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Release Digest: KDE, September 27, 2004

Sep 28, 2004, 04:45 (0 Talkback[s])

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ksociograma 2.0.1

"'ksociograma' is a technical software for teachers. It lets teachers make sociograms, a 2D network representation, for a group of students. It is very useful to understand and predict inter-group relations..."

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kpad 1.0

"This is a simple tabbed text editor for KDE that can do ftp and the usual stuff like mail, spellcheck, find, and replace, go to line..."

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Cpsed 0.1

"Cpsed is an OpenGL 3D scene editor built with QT library. It allows to import .3ds model files and to position, rotate and scale each of them. It features open/save/delete function..."

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UADE 'n' others Launcher 0.11

"'; is a unix shell script wrapper around different textmode player programs such as UADE, XMP, OGG123, ADPLUG, AYLET etc. To add more formats should be more or less trivial..."

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KBookmarkNG 0.4

"KBookmarkNG aims to bring a new bookmark system to KDE which is similar to the one of GNOME's web browser Epiphany..."

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Kmysqladmin 0.7.0

"Kmysqladmin is a graphical frontend for administration of mysql servers. With a buildin script editor with syntax-highlighting you can process more complex script. A script generator is in work..."

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Quanta KDE DocBook Toolbars 0.2

"This is a collection of toolbars crafted specially for editing KDE DocBook, but you may find it useful for regular DocBook. Use it in conjunction with the KDE doc-primer, and you will see that it is easy to create and edit KDE docbook..."

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kdetv 0.8.3

"kdetv is a KDE application to watch TV on the desktop..."

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KWirelessMonitor 0.4.8

"KWirelessMonitor is a small KDE application that docks into the system tray and monitors the wireless network interface. It supports both Linux (tested on several major distributions) and FreeBSD (tested on 5.2.1)..."

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Krecipes 0.6

"Krecipes is a recipe database which can use SQLite or remote/local MySQL databases. It supports multiple import formats so that you can download recipes from the net, and a Krecipes (.kre) fileformat so that you can share recipes with your friends..."

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aviz - atomistic visualisation tool 5.6

"We are a group of Computational Physicists doing atomistic simulations who want to visualize tens to thousands of atoms in an interactive and animated form..."

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Apollon 1.0

"Apollon - the greek god of music, mp3s, and videos! Apollon is a KDE-based client for the p2p-protocol giFT (OpenFT, FastTrack(Kazaa!), Gnutella, OpenNap)..."

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Krita Preview 1

"Krita is the KOffice paint and image editor application..."

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Kim (Kde Image Menu) 0.5

"This is an image Kde servicemenu which allows to compress images, resize images, convert images..."

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Atlantik 0.7.0

"Atlantik is the leading open-source game client for Monopoly-like board games to be played on the monopd network..."

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kamix 0.5.6

"A KDE mixer application for KDE 3 and ALSA, that was born just to provide some support for what official kmix lacked..."

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KPoGre 1.2.0

"KPoGre is KDE tool for PostgreSQL database. It uses libpgxx library..."

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amaroK 1.1

"amaroK is the audio player for KDE. It uses a multimedia framework independent engine to play audio files and streams, and features a fresh and efficient approach to playlist handling..."

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