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Release Digest: GNOME, July 19, 2004

Jul 20, 2004, 04:45 (0 Talkback[s])

Gtk2-Perl 2.7.4

Gtk2-Perl is the collective name for a set of Perl bindings for GTK+ 2.x and various related libraries. These modules make it easy to write GTK+ and GNOME applications using a natural, Perlish, object-oriented syntax.

This is the API-frozen Gtk2-Perl 2.7.4.

Overview of Changes in Glib 1.052

  • Remove CHECK block from Glib::Object::Subclass's import(), making it possible to use Subclass in evals. Changes should be perfectly backwards compatible, with a few bugs fixed. [muppet]
  • The OUTPUT variant of T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER can now handle leading "const" and trailing asterisks, like the INPUT variant. [Torsten]


Overview of Changes in Gtk2 1.052

  • Require Glib 1.052.
  • Documentation fixes and improvements. [Torsten, muppet]
  • Improvements and bugfixes in the cellrenderer examples. [muppet, bug report from Jens Wilke]
  • Minor bugfixes and warning suppression. [muppet]
  • Gtk2::CodeGen improvements: [Torsten]
    • allow const modifier on boxed types.
    • add newSV$classname_ornull variant for boxed types.
  • Bind and test new API from Pango 1.5.x, including PangoMatrix. [Torsten]


There's no new Gtk2::GladeXML release -- 1.00 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::GConf release -- 1.000 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::Canvas release -- 1.001 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::VFS release -- 1.003 is current.


Overview of changes in Gnome2 1.012

  • Fix man small glitches in the test suite; add a new test for GnomeSound.
  • Bind and test new API in GnomePasswordDialog.


GGV 2.7.0

The "Butter" Release

late, just as usually, but better late than never, here is the first in the 2.7 series of Gnome Ghostview incarnations, featuring the following improvements over the 2.6 series:

  • resolved conflicting accelerators; fixes #134976 (patch by Archana Shah),
  • added a tooltip for recent files button (patch by chenthill),
  • added a file chooser filter for PostScript files,
  • changed the titles to match other Gnome applications (patch by Subrahmanyam Madduri),
  • Udayan Kumar has added a print icon to the toolbar.

a number of bug fixes have been backported from the 2.6 branch, most notably:

  • fix for the notorious #139408 (crash on keyboard activation of recent files drop down menu, patch by Kouichirou Hiratsuka),
  • prevent long start up times by not testing the URIs in the recent file list for existence,
  • let the file chooser set its own size,
  • fix double instantiation of ggv during session restoration; fixes #147710 (patch by Muktha Narayan),
  • check print command before executing it; fixes #147705 & friends
  • properly display documents with pages with different bounding boxes,
  • test for /usr/ucb/lpr on Solaris at runtime.

the localpatriotism has been high and has yielded updates to Hungarian (Laszlo), Danish (Ole), Spanish (Lucas, Francisco), Albanian (Laurent), German (Christian), Brasilian Portuguese (Gustavo Maciel Dias), British English (Gareth), Dutch (Tino), Polish (GNOME PL Team), Czech (Miloslav), Lithuanian (=C5=BDygimantas), Bulgarian (Rostislav), Tamil (Dinesh), Norwegian (Kjartan) and Canadian English (Adam). The Gujarati Team has been kind enough to supply us with a brand new Gujurati translation.

available at





email: jaka@activetools.si
w3: http://fish.homeunix.org/people/jaka

PyGTK 2.3.93

I am pleased to announce version 2.3.93 of the Python bindings for GTK.

The new release is available from ftp ftp.gnome.org as and its mirrors as soon as its synced correctly:


It might take a while, so you can use current CVS for now if you can't wait.

NOTE! This is an unstable version and should not be included

in stable distributions.

What's new since 2.3.92?

  • GtkTreeView updates (John Finlay)
  • New examples (Johan)
  • GEnum/GFlags wrapping (Johan)
  • New (using g_object_new) constructors (Gustavo)
  • GParamSpec API, for GtkWidget and GtkContainer (Johan)
  • Unichar/Unicode support (Lorenzo, John Ehresman)
  • Widget subclassing (Johan, Gustavo, Lorenzo)
  • GdkEvents changable (Johan)
  • Warnings (Gustavo, Johan)
  • Many bugfixes (John Finlay, John Ehresman, Johan, Lorenzo, Gustavo)
  • Win32/FreeBSD/distutils build fixes (John, Johan)


GTK is a toolkit for developing graphical applications that run on POSIX systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS X (provided that the X server for MacOS X has been installed). It provides a comprehensive set of GUI widgets, can display Unicode bidi text. It links into the Gnome Accessibility Framework through the ATK library.

PyGTK provides a convenient wrapper for the GTK library for use in Python programs, and takes care of many of the boring details such as managing memory and type casting. When combined with PyORBit and gnome-python, it can be used to write full featured Gnome applications.

Like the GTK library itself PyGTK is licensed under the GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary applications. It is already in use in many applications ranging from small single purpose scripts up to large full features applications.

PyGTK now requires GTK >= 2.4 and Python >= 2.2 to build.

It includes a number of changes since the last pygtk release; We'd really appreciate testing and bug reports on this release; please take the time out to download and test it to ensure it works for your application[s]. Bug reports, as always, should go to Bugzilla; check out http://pygtk.org/developer.html and http://pygtk.org/feedback.html for links to posting and querying bug reports for PyGTK.

Johan Dahlin

gob2 2.0.9


Do you enjoy warnings? Well too bad, now gob compiles even with very pedantic warnings set on the gcc command line, even ones as stupid as -Wbad-function-cast.

So what is this gob thing? Well besides being the cure for cancer, it also generates GObjects (or GTK+ objects). GOB2 is a replacement for the version 1 GOB, that was for GTK+ 1.x mostly. GOB2 can handle pretty much most of the GObject features. At least most of the ones that anyone will ever use. It only requires GLib 2.0 and can generate arbitrary GObjects. You can have both versions installed at the same time if you wish, but if anyone is still using gob version 1 and GTK+ 1.x, they should get their head examined.

Here are the news in 2.0.9:

  • Lots of fixes for gcc warnings, objects should now compile with very pedantic warnings set.


Note: RPMS are built on Fedora Core 2, so your success on other distros or versions of redhat/fedora may vary.

Have fun,


George <jirka@5z.com>

Zivot je kratkej a posranej, jako zebricek do kurniku.

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