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Release Digest: GNU, September 6, 2004

Sep 07, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


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GIMP 2.1.4


a new development snapshot of GIMP 2.1 is now available from ftp ftp.gimp.org and it's mirrors:


This is an unstable development release. It certainly has bugs and there are a number of unfinished hacks. We are nevertheless interested in your feedback and would like you to file bug reports for crashes and non-obvious problems.

Please note that you cannot install gimp-2.1 side-by-side with gimp-2.0 into the same prefix. A number of files will clash, so please use a separate prefix to install this development version! For details, please read the file INSTALL.

Here's an overview of the changes since 2.1.3 was released:

  • Rewritten internal handling of progress indicators. Embed progress bars to the File Open dialog to reduce annoying dialogs popping up.
  • Added an API for plug-ins to embed a progress bar. Let the Script-Fu dialog swallow the progress bars created by running the script.
  • Ported remaining plug-ins and modules to GimpPreviewArea and removed GimpOldPreview.
  • Show progress while converting from RGB to Indexed Colors.
  • Added new plug-ins Cartoon, Neon, Photocopy and Softglow.
  • Let color selectors adapt to the given size.
  • Import basic SVG shapes as paths.
  • Improved GIH and guillotine plug-ins.
  • Added GimpMessageBox widget. Collect error messages in a single dialog to reduce popups.
  • Renamed the core GimpPreview widget to GimpView.
  • Added a GimpPreview widget to libgimpwidgets. This is an abstract class that combines a GimpPreviewArea with scrollbars and a "Preview" toggle button.
  • Added GimpDrawablePreview derived from GimpPreview.
  • Improved previews in Unsharp Mask, Scatter RGB, Sharpen, Spread and Grid plug-ins.
  • Added previews to Edge, Gaussian Blur, Neon, Soft Glow, Sobel and Selective Gaussian Blur.
  • Added a logarithmic mode for the slider in a GimpScaleEntry.
  • Script-Fu code cleanups.
  • Fixed composite assembly code.
  • Pass user settings for the checkerboard to plug-ins.
  • Image comment, if any, is now shown within the info window.
  • New function "Fit Canvas to Layers" (gimp_image_resize_to_layers)


Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann, David Odin, Shlomi Fish, Bill Skaggs, Simon Budig, Ari Pollak, Spencer Kimball, Michael Schumacher, Joao S. O. Bueno, Manish Singh, Helvetix Victorinox, Kevin Cozens

Happy GIMPing