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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.10-rc3

Dec 05, 2004, 03:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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Ok, it's out there in all the normal places, and here's the shortlog for the thing.

Mostly a lot of small fixes, although the MIPS update is pretty sizeable simply because it's been a while.

ACPI updates and a new i2c driver, mtd, arm, uml updates.. fbdev and sparse fixes. And a lot of other small things better just described by the changelogs.

Please do test this - and don't send me anything but bug-fixes. Let's aim for a real 2.6.10 before xmas (or hanukkah, or whatever your favourite holiday happens to be).


Summary of changes from v2.6.10-rc2 to v2.6.10-rc3

Adam J. Richter:

  • sysfs: fix sysfs_dir_close memory leak

Adrian Bunk:

  • kill lockd_syms.c
  • SCSI_QLOGIC_1280_1040 dependencies
  • SCSI: aha1542.c: make some code static
  • SCSI atp870u.c: make a needlessly global function
  • SCSI dc395x.c: make a function static
  • SCSI: fdomain.c: make a struct static
  • SCSI qla1280: some firmware files cleanups
  • PCI Hotplug: remove unused drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp_sysfs.c
  • ISDN divert_init.c build fix
  • ST_partstat multiple definition
  • remove outdated OSS Changelogs
  • [PCMCIA] make cardbus_type static

Al Borchers:

  • USB Gadget: gadget serial documentation

Alan Stern:

  • sd.c: adjust READ_CAPACITY for broken devices

Alasdair G. Kergon:

  • device-mapper: dm-crypt fix for zero-length key
  • device-mapper: Fix some DMERR macro usage
  • device-mapper: Add DM_TARGET_MSG
  • device-mapper: Allow referencing by device number

Alexander Kern:

  • USB quirk section fix

Alexander Viro:

  • alpha sysrq compile fix
  • sparse: add -m64 to CHECKFLAGS on alpha and sparc64
  • sparc io.h annotations and fixes
  • pcilynx iomem annotations
  • tgafb iomem annotations
  • iphase iomem annotations
  • 64bit portability fixes
  • ad1889 annotations and fixes
  • drivers/media annotations
  • (1/4) eicon iomem annotations and fixes
  • (2/4) eicon iomem annotations and fixes
  • (3/4) eicon iomem annotations and fixes
  • (4/4) eicon iomem annotations and fixes
  • pc300 portability fixes
  • i2o iomem annotations
  • cpqphp_nvram iomem annotations
  • misc __user annotations
  • more C99 initializers
  • drivers/w1 iomem annotations
  • sound/oss iomem annotations
  • zoran fix
  • imsttfb iomem annotations
  • pcbit fix
  • dpt_i2o partial iomem annotations
  • 3w-9xxx iomem annotations
  • ncr iomem annotations
  • isdn_divert annotations
  • fix for breakage introduced in hgafb.c
  • more sparc64 io.h annotations
  • fore200e iomem annotations
  • sunzilog iomem annotations
  • mesh iomem annotations
  • tpam annotations and cleanups
  • (1/12) bw2 iomem annotations
  • (2/12) cg14 iomem annotations
  • (3/12) cg3 iomem annotations
  • (4/12) cg6 iomem annotations
  • (5/12) controlfb iomem annotations
  • (6/12) hgafb iomem annotations
  • (7/12) leo iomem annotations
  • (8/12) offb iomem annotations
  • (9/12) p9100 iomem annotations
  • (10/12) platinumfb iomem annotations
  • (11/12) tcx iomem annotations
  • (12/12) valkyriefb iomem annotations
  • i2c iomem annotations
  • pmac iomem annotations
  • pmac sound iomem annotations
  • pmac_zilog iomem annotations
  • sunbpp iomem annotations
  • misc sparc iomem annotations
  • partial fc4 iomem annotations
  • iomem annotations and isa_-ectomy: media/video/pms.c
  • mtd/maps trivial annotations
  • misc iomem annotations
  • isa_check_signature() finally gone
  • t128 iomem annotations and isa_-ectomy
  • dtc iomem annotations and isa_-ectomy
  • seagate iomem annotations, cleanup and isa_-ectomy
  • wd7000 iomem annotations and fixes
  • swim3 __user annotation
  • misc drivers/atm iomem annotations and NULL noise removal
  • iomem annotations and fixes + isa_-ectomy in msnd
  • Work around devices with bogus media change indication on the first open

Andi Kleen:

