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Alan Cox: Linux 2.6.10-ac7

Jan 08, 2005, 03:32 (0 Talkback[s])
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Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Kernel.org Mirrors

Arjan van de Ven is now building RPMS of the kernel and those can be found in the RPM subdirectory and should be yum-able. Expect the RPMS to lag the diff a little as the RPM builds and tests do take time.


o - only in -ac
* - already fixed upstream
X - discarded later as wrong
+ - ac specific (fix not relevant to non -ac)


+ Fix failure at boot with some setups and ac6
Dumb bug indeed
(Alan Cox)
o Fix random poolsize sysctl (Brad Spengler)
o Fix scsi_ioctl leak (Brad Spengler)
o Fix rlimit memlock (Brad Spengler)
o Fix Moxa serial
While moxa won't actually even build on 2.6 the grsecurity fix is wrong (for 2.2, 2.4 as well). Without it being CAP_SYS_RAWIO a user can insert alternative bios firmware into the card.
(Alan Cox)


+ Fix ide-pnp build (Alan Cox)
o do_brk security fixes
slightly reworked
(Marcelo Tosatti)
o Fixes for Coverity Inc reported bugs
  • coda_pioctl
  • xfs_attrmulti_by_handle
  • br_ioctl
  • rose_rt_ioctl
  • sdla_xfer
(Alan Cox)
o Improve the no-overcommit behaviour (Andries Brouwer)


+ Fix ide-pnp build (Alan Cox)
+ Remove obsolete usb_unlink_urb in pwc
From instructions by Dwaine Garden
(Alan Cox)
* Subset of ALSA updates to fix sound bugs in .10
This is the set Takashi kindly identified as being worth applying for 10-ac.
(Takashi Iwai)
o First run at merging ISI and base isicom driver into a working 2.6 driver (Alan Cox)
+ IDE mode selection fixes for IT821x PIo
Bug noted by Bartlomiej
(Alan Cox)
o Fix a 32bit compatibility error in the cmsg check logic (Olaf Kirch)
o Hopefully fix CD-ROM autoclose (Stas Sergeev)
o Disable sidewinder debugging spew (Michael Marineau)
o Openprom fixes (Al Viro)
o Fix cosa module crash on load (Jan Kasprzak)
o Add the build environment bits to kernel make rpm output (Kevin Fenzi)
* Fix megaraid unload oops (Al Viro)
* Make gconfig work with current gtk 2.4 (J Magallon)
* Fix harmless parport overflow by one (Alexander Nyberg)
o Fix drivers that put a '/' in /proc/irq/.. (Olaf Hering)