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Release Digest: GNOME, June 10, 2004

Jun 11, 2004, 04:45 (0 Talkback[s])


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

Gnomoradio 0.13

Gnomoradio is a peer to peer music playing system, based on Creative Commons licenses. It has the ability to find, share, recommend, and play songs that are freely available.

Version 0.13 fixes many things involving the downloading and caching of music. A download status indicator, advanced search criteria, and other interface improvements were added.

Web site: http://gnomoradio.org/
Screenshot: http://gnomoradio.org/screenshots/
Source: http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/gnomoradio/gnomoradio-0.13.tar.gz

Debian (unstable) and Gentoo packages of the new version will be available soon.

GOK 0.11.4


We're pleased to announce the release of version 0.11.4 of GOK, the GNOME Onscreen Keyboards Suite.

Thank you to everyone who continues to contribute to this project!

What is it ?

GOK is designed to allow access to the GNOME desktop and other X applications by people who cannot use a physical keyboard (or mouse), or in situations where a physical keyboard is not present.

What's new in 0.11.4 ?

  • Allows user to override access method, "scan" action, and "select" actions from command line. See "gok --usage" or "gok --help" for more info.
  • Requires at-spi-1.5.2 or better.
  • Requires libloginhelper-1.0.
  • Implements LoginHelper interface, to let authentication clients know that GOK needs certain services during screen lock or authentication (such as having its main window raised, access to XInput devices, etc.)
  • Always register with bonobo-activation (as a LoginHelper).
  • Fixed bug in gok_scanner_current_state_uses_corepointer, which means the "core pointer warning" dialog doesn't get posted unnecessarily.
  • Adds a new gconf key, /apps/gok/per_user_dictionary, which determines whether each GOK user has a private (writeable) copy of the main GOK word completion dictionary or not.
  • Other bug fixes etc. (including #143453, #143295, #142796)

New Translations:

Alexander Winston (en_CA)
Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
Gareth Owen (en_GB)
Laszlo Dvornik (hu)
Miloslav Trmac (cs)
Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
Tino Meinen (nl)

Where can I get it ?


go gok!

best regards,
David, Bill, and the rest of the GOK team

gnome-bluetooth 0.5
libbtctl 0.4

gnome-bluetooth is a suite of tools for managing Bluetooth devices and sending/receiving data under the GNOME desktop.

libbtctl is a GObject-based library for the Bluetooth and OBEX operations on Linux. It comes with Python and Mono language bindings.

These releases are development releases, and should be considered unstable. They incorporate a large amount rewriting of underlying libraries for improved reliability and API usability. Little extra functionality is offered over the previous release.

More details are available at

Tarballs are available at

Debian packages (against Debian sid) are available at http://debian.usefulinc.com/

Mailing list is available at

Changes in this release:

libbctl 0.4

New in this development release:

  • an OBEX server class, BtctlObex.
  • an OBEX client class, BtctlObexClient.
  • bindings for Mono.
  • API documentation.

gnome-bluetooth 0.5.0

This release provides similar functionality to the 0.4 release, but with many internal rewrites and cleanups. New features will come in the next release, so don't worry! I'm aware that HIG love is needed in many places, but as the dialog requirements aren't stable yet, too much refinement is premature.

  • gnome-obex-send and gnome-obex-server are now based on the new OBEX code in libbtctl. This should lead to an increase in reliability. gnome-obex-server now lets you decide whether a device is allowed to connect or not. The download directory can be configured from the gconf key /apps/gnome-bluetooth/obex-savedir.
  • gnome-bluetooth-admin has been retired in favour of a new program called gnome-bluetooth-manager. This is implemented in Python, but is only at an early stage right now.
  • gnome-vfs support has been removed. Use gnome-bluetooth-manager to view all the devices.
  • OBEX sending support is now available on the Nautilus context menus for files.
  • Radical changes in underlying code!

    The Bonobo component has been completely removed, in favour of a normal GObject, GnomebtController, to be found in libgnomebt. This embodies all of the functionality from the Bonobo object, but without getting CORBA/Bonobo involved. It ships with Python bindings, too.

    To find out how to use it, check out gnomebt-controller-test.c in src/ for C, and the applications in the python/ directory for Python.

    Porting your code to this new object should make your programs smaller and more reliable.

  • New widgets include GnomebtChooser, GnomebtPermissionDialog, GnomebtSpinner.
  • Edd