.po
Miloslav Trmac: cs.po
Christian Rose: sv.po
I. Larrañaga Murgoitio: eu.po
Kjartan Maraas: no.po
Laszlo Dvornik: hu.po
Christian Neumair: de.po
Jordi Mallach: ca.po
Pablo Saratxaga: wa.po
Maetin Æmirov: az.po
Kostas Papadimas: el.po
Gareth Owen: en_GB.po
Francisco Javier F. Serrador: es.po


Bastien Nocera <>
Are you ever going to do the dishes? Or will you change your major to biology?

GNOME Terminal 2.6.1


GNOME Terminal 2.6.1


Standard GNOME terminal application.


- Translation updates. Notably, Gujarati and Punjabi translations have been added. Gabor Kelemen (hu); Nirav, Ankit, Ankur, Atit, Bhavin, Kartik, Khushbu, Sweta (gu); Robert Sedak (hr);=20 Priit Laes (et); Anthony Tang (zh_TW).


GNOME Software Map entry


  • m

Mariano Suarez-Alvarez <>

libgda 1.0.4
libgnomedb 1.0.4

libgda/libgnomedb 1.0.4 have been released.

libgda/libgnomedb are a complete framewok for developing database-oriented applications, and actually allow access to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLite, FireBird/Interbase, IBM DB2, mSQL and MS SQL server, as well as MS Access and xBase files and ODBC data sources.

libgda/libgnomedb are the base of the database support in the GNOME Office application suite, providing database access for many features in both Gnumeric and Abiword.

This is a bugfix release, containing fixes for various bugs found by users in the 1.0.3 release.

libgda 1.0.4

  • Fixed connection pool problems with sharing/not sharing of connections (jon, laurent)
  • Fixed UTF-8 problems in ODBC provider (jon)
  • Fixed setting of config entries when the type has changed (laurent)
  • Fixed spec file (rodrigo)
  • Fixed splitting of SQL commands in SQLite provider (benjamin)
  • Fixed values in 'Not Null?' fields schema for PostgreSQL provider (denis)
  • Updated FreeTDS provider to latest FreeTDS API (rodrigo)
  • Updated translations:
    • ca (jordi)
    • cs (mitr)
    • de (christian)
    • en_CA (adam)
    • en_GB (dave)
    • fi (tvainika)
    • ga (alastairmck)
    • hr (rsedak)
    • id (mohammad)
    • no (kjartan)
    • pt_BR (medina)
    • sv (christian)

libgnomedb 1.0.4

  • Fixed parameter mismatch in GnomeDbCombo API (rodrigo)
  • Added missing implementation for gnome_db_config_get_component_data_model (laurent)
  • Fixed desktop icon location (julio)
  • Fixed gtk-doc comments (stephane)
  • Removed missing files in spec file (rodrigo)
  • Make sure the GUI doesnt allow data source names with spaces (rodrigo)
  • Only build documentation if gtk-doc is enabled (rodrigo)
  • Updated translations:
    • ca (jordi)
    • cs (mitr)
    • de (christian)
    • en_CA (adam)
    • en_GB (dave)
    • es (francisco)
    • fi (tvainika)
    • ga (alastairmck)
    • hr (rsedak)
    • hu (andras)
    • id (mohammad)
    • it (algol)
    • nl (vincent)
    • no (kjartan)
    • pt_BR (evandro, gustavo)
    • sr@Latin (danilo)

Tarballs are available at

To install this new version, you'll need:

  • libgda: glib, libxml2, libxslt
  • libgnomedb: libgda and dependencies, libgnome/ui, libglade, libbonoboui and, optionally, gtksourceview

You can find more information at the projects' homepage (, or you can ask any question/propose anything you want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at

GGV 2.6.1

"Quadlibet for Tender Feet"

The first "serious" update in the 2.6 series, with the following novelties:

  • eliminated a crash when activating the recent files popup menu via keyboard; spotted and patched by Kouichirou Hiratsuka,
  • prevented infinite chain of gconf notifications,
  • don't set the file chooser size to 600x400, just let GTK do it the way it deems best,
  • new Gujarati translation (Guntupalli & The Gujarati Team),
  • updated Hungarian (Andras) translation.

available solely for your pleasure at:





Rhythmbox 0.8.0


Rhythmbox 0.8.0 is now available:

If I had to summarize the development since 0.6, I would say it's just like Rhythmbox, only better :) From stuff like Ogg support for internet radio, ReplayGain support, and automatic playlists based on rating, what we've done is just generally try to flesh everything out. We are also showcasing GStreamer's cool features like metadata reading.

However, we are set for some major changes in 0.9 (working to 1.0).=20 File monitoring is already done, we have work going on for a SQLite backend, there's code to implement an Icecast source, and with software like HAL, the (still experimental) iPod support should start shaping up. And with luck we'll get metadata writing via GStreamer done :)

Here are the changes since 0.7.2:

Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.8.0

  • Fix playlist saving [Colin Walters]
  • Memory leak fixes [Benjamin Otte]
  • Ignore .Trash directories [Jonathan Blandford]
  • Add audio/x-mod to known music types [Colin Walters]
  • Several drag and drop fixes [Colin Walters]
  • Fix usage of GtkFileSelection [Colin Walters]
  • Revert back to using "Music Player" as Name [Colin Walters]
  • Add code to guard against some GConf errors [Colin Walters]
  • Display error on missing help files [Colin Walters]
  • Some station properties dialog UI tweaks [Colin Walters]
  • Remove quality column for now, it doesn't work [Colin Walters]
  • Require GStreamer 0.8 [Colin Walters]
  • Handle invalid UTF-8 when parsing playlists [Colin Walters]
  • Fixes to bonobo interface [Colin Walters]
  • Quote names with spaces for URIs [Colin Walters]
  • Disable GTK+ sounds just for Rhythmbox [Miguel Coca]
  • Better error message on missing plugin [Colin Walters]
  • Fix GConf schema default for selected source [Colin Walters]
  • A really major crasher bug fixed [Colin Walters]
  • Allow player to release audio sink when GStreamer supports it [Benjamin O= tte]
  • Fix several crashers in multiple selection dialog [Colin Walters]

New translations:

en_CA (Adam Weinberger)
en_GB (David Lodge)
pa (Punjab Linux Technology)

Updated translations:

id (Mohammad DAMT)
lt (Zygimantas Berucka)
cs (Miloslav Trmac)
ca (Jordi Mallach)
pt_BR (Raphael Higino)
es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
nl (Vincent van Adrighem)
sv (Christian Rose)
pl (Artur Flinta)
da (Ole Laursen)
pt (Duarte Loreto)
no (Kjartan Maraas)
sr (Danilo Segan)
hr (Andras Timar)