  • x86-64: Fix get_user_pages access to vsyscall page
  • x86-64: fix boot crash on VIA systems
  • x86_64: fix async IPIs
  • x86_64: fix vsyscalls
  • x86_64: fix interrupt routing with nosmp
  • x86_64: fix early oops printing
  • x86_64: increase timer fallback threshold
  • PCI: Add sysfs file to map PCI busses to cpus
  • PCI: Disable mmconfig on AMD CPUs
  • x86_64: Fix lost edge triggered irqs on UP kernel

Andrea Arcangeli:

  • fix for mpol mm corruption on tmpfs
  • mempolicy can select the wrong policy

Andreas Gruenbacher:

  • compat_sys_fcntl[64] contain superfluous, buggy test

Andreas Herrmann:

  • s390: zfcp host adapter
  • s390: zfcp act enhancements

Andrew Morton:

  • sound_alloc_dmap memory allocation warning suppression
  • vmscan: ignore swap token when in trouble
  • x86 current_stack_pointer warning fix
  • documentation: nmi_watchdog.txt update
  • x86_64: duplicated patch
  • e100: early reset fix
  • dont deprecate MODULE_PARM
  • e100 deadlock fix
  • generic_make_request stack savings
  • revert the "dio handle eof" fix
  • blkdev_get_blocks(): handle eof

Andrew Patterson:

  • cciss: Off-by-one error causing oops in CCISS_GETLUNIFO ioctl

Andrew Walrond:

  • fbdev: Fix rivafb breakage (typo introduced by NV IO access cleanups)

Andries E. Brouwer:

  • fix appletalk locking
  • dm_init unresolved reference to _exits
  • net: scheduling policing fix

Anton Blanchard:

  • ppc64: ratelimit some rtas errors
  • ppc64: Use pci_device_to_OF_node
  • ppc64: avoid 32bit only syscalls in unistd.h
  • ppc64: pci cleanup
  • ppc64: remove phb_set_model
  • ppc64: make fixup_winbond_82c105 pseries specific
  • ppc64: remove duplication in pci_alloc_*
  • ppc64: OF overrides for pci_probe_only, pci_assign_all_buses
  • ppc64: remove BUG()s in pcibios_fixup_bus
  • ppc64: get_phb_reg_prop only required on python PCI machines
  • ppc64: alloc_bootmem returns void *
  • ppc64: linux,rtas* fixes
  • ppc64: Reserve kernel memory in kernel instead of wrapper
  • ppc64: linux,tce* changes
  • Allow multiple cpus in irq affinity call

Antonino Daplas:

  • fbdev: Fix for using >16 pixel wide font in fb console
  • fbdev: Support for bigger than 16x32 fonts in softcursor
  • fbdev: Support for bigger than 16x32 fonts in rivafb cursor
  • fbcon: Disable fbcon cursor if vt softcursor is enabled
  • fbdev: Allow mode change even if EDID block is not found
  • fbdev: Fix cursor in doublescan mode in atyfb
  • fbdev: Fix typo in atyfb
  • fbdev: Change the find_mode behavior
  • rivafb: fix broken burst length calculation
  • fbdev: Fix screen corruption in neofb
  • fbdev: Fix lockup when switching to/from X/console
  • fbdev: Fix module_param in rivafb
  • fbdev: Fix crash if fb_set_var() called before register_framebuffer()
  • fbdev: fix wrong colors at 16 bpp in tridentfb

Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho:

  • i2c-elektor: get rid of cli/sti
  • [2/2] i2c-elektor: adding missing casts
  • i2c-ite: get rid of cli()/sti()

Armijn Hemel:

  • USB: add ati_remote.c device id

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

  • [NET] Assign inet transport sockets to the right module

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:

  • [ide] update CRISv10 IDE driver
  • [ide] no need to alloc sg_table in CRISv10 IDE driver
  • [ide] small IDE cleanups
  • [ide] fix /proc/ide/hd?/settings to not spam logs

Ben Dooks:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2234/3: S3C2410 - new serial driver (1/4)
  • [ARM PATCH] 2241/1: S3C2410 - default configuration update
  • [ARM PATCH] 2242/1: BAST - default configuration update
  • [ARM PATCH] 2243/1: BAST - move pm init to init_machine
  • [ARM PATCH] 2246/1: S3C2410 - rename i2c depending on 2410/2440
  • [ARM PATCH] 2247/1: S3C2410 - serial low-level updates
  • [ARM PATCH] 2248/1: S3C2410 - missing serial config in arch/arm/mach-s3c2410/Kconfig
  • [ARM PATCH] 2251/1: S3C2410 - system timer rename [cosmetic]
  • [ARM PATCH] 2249/1: S3C2410 - update help for arch/arm/Kconfig.debug
  • [ARM PATCH] 2256/1: S3C2410 - dma load fixes
  • [ARM PATCH] 2263/1: S3C2410 - gpio pin config fixes
  • [ARM PATCH] 2272/1: S3C2410 - rtc should check for <0 on alarm set
  • [ARM PATCH] 2273/1: S3C2410 - timex.h CLOCK_TICK_RATE fix
  • [ARM PATCH] 2275/1: S3C2410 - serial rx fifo full check
  • [ARM PATCH] 2284/1: S3C2410 - core device registration update
  • [ARM PATCH] 2285/1: S3C2410 - regs-sdi.h fixes

