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KernelTrap: Linus On The Extensible Firmware Interface

Jul 26, 2006, 21:00 (0 Talkback[s])

"A recent patch posted to the lkml contained the following description, 'this patch adds an efi e820 memory mapping,' in response to which Andrew Morton asked, 'why?'. Linus Torvalds offered his views on EFI, the Extensible Firmware Interface beginning by describing it as 'this other Intel brain-damage (the first one being ACPI).' EFI is a replacement for BIOS, originally designed for use on the ia64 architecture though since adopted by other computers, including Apple's Intel-based Macs. Linus went on to explain, 'the original EFI code in the kernel basically duplicates all the BIOS interfaces (ie everything that looks at a memory map comes in two varieties: the normal and tested BIOS e820 variety, and the usually broken and hacked-up EFI memory map variety). Translating the EFI memory map to e820 is very much the sane thing to do...'"

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