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Release Digest: KDE, June 11, 2004

Jul 12, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Cervisia 2.1.3

"Cervisia is a GUI frontend for the version control system CVS..."

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Navicat 4.0.1

"Navicat (Linux) is a powerful MySQL database administration tool..."

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LinCVS 1.3.2

"LinCVS is an easy to use graphical CVS client. It runs on Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and WinXX..."

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PwManager 1.0-rc1

"PwManager saves your passwords blowfish-encrypted in one file, so you have to remember only one master-password instead of all..."

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djvulibre 3.5

"DjVu is a Web-centric format and software platform for distributing documents and images..."

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KNemo 0.1.9

"KNemo offers a network monitor similar to the one found in Windows. For every network interface it displays an icon in the systray..."

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fotoon 0.2-alpha

"Fotoon is an application that helps you manage and organize your photos, in an easy and fast way..."

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MyPasswordSafe 0.6

"MyPasswordSafe is a straightforward, easy-to-use password keychain/manager that uses the Blowfish algorithm to store encrypted passwords..."

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KWirelessMonitor 0.2.6

"KWirelessMonitor is a small KDE application that docks into the system tray and monitors the wireless network interface..."

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tweakBSD 0.1pre

"tweakBSD is a cool application for KDE and is used for configuring and tweaking FreeBSD 5.1+..."

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Kommander 1.0 Alpha 7

"This will probably be our last Alpha release and more features are coming. StatusBar, ProgressBar and for and foreach loop in A7...!"

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KDevelop 3.1 beta 1

"KDevelop is a plugin based IDE that currently supports 12 programming languages, 5 build tools, 5 documentation formats, 4 revision control systems, 3 code editors, 5 development toolkits and dozens of other neat tools..."

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KConfigEditor 0.9.4

"KConfigEditor is a configuration editor. It is the only graphical configuration editor capable of editting configurations of both GNOME and KDE..."

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ksociograma 2.0.0

"ksociograma is a technical software for teachers..."

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cb2Bib 0.1.3

"The cb2Bib is a convenient utility for rapidly extracting single biblographic references from email alerts, journal web pages, or PDF files..."

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knoda 0.7

"Knoda is a database-frontend for Mysql, Postgresql, SQLite and ODBC..."

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kdecvs-build 0.76

"This is a Perl script to try and make the process of downloading and building KDE from CVS as easy as possible..."

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SynCE-KCEMirror 0.1

"SynCE-KDE KCEMirror is a system to interact with a Windows CE device by simply using your desktops display, mouse, and keyboard..."

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