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

  • [SUNZILOG]: Update timeout when setting termios
  • ppc64: Fix default command line
  • ppc64: Fix typo when parsing isa "reg" properties
  • ppc64: pci_bus_to_host() simplification
  • ppc64: Fix early serial setup baud rate
  • del_timer() vs. mod_timer() SMP race
  • ppc32: Fix an IRQ issue with cpufreq

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • Fix ia64 flush_tlb_page build error
  • early uart console support
  • move HCDP/PCDP to early uart console
  • [IA64] iosapic.c: don't direct interrupts to offline cpus
  • [IA64] Bigsur config: Add CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_ACPI so we can find serial devices
  • DAC960: Don't look at PCI_Device->irq before calling pci_enable_device()

Bob Breuer:

  • [CG14]: Fix NULL sbus_dev handling and colormap setup

Bob Tracy:

  • sym53c500_cs driver update

Bodo Stroesser:

  • uml: don't rule out syscall_nr == 0
  • uml: redundant code removal from signal delivery
  • uml: redundant argument removal from handle_signal
  • uml: handle_signal simplification
  • uml: fix setting of interrupted syscall return value
  • uml: make signal frame construction more resemble x86
  • uml: fix signal mask on delivery error
  • uml: Don't delay segfaults

Brian Gerst:

  • Regparm for x86 machine check handlers
  • fastcall fixes for x86 smp interrupts

Brian Haley:

  • [IPV6] improve ipv6_ifa_notify() readability

Brian King:

  • sg: Fix oops of sg_cmd_done and sg_release race

Cal Peake:

  • Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt: scsi param updates
  • fix typo in init/Kconfig
  • fix typo in init/Kconfig

Carsten Otte:

  • s390: dcss segments

Chris Wright:

  • setup_arg_pages can insert overlapping vma
  • a.out: error check on set_brk

Christoph Hellwig:

  • ppc64: reduce ifdef clutter in arch/ppc64/kernel/sysfs.c
  • ppc64: cleanups hpte_init_native, kill warning for !PSERIES builds
  • [IA64] remove dead wood from asm-ia64/hardirq.h
  • allow NFS exports of EFS filesystems
  • [ARM] kill unused call_irq()

Christoph Lameter:

  • mmtimer driver update

Colin Leroy:

  • Switch therm_adt746x to new module_param

Cornelia Huck:

  • s390: common i/o layer
  • s390: common i/o layer

Daniel Drake:

  • Permit LOG_SENSE and LOG_SELECT in SG_IO command table

Daniel Ritz:

  • USB: Add some help text for touchkitusb
  • USB touchkitusb: module_param to swap axes
  • yenta: don't enable read prefetch on older o2 bridges

Dave Kleikamp:

  • radix_tree_delete() fix

David Brownell:

  • USB: fix Genesys GL880S EHCI
  • USB: usb_sg_*() unlink deadlock fix
  • USB: "sparse -Wcontext" and USB HCDs
  • USB: ax8817x/usbnet, no GFP_KERNEL blocking in_irq

David Eriksson:

  • Re: The "ipaq" module: Updated list of vendor/product IDs

David Fries:

  • USB: fix for HID field index

David Gibson:

  • ppc64: Kill unused KRANGE_{START,END} macros

David Howells:

  • Fork fix fix

David Mosberger:

  • [IA64] speedup ptrace by avoiding kernel-stack walk

David S. Miller:

  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [AF_UNIX]: Serialize dgram read using semaphore just like stream
  • [IPV6]: Temp fix for ipv6 link-local address problem
  • [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
  • [SPARC64]: Couple of do_sparc64_fault fixes
  • [SPARC64]: Two io_remap_page_range() fixes
  • [SPARC64]: Do not set VM_LOCKED on I/O mapped areas
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [IPV6]: Set sk_prot early enough in inet6_create()
  • [SPARC]: Fix serial console handling

David Woodhouse:

