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Is Web Programming All There Is?

May 13, 2009, 21:33 (8 Talkback[s])
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You'd think with all the thousands of Web coding howtos that are freely available that ordinary Web surfing would not suck quite so badly. But that is a whine for another day :). I want to post more programming howtos on LT that are not the latest greatest Rails/Grails/Ajax/SOAP/REST/JBoss/Eclipse/etc. ad nauseum, but things like kernel, games, embedded, audio and video recording and engineering, finance and productivity, and other types of application programming. Compilers, debugging, IDEs, good fundamentals and principles, and all that good stuff.

I want good articles for all skill levels, from the noob Linux/FOSS user who wants to start learning and someday contribute code to FOSS projects, to the old geekbeard who doesn't quite know it all yet. Qt, GTK, C, C++, scripting languages, anything is fair game as long as it is Free/Open Source software. Any and all suggestions for good sites, books, online courses, and online articles are welcome. Please post them in the Talkbacks, or write me at cschroder@internet.com. Thank you in advance!

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