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Update: internetnews.com: Linux 2.6's Sweet Sixteen

Mar 21, 2006, 13:00 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Sean Michael Kerner)

"The second new Linux kernel release of the year is out with a myriad of changes to mark its sweet 16.

"Among changes in the 16th major release in the 2.6 kernel branch include Oracle's OCFS2 cluster filesystem, support for the Cell processor and numerous fixes discovered by Coverity code analysis..."

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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.16

Ok, it's being mirrored out right now, the git tree should already be all there, the tar-file and patches are still uploading.

Not a lot of changes since -rc6, but there's various random one-liners here and there (a number of Coverity bugs found, for example), and there are small MIPS and PowerPC updates.

Appended is the shortlog from 2.6.16-rc6, the full log (from 2.6.15) is on the web/ftp-sites.

It looks like both Fedora and SuSE end up using a kernel that is pretty close to this 2.6.16 release, so let's all hope it's good. Give it a good testing, please,

Adrian Bunk:
       [TG3] tg3_bus_string(): remove dead code
       SUNRPC: fix a NULL pointer dereference in net/sunrpc/clnt.c
       fs/namespace.c:dup_namespace(): fix a use after free

Al Viro:
       Fix ext2 readdir f_pos re-validation logic

Albrecht D.:
       [ARM] 3358/1: [S3C2410] add missing SPI DMA resources

Alessandro Zummo:
       [ARM] 3354/1: NAS100d: fix power led handling
       [ARM] 3355/1: NSLU2: remove propmt depends
       [ARM] 3350/1: Enable 1-wire on ARM

Alexey Kuznetsov:
       [NET]: Fix race condition in sk_wait_event().

Andi Kleen:
       x86-64: Fix up handling of non canonical user RIPs

Andrea Arcangeli:
       Remove obsolete CREDITS address

Andreas Herrmann:
       [SCSI] zfcp: correctly set this_id for hosts
       [SCSI] scsi_transport_fc: fix FC_HOST_NUM_ATTRS
       [SCSI] zfcp: fix device registration issues

Atsushi Nemoto:
       [MIPS] local_r4k_flush_cache_page fix

Ben Dooks:
       [ARM] 3363/1: [cleanup] process.c - fix warnings
       [ARM] 3364/1: [cleanup] warning fix - definitions for enable_hlt and disable_hlt
       [ARM] 3365/1: [cleanup] header for compat.c exported functions
       [ARM] 3362/1: [cleanup] - duplicate decleration of mem_fclk_21285

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
       macintosh: correct AC Power info in /proc/pmu/info
       powerpc: enable NAP only on cpus who support it to avoid memory corruption

Brian Haley:
       [IPV6]: fix ipv6_saddr_score struct element

Catalin Marinas:
       [ARM] 3356/1: Workaround for the ARM1136 I-cache invalidation problem

Christoph Lameter:
       page migration: fail if page is in a vma flagged VM_LOCKED
       Page migration documentation update
       Consistent capabilites associated with MPOL_MOVE_ALL
       page migration: Fail with error if swap not setup
       time_interpolator: add __read_mostly
       fix race in pagevec_strip?

Dave Jones:
       [TUN]: Fix leak in tun_get_user()

Dave Kleikamp:
       JFS: Take logsync lock before testing mp->lsn

Dave Peterson:
       EDAC: disable sysfs interface

David Brownell:
       mtd_dataflash, fix block vs page erase

David S. Miller:
       [TCP]: Fix tcp_tso_should_defer() when limit>=65536
       e1000 endianness bugs

Dominik Brodowski:
       [SCSI] scsi: aha152x pcmcia driver needs spi transport

Eric Van Hensbergen:
       v9fs: fix overzealous dropping of dentry which breaks dcache

Eric W. Biederman:
       unshare: Use rcu_assign_pointer when setting sighand

GOTO Masanori:
       Fix sigaltstack corruption among cloned threads

Greg Smith:
       "s390: multiple subchannel sets support" fix

Gregor Maier:
       [NETFILTER]: Fix wrong option spelling in Makefile for CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ULOG