  • RS library spelling fixes
  • MTD: Intel flash chip driver locking fixes
  • MTD: DiskOnChip drivers should no longer require old docecc code
  • MTD map/device driver cleanups -- remove bogus __iomem casts
  • MTD: Fix suspend/resume on Intel flash chip driver
  • MTD NAND drivers: cleanup MODULE_PARAM and bogus __iomem casts
  • MTD: DiskOnChip driver fixes: MODULE_PARAM and __iomem, and fix RS init
  • MTD: Fix oops after erase in NFTL/INFTL (DiskOnChip translation layers)
  • MTD: Fix Pb1550 board NAND driver to not read write-only registers
  • MTD: Compile fix for the typo fix in ixp2000 map driver
  • MTD: Avoid false positives in CFI probe due to floating data bus
  • MTD: Fix detection of hardware partitions in Intel flash chips
  • JFFS2: locking fixes
  • JFFS2: Remove redundant 'ino' arg from jffs2_get_inode_nodes()
  • JFFS2: make sync() actually work by providing ->sync_fs method
  • JFFS2: jffs2_fs_i.h needs <asm/semaphore.h>
  • JFFS2: fix printk argument type warning
  • MTD: some cleanups
  • MTD: Fix memory leak in FTL translation layer

Deepak Saxena:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2252/1: Fix IXP4XX timer interrupt implementation
  • [ARM PATCH] 2253/1: Fix IXP4xx PCI config cycle routines
  • [ARM PATCH] 2254/1: Fix ixp4xx-regs.h PCI config address typo
  • [ARM PATCH] 2258/1: Add missing IXP2000 Makefile.boot file
  • [ARM PATCH] 2262/1: Various IXP2000 typo fixes and comment cleanups
  • [ARM PATCH] 2268/1: Update Documentation/arm/Booting
  • [ARM PATCH] 2270/1: [Trivial] Remove reference to head-armv.S
  • [ARM PATCH] 2255/1: Add IXDPG425 platform support
  • [ARM PATCH] 2257/1: Add I2C device to IXDP2x01 platforms
  • [ARM PATCH] 2259/1: Rip out ixp2000 IRQ_ERR_STATUS demultiplexing
  • [ARM PATCH] 2260/1: Rename IXP2000_IRQ_SWI to reduce user confusion
  • [ARM PATCH] 2261/1: Cleanup use of ixp_reg_write in arch/arm/mach-ixp2000

Dely Sy:

  • PCI Hotplug: Add pci_enable_device() in hot-plug drivers

Dmitry Krivoschokov:

  • USB Gadget: add and use gadget_is_pxa27x()

Dmitry Torokhov:

  • i8k: fix 'power_status' sysfs permissions
  • v4l: fix permissions on module parameters exported via sysfs

Domen Puncer:

  • video: semicolon bug in atyfb_base.c

Don Fry:

  • pcnet32: added pci_disable_device

Edward Falk:

  • Documentation for IDE and CDROM ioctls
  • fix typo in cdrom.c

Eric Brower:

  • [SPARC]: Remove unnecessary pm_idle comment

Eric Rossman:

  • s390: crypto driver

Evgeniy Polyakov:

  • w1: do not stop and oops if netlink socket was not allocated
  • w1: make W1_DS9490_BRIDGE available
  • drivers/w1/dscore: fix the inline mess
  • W1: check nls in return path

Fenghua Yu:

  • [IA64] add cpu_relax() in the body of spin loops
  • add cpu_relax() in spin loops & clean up barrier()

Gabriel Paubert:

  • I2C: minor comment fix

Geert Uytterhoeven:

  • M68k: Update defconfigs for 2.6.10-rc1
  • M68k: Add 3 missing syscalls
  • 68851 MMU: Fix harmless typo in the MMU configuration code
  • Sun-3: Fix link error
  • fm2fb: Update Steffen A. Mork's email address
  • M68k I/O: Move HP300 I/O macros close to other I/O macros again
  • M68k: Update defconfigs for 2.6.10-rc2
  • [DIO]: Fix typo in dio_resource_len()
  • M68k: Update Atari defconfig (enable Ethernet and MII)
  • M68k HP Lance Ethernet: Fix leaks on probe/removal
  • M68k: Update HP300 defconfig (enable DIO and HP Lance Ethernet)
  • M68k Ethernet drivers depend on NET_ETHERNET
  • M68k HP Lance Ethernet depends on DIO bus support

Gerald Schaefer:

  • s390: monreader docu
  • s390: z/VM monitor stream

Gerd Knorr:

  • fix kobject varargs bug
  • video-buf oops/crash fixes
  • v4l: disable unused function
  • v4l: more modparam
  • tuner update

Giuseppe Sacco:

  • gbefb.c build fix

Grant Grundler:

