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Perl 6 in 2009

Jan 05, 2010, 14:33 (0 Talkback[s])


"The year started with lots of improvements to S19. In January we also learned that *-1 constructs a closure, which means that Perl 6 has semi-automatic currying features built into most operators. Lists, Captures and Parcels

"We've seen a lot of talk about slices, lists, captures and parcels. The heart of the discussions is always how interpolation and non-interpolation of lists can be made both flexible and intuitive. For example: should 1, 2, 3 Z 'a', 'b', 'c' return a single, flat list? or instead a list of lists? How can a function which receives the result decide for itself what it want to receive? How does that mix with multi-dimensional arrays?

"I haven't followed these discussions very closely, and so I'm hard pressed to give a good summary; however it seems that in the end an agreement was reached: each parenthesis constructs a Parcel, short for Parenthesis cell. A Parcel can behave context sensitively: A single-item Parcel degrades to its contents; as a signature list it is converted to a Capture object; code object also return parcels.

"It remains to be seen how multi-dimensional slices (with the @@ sigil) evolve, and if we can't find anything suitable to replace them. Built-in Routines

"S29, the list of built-in functions and methods, finally got some long awaited attention in 2009, starting with Carl Mäsak's S29 Laundry List, and later carried on by Timothy Nelson, who split S29 into a set of documents summarized as S32."

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