Herbert Xu:
       [TCP]: Fix zero port problem in IPv6

Hong Liu:
       ieee80211: Fix QoS is not active problem

Hugh Dickins:
       fix free swap cache latency

Jesse Brandeburg:
       e100: fix eeh on pseries during ethtool -t

John Rose:
       powerpc: properly configure DDR/P5IOC children devs

Kevin Corry:
       dm stripe: Fix bounds

Linus Torvalds:
       Revert "x86-64: Fix up handling of non canonical user RIPs"
       Linux 2.6.16

Maneesh Soni:
       Plug kdump shutdown race window

Markus Rechberger:
       Fixed em28xx based system lockup

Matej Kupljen:
       [MIPS] Simple patch to power off DBAU1200

Matthew Wilcox:
       [SCSI] Add Brownie to blacklist

Michael Chan:
       [TG3]: 40-bit DMA workaround part 2

Michael Ellerman:
       powerpc: Clarify wording for CRASH_DUMP Kconfig option

Michael Hunold:
       Restore tuning capabilities in V4L2 MXB driver

Michael Krufky:
       Kconfig: swap VIDEO_CX88_ALSA and VIDEO_CX88_DVB

Michael Neuling:
       powerpc: RTC memory corruption

Nathan Scott:
       Fix a direct I/O locking issue revealed by the new mutex code.

Olaf Hering:
       powerpc: correct cacheflush loop in zImage
       powerpc/64: enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SL82C105
       powerpc: remove duplicate EXPORT_SYMBOLS

Oleg Nesterov:
       disable unshare(CLONE_VM) for now

Patrick McHardy:
       [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_queue: fix possible NULL-ptr dereference
       [NET_SCHED]: act_api: fix skb leak in error path
       [XFRM]: Fix leak in ah6_input
       [NETLINK]: Fix use-after-free in netlink_recvmsg
       [TCP]: tcp_highspeed: fix AIMD table out-of-bounds access
       [IPV4/6]: Fix UFO error propagation
       [NETFILTER]: arp_tables: fix NULL pointer dereference

Paul Mackerras:
       powerpc: Disallow lparcfg being a module
       powerpc: Fix problem with time going backwards
       powerpc: update defconfigs

Pavel Machek:
       [ARM] 3357/1: enable frontlight on collie

Peter Staubach:
       nfsservctl(): remove user-triggerable printk

Ralf Baechle:
       Update MAINTAINERS entry for MIPS.
       [MIPS] Get rid of the IP22-specific code in arclib.
       [MIPS] SB1: Fix interrupt disable hazard.
       [MIPS] Work around bad code generation for <asm/io.h>.
       [MIPS] Protect more of timer_interrupt() by xtime_lock.
       [MIPS] Sibyte: Fix M_SCD_TIMER_INIT and M_SCD_TIMER_CNT wrong field width.
       [MIPS] Sibyte: Fix interrupt timer off by one bug.
       [MIPS] Sibyte: Fix race in sb1250_gettimeoffset().
       [MIPS] SB1: Check for -mno-sched-prolog if building corelis debug kernel.

Ralf Baechle DL5RB:
       [AX.25]: Fix potencial memory hole.

Roman Zippel:
       posix-timers: fix requeue accounting when signal is ignored

Russell King:
       [ARM] Fix muldi3.S
       [ARM] iwmmxt thread state alignment
       [ARM] Fix "thead" typo

Sam Ravnborg:
       kbuild: fix buffer overflow in modpost

Scott Bardone:
       [netdrvr] fix array overflows in Chelsio driver

Sergei Shtylylov:
       [MIPS] Fix DBAu1550 software power off.

Srivatsa Vaddagiri:
       x86: check for online cpus before bringing them up

Tejun Heo:
       ahci: fix NULL pointer dereference detected by Coverity

Trond Myklebust:
       NFS: Fix a potential panic in O_DIRECT
       NFSv4: fix mount segfault on errors returned that are < -1000
       SUNRPC: Fix potential deadlock in RPC code
       NLM: Ensure we do not Oops in the case of an unlock

Zhu Yi:
       ieee80211: Fix CCMP decryption problem when QoS is enabled

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