  • [IA64] perfmon: fix double end-of-comment in previous checkin

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • I2C: make fixup_fan_min static in adm1026 driver
  • PCI Hotplug: fix warning compile issue in cpqphp driver
  • USB: fix dev_dbg() call in visor.c
  • USB: fix oops in io_edgeport.c driver
  • USB: minor Makefile fix
  • PCI: fix build warning in pci-sysfs.c
  • USB: move a internal usbfs only structure out of a public header file
  • Driver Core: restore comment in kobject_uevent.c
  • Add documentation about why the in-kernel api is the way it is

Guennadi Liakhovetski:

  • tmascsim: (resend updated) track_queue_full
  • refactor tmscsim inititalization code

Guido Guenther:

  • fbdev: Add NV30 pci_id and cleanup of probe error returns

Haroldo Gamal:

  • smbfs: Bug #3758 - Broken symlinks on smbfs

Heiko Carstens:

  • s390: remove zfcp hba api callbacks

Herbert Xu:

  • [NETLINK]: Fix mc_list operations
  • [IPV6]: Fix xfrm6_tunnel_check_size mtu calc
  • [IPV4/IPV6]: Remove frag_list check from output path
  • [NETFILTER]: Apply ipsec to ipt_REJECT packets

Hideaki Yoshifuji:

  • [IPV6] Fix possible dead-lock in ipv6_create_tempaddr()
  • [IPV6] Fix a race when dad completed during shutting down its owner interface
  • [IPV6] Stop DAD during shutting down the interface
  • [IPV6] Clean-up locking in ipv6_add_addr()
  • [IPV6]: Fix races in ip6_route_{input,output}()

Hirofumi Ogawa:

  • cont_prepare_write() fix

Hirokazu Takata:

  • m32r: update for m32r-g00ff
  • m32r: CF boot support for Mappi2
  • m32r: update defconfig files
  • m32r: update dot.gdbinit files
  • m32r: Fix build error of arch/m32r/mm/fault.c
  • m32r: Kconfig.debug support
  • m32r: Fix a boot hang of UP kernel
  • m32r: make zImage a default build target
  • m32r: io_xxxxx.c cleanups
  • media: Update drivers/media/video/arv.c

Holger Freyther:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2276/1: [PATCH] SIMpad: make simpad.c compile
  • [ARM PATCH] 2277/1: [PATCH] SIMpad: fix warnings emitted by the compiler
  • [ARM PATCH] 2278/1: [PATCH] SIMpad: add a default config
  • [ARM PATCH] 2279/1: [PATCH] SIMpad: Add a mq200 device to the platform bus
  • [ARM PATCH] 2280/1: [PATCH] SIMpad: Change maintainer to me
  • [ARM PATCH] 2283/1: SA1100 USB Config options

Horst Hummel:

  • s390: dasd driver

Hugh Dickins:

  • low discontig highmem_start_page
  • tmpfs free_inodes leak
  • mlock-vs-VM_IO hang fix

Iacopo Spalletti:

  • Add PCI-quirks for ASUS M6Ne notebook

Ian Campbell:

  • Avoid deadlock in smc91x driver

Ian Pratt:

  • [IPV4]: Missing pskb_may_pull in icmp_filter

Ingo Molnar:

  • sched: fix ->nr_uninterruptible handling bugs
  • floppy boot-time detection fix
  • acpi_processor_idle() latency fix

Jakub Jelínek:

  • binfmt_elf: handle p_filesz == 0 on PT_INTERP section

James Bottomley:

  • SCSI: Fix Bug 3753 (multiple definition of ST_partstat)
  • SCSI: fix USB forced remove oops
  • Change MCA maintainer

James Morris:

  • [AF_UNIX]: Fix SELinux crashes with SOCK_SEQPACKET
  • [AF_UNIX]: Don't lose ECONNRESET in unix_seqpacket_sendmsg()

Jamie Lenehan:

  • SCSI dc395x.c: store pci device pointer
  • SCSI dc395x.c: Fix type for irq and io ports
  • SCSI dc395x.c: Call pci_disable during cleanup

Jamie Lokier:

  • revert recent futex_wait fix

Jan Kara:

  • Minor fix of inequalities in the quota code
  • Add missing DQUOT_OFF

Jean Delvare:

  • I2C: Do not register useless smsc47m1
  • I2C: Fixes to the i2c-amd756-s4882 driver
  • I2C: Cleanups to the recent smbus functions removal
  • I2C: More verbose w83l785ts driver
  • I2C: Add support for the nForce2 Ultra 400 to i2c-nforce2
  • I2C: macintoch/therm_* drivers cleanups

Jeff Dike:

  • uml: signal bug fix
  • uml: 64-bit cleanups in the system calls
  • uml: 64-bit type cleanups
  • uml: fix definitions of pte_unmap_*
  • uml: LFS 64-bit cleanups
  • uml: Remove unused declaration
  • uml: remove some dead code
  • uml: defconfig update

