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Canonical Staffers Re-State KDE Stance

Feb 04, 2008, 23:30 (7 Talkback[s])

jriddell's Blog: Why Kubuntu is Good for KDE

"Tsk to marketing types who bring negatives tones to otherwise peaceful Planets. I like to walk cheerfully over the world so here's some top reasons why Kubuntu is good for KDE.

  • "We'll be the first (out of the release schedules I can find) to ship KDE 4 on a distro by default. Of course 4.0 is only for a select audience, so there will be another CD with KDE 3.
  • "We are a pure KDE distro, it's the original and best free desktop and we want to promote it. With some other distros when you install KDE you find yourself using, say, a non-KDE browser. That has advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately I think we can create the best user experience by sticking to one desktop..."

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jonobacon@home: Canonical and KDE

"Recently, Aaron Seigo, a good friend of mine and well known KDE member did an interview with ComputerWorld. In the interview, Aaron said 'What I find unfortunate is that some companies dig into technologies. Canonical did not communicate well about long-term support and therefore neglected 35 percent of their user base. A user base they routinely neglect, but at KDE we ignore a lot of this.'

"I find this very disappointing, and that we are alleged to routinely neglect our KDE user base..."

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