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comparing "KDE 4" and "GNOME 3"

Oct 19, 2009, 11:02 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Aaron Seigo)

"A primary example is the KDE development platform. It consists of KDE's libraries built on top of Qt, Akonadi, Nepomuk/Strigi and others and represents one of the most important products we create. This platform started back in the 90s as a means to an end: getting the KDE desktop workspace functioning and sharing code and functionality efficiently between KDE apps in a way that guaranteed some consistency. These days, while it has kept this same set of purposes as an important part of its mission, the KDE development platform has taken on a much bigger role and a life of its own.

"I'd love to see some thoughts that extend beyond Plasma/KWin out there and look at things such as the maturity of KDE's development platform compared to what others are offering right now or, as in the case of GNOME 3, in the near future. I'm really excited how we have Nepomuk shaping up, for instance, or how in the last few releases we have seen integration of KAuthorization which gives us access to PolicyKit (including the upcoming polkit-1 release) on Linux using the same "hide the system level API details" strategy as Phonon, Solid and others which in turn has made the polkit-0.9 to polkit-1 transition painless for KDE applications. We have good, stable libraries built on really exciting technologies. (Just look at what's going on in Qt these days, or Akonadi!)"

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