Jeff Garzik:

  • [libata] fix DocBook bugs
  • [libata ahci] minor fixes
  • [libata docs] add chapter on libata driver API

Jeff Mahoney:

  • selinux: cache not freed if load_policy fails; reload BUG's

Jeff Scheel:

  • ppc64: iSeries legacy model emulation of PURR

Jens Axboe:

  • io context leak on queue drain
  • 3ware bad queuecommand returns
  • ide-scsi bad queuecommand return
  • megaraid bad queuecommand return
  • ncr53c8xx bad queuecommand return
  • nsp32 bad queuecommand return
  • aacraid bad queuecommand return
  • megaraid2 bad queuecommand return
  • nsp_cs bad queuecommand return
  • cfq-iosched: fix allocation increment race #3
  • bio: fix leak in failure case in bio_copy_user()
  • cfq-iosched: kill show_status sysfs entry

Jeremy Fitzhardinge:

  • Buffer overrun in arch/x86_64/sys_ia32.c:sys32_ni_syscall()

Jesper Juhl:

  • [SCTP]: Fix static inline declarations
  • remove errornous semicolon in arch/i386/kernel/traps.c::do_general_protection
  • [NET]: Fix inline keyword usage in skbuff.c

Jesse Barnes:

  • [IA64] fix phys. address conversion in ia64_pal_tr_read
  • correct copyright in arch/ia64/kernel/domain.c

Joe Korty:

  • fix uninitialized variable in waitid(2)

John W. Linville:

  • [VLAN]: change_mtu should return 0 on success
  • tulip: make tulip_stop_rxtx() wait for DMA to fully stop

Juerg Billeter:

  • Don't remove /sys in initramfs

Justin Thiessen:

  • I2C: add adm1026 chip driver

Kai Mäkisara:

  • "mt-st tell" fails in 2.6.10-rc1

Karsten Keil:

  • i4l: fix deadlock in CAPI code, reenable SMP

Len Brown:

Linus Torvalds:

  • Fix floppy driver lock-up when you have an irq storm
  • Fix reading /proc/<pid>/mem when parent dies
  • x86: clean up ptrace single-stepping, make PT_DTRACE exact
  • x86: make TF handling at signals consistent
  • acpi: don't disable PCI irq links that were active at boot
  • acpi: disable PCI links at boot again, fix ELCR
  • Linux 2.6.10-rc3

Maciej W. Rozycki:

  • i386: apic_printk() used before initialized

Magnus Damm:

  • [ide] update documentation for ide params
  • [ide] "ide=nodma" printout fix
  • documentation: nohighio
  • [IPV4]: Use schedule_timeout() instead of jiffies polling in ipconfig

Maneesh Soni:

  • fix oops in sysfs_remove_dir()

Manfred Schwarb:

  • [ATM]: Force -n option in gzip invocation
  • [DECNET]: dn_neigh.c needs linux/module.h

Manfred Spraul:

  • proc_pid_status() oops fix

Marc Leeman:

  • make number of ramdisks Kconfigurable

Marcel Holtmann:

  • [Bluetooth] Update copyright information
  • [Bluetooth] Correct locking for zero SCID responses
  • [Bluetooth] Add support for L2CAP secure mode
  • [Bluetooth] Check for L2CAP reliability
  • fix unnecessary increment in firmware_class_hotplug() and USB core

Mark Fortescue:

  • [SPARC]: In cg3 driver, access control reg using byte not long IOs

Mark Haverkamp:

  • 2.6 aacraid: Interrupt function cleanup
  • 2.6 aacraid: rx check health function update

Markus Lidel:

  • i2o: changed code with BUG() to BUG_ON()
  • i2o: remove unused code and make needlessly global code static
  • i2o: changed old queueing code with wait_event API
  • i2o: converted SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED into spin_lock_init()

Martin Schwidefsky:

  • s390: 3270 console
  • s390: core changes

Masaki Chikama:

  • USB: new defice for usb serial pl2303

Matt Porter:

  • ppc32: Fix uninitialized PPC40x vars
  • Fix warnings in ibm_emac driver

Matthew Dharm:

  • USB Storage: fixes to usb-storage scanning thread
  • USB Storage: Force INQUIRY length to be 36
  • USB Storage: Remove unnecessary state testing

Matthieu Castet:

  • [WATCHDOG] i8xx_tco.c-request_region-patch

Maximilian Attems:

  • [PCMCIA] replace schedule_timeout() with msleep()
  • [VLAN]: Handler register_netdevice_notifier() errors
  • [ATM]: Handle register_netdevice_notifier() errors in mpc.c

