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Release Digest: GNOME, June 27, 2004

Jun 28, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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gedit 2.6.2

A new release from the stable branch is out, featuring translation updates and minor fixes.

gedit 2.6.2


  • Bug #143410 (problem with GOK and Find dialog) (
  • Bug #144525 (include config.h) (Takao Fujiwara)
  • Update recent-files stuff (Frederic Crozat)

New and updated translations

  • Evgeni Boevski (bg)
  • Jordi Mallach (ca)
  • Gurban M. Tewekgeli (tk)
  • Ahmad Riza H Nst (id)
  • Raphael Higino (pt_BR)



rhythmbox 0.8.5


Another bugfix release, but this also includes Bastien's work on Xine metadata loading. I hope the keybinding change won't be too controversial - I think the new ones make a lot of sense (thanks Calum!)

Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.8.5

  • Metadata loading via Xine [Bastien Nocera]
  • Don't crash on duplicate database entries [Colin Walters]
  • Fix random crasher when using commandline args [Colin Walters]
  • Fix small display, sourcelist, and browser keybindings to not conflict with HIG [Colin Walters]
  • Actually include sk translation

New Translations

is (Gunnar Steinn Magnasson)
sk (Ivan Noris)

Updated translations

az (Metin Amiroff)
bg (Peter Slavov)
el (Nikos Charonitakis)
fi (Ilkka Tuohela)
fr (Christophe Fergeau)
it (Luca Ferretti)

Gossip 0.7.6

Imendio is very happy to announce version 0.7.6 of our instant messaging client Gossip!

Gossip is an instant messaging client for GNOME with an easy-to-use interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop with a friendly way to keep in touch with their friends.

This release has had quite a few updates since the last release about 2 months ago. For people using the group chats this release will include a couple of fixes for the most obvious bugs. Unfortunately there is still a bit of work to get them to work perfectly.

This release also includes support to edit your own vcard thanks to Martyn Russel who provided a patch for this. Ross Burton added a feature that a lot of people have asked for and that is the possibility to resubscribe to a contact if the subscription isn't both ways.

Furthermore there has been a number of smaller bug fixes and a couple of very rare crashes has been found and fixed. I also took some time and fixed a couple of smaller things that makes the entire experience of using Gossip better.

Full list of fixes in 0.7.6:

  • Lot of bug fixing gone into the Group Chats (Micke)
  • Drag contacts from roster to chat windows to start a chat (Micke)
  • Show new message icon as window icon when new message arrived (Sergey Dolgopolov)
  • Crash fixes (Micke)
  • Allow IP-numbers as hostpart of the JID (Fabio Bonelli)
  • Added copy&paste to chat windows. (Micke)
  • Fixed drawing error in chat windows tabs with certain themes (Geert-Jan)
  • Shrink chat windows after long messages has been sent (Micke, Lionel Henry)
  • Store log files as lowercase JID. (Micke)
  • Resubscribe support if subscription isn't both way (Ross Burton)
  • Show presence icon in new message popup list (Micke)
  • Added support for editing your own vCard (Martyn Russel, Micke)
  • New translations (en_CA, uk, eo, ar)
  • Updated translations:
    (lt, cs, en_GB, nl, ca, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN, da, pl, pt)

This announcement on the web:

If you want to subscribe to just announcement of Gossip and other Imendio projects, please join our announce list:

You can also get our announcements through RSS:

The Gossip project page for downloads and more information:

Imendio Hackers
Imendio HB,

intltool 0.31


A new release of the intltool package is available; this time codenamed "Noyen; drar vi til Norge!".

The intltool package is a set of tools for translating the contents of data files using the gettext translation framework.

This release contains many bug fixes, so as always we suggest everyone to upgrade.

Thanks goes to Rodney Dawes and Danilo Segan for their hard work on this release.

This release unfortunately includes the not-portable (I was told) mkinstalldirs. I know some dislike this and I will look into using mkdir_p for the next release. Any help is appreciated.

Some of the changes since the last release:

  • Usage of [no-xml] option in AC_PROG_INTLTOOL to avoid requiring XML::Parser Perl module. (Rodney Dawes)
  • Support for C#. (Rodney)
  • Support for running intltool-update without autoconf, or with po/Makevars file (as used in gettext). (Danilo Segan)
  • New XML merging (compatible with pre-0.27.2 intltool) -- bug #130802 -- entity decoding and encoding is not done anymore for XML. (Danilo)
  • Multiple-output XML merging now produces simpler files, and sets "xml:lang" only when translation is used -- bug #46650. (Danilo)
  • Support for passing comments to translators from XML and GConf schema files. (Danilo)
  • Many bug fixes (Rodney, Danilo, Callum McKenzie)

You can find the source code for intltool 0.31 on GNOME FTP site:


If you have problems with intltool, please report bugs at

Vi ses til GVADEC,

Evolution Connector for ExchangeIt

Net Integration Technologies has released a plugin that allows users of Evolution to connect to a Nitix server running their ExchangeIt software, which enables the sharing of calendars, contacts, and tasks lists. This complements the already-released ExchangeIt plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

Note that this release is an unsupported beta. We will be releasing a final (supported) version of the plugin some time in the near future.

For more information (and screenshots!), please see here:

Source is available under the terms of the GPL at the same site. --
William Lachance <>
Programmer @ Net Integration Technologies, Inc.