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Release Digest: GNOME, April 25, 2004

Apr 26, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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Gnome Jabber Instant Messenger 0.4


If you don't know what this is, skip down a bit and see the description.

I have called this release "slow down" because now I have done this release I dedicate my time to Gossip. I have been doing bits and pieces for Gossip with Mikael and Richard (of and really just did this release because a lot had changed and not a lot had been released :)


Gnome Jabber Instant Messenger 0.4


An Instant Message Client for Gnome using the Jabber Protocol (which supports all major IM protocols, like ICQ, MSN, AIM, etc).



  • Added presence preset editor.
  • Fixed bug where ok'ing preferences would put people on the roster if their presence was an error type.
  • Improved Event Viewer (added Event ID and moved the columns around).
  • Moved configuration over to GConf using the old config system for windows.
  • Improved chat code, added /me support, plus chat dialogs remember conversations now.
  • Fixed a problem where the status text under a some users was not being updated on the Roster.
  • Cleaned up preferences dialog. Made the interface more usable. All the options are still customisable (in gconf-editor) just not all of them are shown in Gnome Jabber.
  • Improved roster window when setting presence. Now it does not present the presence dialog (to set the status message), this is set individually.
  • Fixed bug where transports were not being shown on the roster.
  • Fixed roster contact flashing problems.
  • Added a generic timer dialog for all those places where the user waits for a response of some kind.
  • Fixed inconsistancy with the Jabber specifications about how presence is sent (Ralph Meijer).
  • Fixed bug #124033, Browse Services dialog has the buttons in the wrong order (as per Gnome standard way of presenting buttons) (Colin Marquardt).
  • Fixed bug #124037, About stock icon now used from Help menu in the Roster window. I didnt use this previously because of errors associated with the Windows build - we just ignore this warning now (Colin Marquardt).
  • Fixed bug #124039, My information dialog was using CR breaks between labels and now it uses separate labels. This is to do with presentation in other languages (Colin Marquardt).
  • Fixed bug #124050, Add Contact information is clearer than previously done (Colin Marquardt).
  • Moved the logging and history (under Linux) to ~/.gnome2/gnome-jabber, preferences utilise GConf.
  • Command line parameters are now used to determin if debugging and logging to screen should be utilised.
  • Fixed bug #124036, Composing message now times out for other party in conversation. This is typically a problem with Hotmail accounts and has been reported too for ICQ accounts (Colin Marquardt).
  • Re-worked the CORE engine used to work the roster and roster items, this had MAJOR implications on other parts of the jabber engine and gui - so BIG changes there.
  • Fixed IQ Responses (jabber:iq:version, jabber:iq:time and jabber:iq:last) to use the ID that the original request sent as part of the response (other clients wern't getting the responses).
  • Fixed bug #124038, agents are now shown 100% of the time (unless turned off in the preferences) and have their own group (Colin Marquardt).
  • Re-worked the Message and Chat windows.
  • Fixed bug #124890, resources were broken after the roster re-write (Colin Marquardt).
  • Updated the Away and XA default messages.
  • Fixed bug #124434, connection dialog status'/errors translations not in gnome-jabber.pot (Colin Marquardt).
  • Fixed bug #125035, Add Contact dialog had a hidden checkbox and the text on the finish page suggested using it to add further contacts, checkbox is now removed and text updated (Colin Marquardt).
  • Fixed bug #126206, roster flashing (messages, etc) was flashing blank/message icon, now it flashes presence icon/message icon (Colin Marquardt).
  • Improved the way a user sees their own presence. This shows their details as it would normally be on the roster for others. The user can also change their presence details from here.
  • Fixed bug #124983, presented messages should not take focus too (Colin Marquardt).
  • New translations:

    Aleix Badia i Bosch (ca),
    Miloslav Trmac (cs),
    Adam Weinberger (en_CA),
    Gareth Owen (en_GB),
    Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es) Alastair McKinstry (ga), (hr), (lt),
    Tino Meinen (nl),
    Kjartan Maraas (no), (pl),
    Duarte Loreto (pt),
    Gustavo R. Montesino (pt_BR)

  • Updated translations:

    Colin Marquardt (de),
    F. Brin (fr),
    Andrey Lebedev (ru),
    Danilo Segan (sr),
    Danilo Segan (sr@Latn),
    Christian Rose (sv),



GNOME Software Map entry



gnome-pkgview 1.0.5


gnome-pkgview 1.0.6 (Vintry)


Displays the version of desktop components installed, and makes a stab at your overall GNOME version.


This should be the last 1.0.x release. Now I'd like to tackle some of the pile of feature requests which have arrived over the past year!

  • Fix a couple of long-standing build irritations.
  • Croatian translation by Robert Sedak.
  • Punjabi translation by Guntupalli Karunakar.


GNOME Software Map entry