Michael Chan:

  • [TG3]: 5753 support and a bug fix

Michael Kerrisk:

  • RLIMIT_MEMLOCK accounting of shmctl() SHM_LOCK is broken

Michael Obster:

  • mc146818rtc.h include fix

Michal Rokos:

  • [PCMCIA] Exclude uneeded code when ! CONFIG_PROC_FS

Michal Schmidt:

  • md: fix jiffies handling in md.c

Mike Christie:

  • Fix badness in scsi_lib.c

Miles Bader:

  • Remove duplicate safe_for_read(READ_BUFFER) entry in scsi_ioctl.c
  • Remove duplicate safe_for_read(READ_BUFFER)

Mitchell Blank Jr.:

  • [NET]: Missing security_*() check in net/compat.c

Nathan Scott:

  • Fix an XFS direct I/O deadlock

Neil Brown:

  • kNFSd: fix d_find_alias brokenness
  • md: Fix problem with unsigned variable going "negative" in linear.c
  • knfsd: svcrpc: fqdn length fix
  • md: fix careless bug in raid10

Nick Piggin:

  • mm: tune the page allocator thresholds

Nicolas Pitre:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2267/1: don't fiddle with GPDR/GAFR directly
  • [ARM PATCH] 2271/3: MMC for Mainstone/PXA27x
  • [ARM PATCH] 2287/1: remove bogus EXPORT_SYMBOL(*)
  • [ARM PATCH] 2288/1: unlink MMC DMA on driver exit

Oleg Nesterov:

  • uninline do_trap(), remove get_cr2()

Olof Johansson:

  • ppc64: Make pci_alloc_consistent() conform to API docs
  • ppc64: Make early processor spinup based on physical ids

Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:

  • uml: update some copyrights
  • uml: partial KBUILD_OUTPUT fix
  • akpm has moved

Patrick Caulfield:

  • [DECNET]: Typo in accept causes OOPS

Patrick McHardy:

  • [NETFILTER]: Handle nonlinear skbs in ip_queue/ip6_queue
  • [NET]: Move rx timestamp functions to net/core/dev.c
  • [NETFILTER]: Enable rx timestamps in ip_queue/ip6_queue
  • [NETFILTER]: associate locally generated icmp errors with conntrack of original packet
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix invalid tcp/udp checksums within NATed icmp errors
  • [SCTP]: Fix inetaddr notifier chain corruption
  • [XFRM]: Fix endless loop in xfrm_policy_insert

Paul Mackerras:

  • PPC64 call ibm,os-term only if its available
  • PPC64 rtasd: window when error_log_cnt could get zeroed
  • Fix pmac_zilog.c so it compiles again
  • Do power_state conversion for mesh.c
  • Add __iomem annotations to drivers/scsi/mac53c94.c
  • power_state and __iomem for mediabay.c
  • __iomem annotations for swim3.c
  • Multilink fix for ppp_generic.c
  • ppc64: move emulate_step to arch/ppc64/lib
  • ppc64: fix compilation with recent toolchains
  • ppc64: remove the volatile from cpus_in_xmon
  • ppc64: fix hang on legacy iSeries

Paul Ortyl:

  • USB Storage: Unusual_dev entry for tekom/yakumo

Paulo Marques:

  • USB: add PID to ftdi_sio.c

Pete Zaitcev:

  • ub: flag day - major 180
  • ub: oops with preempt ("Sahara Workshop")

Peter Chubb:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2269/2: Updated Pleb-1 support patch for Linux 2.6

Petko Manolov:

  • USB: pegasus endian fixes

Phil Dibowitz:

  • USB Storage: Add unusual_devs entry for another yakumo camera

Phil Oester:

  • [NETFILTER]: revert MASQUERADE optimization for mostly static IPs

Prasanna Meda:

  • unlocked access to task->comm
  • /proc/cmdline missing mmput
  • sys_set/getpriority PRIO_USER semantics fix and optimisation

Prasanna S. Panchamukhi:

  • kprobes: dont steal interrupts from vm86

Ralf Bächle:

  • MIPS updates

Randy Dunlap:

  • x86_64 hpet: fix function warning
  • [SCTP]: Fix printk arg type
  • PCI Hotplug: cpcihp_generic: fix module_param data type
  • cdrom: handle SYSCTL without PROC_FS
  • usb-storage should enable scsi disk in Kconfig
  • eth1394: use SET_NETDEV_DEV() for udev
  • VISWS: prevent APM

Roger Luethi:

  • USB: visor: Always do generic_startup
  • USB visor: Don't count outstanding URBs twice

Roland Dreier:

