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DistroWatch: Distributions, July 12, 2004

Jul 13, 2004, 04:45 (0 Talkback[s])

LormaLinux 5 Beta for AMD64

"Based on Fedora Core 2, this 64-bit version of LormaLinux 5 is optimized for AMD Athlon 64-bit processors. In its beta version, it contains most of the packages we love from its 686 derivative..."

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redWall Firewall 0.5.4c

"A 'major' bug in MySQL (related to the environment on the CD) has been fixed in this release (again ;-)... please upgrade any 0.5.4 release prior to 0.5.4c if you need MySQL support...!"

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Damn Small Linux 0.7.2

"Added myDSLgui, a click-and-run system for extensions; added Lua scripting language and Lua sockets; replaced Scite with Beaver; replaced nvi with vim; changed user from damnsmall to dsl (also took 'damn' out of the boot process)..."

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Vector Linux 4.3 Beta 2

"Well here we go. I have beta2 of Vector-4.3 up at the FTP site. For now download burn and install and lets have some active feedback. I would really like the whole dev community to rally behind 4.3 and lets get it out to the general population as soon as we can..."

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Turbolinux 10 F

"Based on Turbolinux 10 Desktop, Turbolinux 10 F... is the latest desktop operating solution from Turbolinux that brings Multimedia to your fingertips. 10 F extends functionality to support a variety of streaming video, audio and multimedia content delivered over broadband..."

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Puppy Linux 0.9.1

"Mozilla has been upgraded to version 1.7, with Skipstone as the GUI front end. Skipstone displays as version 0.8.4 however it is actually a hybrid of 0.8.4 and 0.9.3..."

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tinysofa enterprise server 2.0-pre3

"tinysofa enterprise server 2.0-pre3 (Persistence) technology preview is now available. Major changes include an update to gcc 3.4.1, a new major version of MySQL (4.0.20) and a new minor version of perl (5.8.4)..."

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