  • cdev_init: zero out cdev before kobject_init()
  • linux/mount.h: add atomic.h and spinlock.h #includes

Rolf Eike Beer:

  • PCI Hotplug: clean up rpaphp_pci.c::rpaphp_find_pci_dev
  • PCI: fix Documentation/pci.txt inconsistency

Russell King:

  • [SERIAL] s3c2410: remove duplicate include
  • [PCMCIA] Don't place Cardbus bridges into D3 state on suspend
  • parport_pc CONFIG_PCI=n build fix
  • [ARM] Sparse fixes
  • [ARM] Add missing ecard_resource_flags() macro
  • [ARM] Fix VFP NaN flag handling
  • smc91c92_cs outw() fix
  • [SERIAL] imx: remove two unnecessary includes
  • [ARM] sa1111: don't reference dev->power.saved_state if CONFIG_PM is unset
  • [ARM] icside: ensure interfaces are probed and correctly setup
  • [ARM] ARMv6 always selects correct user operations at runtime
  • [ARM] omap: remove unnecessary linux/device.h include

Rusty Russell:

  • [NETFILTER]: Cleanup find_appropriate_src() Fix
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix stack leakage in iptables
  • Remove Futex Warning
  • Fix parameter handling in ibm_acpi.c
  • Fix occasional stop_machine() lockup with > 2 CPUs

Sam Ravnborg:

  • kbuild: Major update of Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt

Santiago Leon:

  • make ibmveth link always up

Scott Feldman:

  • [PKTGEN]: Clean error count before each run

Sreenivas Bagalkote:

Srihari Vijayaraghavan:

  • [ide] remove RICOH CD-R/RW MP7083A from DMA blacklist

Stefan Bader:

  • s390: core changes

Stefan Weinhuber:

  • s390: dasd driver

Steffen A. Mork:

  • Make dss1_divert ISDN module work on SMP again
  • fix dss1_divert fixes

Stelian Pop:

  • sonypi: return an error from sonypi_camera_command() if the camera isn't enabled

Stephen D. Smalley:

  • SELinux: map Unix seqpacket sockets to appropriate security class

Stephen Hemminger:

  • [RANDOM]: Remove TCP MD4 code if not CONFIG_INET
  • usb_unlink_urb: ratelimit warning
  • [UDP]: Select handling of bad checksums

Stephen Rothwell:

  • ppc64 iSeries: don't share request queues in viocd
  • ppc64: add missing braces to rtc driver
  • ppc64 iSeries: PURR emulation fix
  • ppc64 iSeries: fix viodasd remove

Stéphane Eranian:

  • [IA64] perfmon: enable interrupts around semaphore call

Sylvain Meyer:

  • fbdev: Add vram option to intelfb

Thomas Gleixner:

  • Lock initializer unifying Batch 2 (SCSI)
  • yenta_socket.c: Fix missing pci_disable_dev

Thomas Graf:

  • [GNET_STATS]: kernel-api doc for gnet stats/estimator

Thomas Leibold:

  • I2C: i2c-nforce2.c add support for nForce3 Pro 150 MCP

Thomas Spatzier:

  • s390: network driver
  • s390: qeth network driver

Tim T. Murphy:

  • serial: add support for Dell Remote Access Card 4

Tom Rini:

  • ppc32: Fix Motorola Sandpoint builds
  • ppc32: Fix CONFIG_8260 and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD
  • x86_64: only single-step into signal handlers if the tracer asked for it
  • ppc32: Have the 8260 board-hook happen a bit later
  • ppc32: Fix __iomem warnings in TODC code

Tony Lindgren:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2201/1: OMAP timer 1/2: Clean-up MPU timer

Tony Luck:

  • [IA64] Allocate syscall #1270 for waitid syscall
  • [IA64] Add add_key, request_key, keyctl syscalls
  • [IA64] if idle doesn't halt, it should at least relax

Vadim Lobanov:

  • swsusp kconfig: Change in wording

Volker Sameske:

  • s390: zfcp read-only lun sharing

William Lee Irwin III:

  • parport_pc warning fixes

Yasuyuki Kozakai:

  • [NETFILTER]: Fix multiple bugs in ipv6header match
  • [NETFILTER]: introduce skb_header_pointer() to ipv6header match
  • [NETFILTER]: Make eui64 match usuable in FORWARD chain

Yoshinori Sato:

  • H8/300: /proc/cpuinfo typo fix
  • H8/300: signal handling update
  • H8/300: read{b,w,l} / write{b,w,l} error fix
  • H8/300: vmlinux.lds.S update
  • CONFIG_UNIX98_PTY=n warning fix

Zou Nanhai:

  • ia64/x86_64/s390 overlapping vma fix