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New Qt Training Courses, KD Tools 2.2 Released, Steven Kelly Interviewe

Jan 29, 2010, 05:33 (2 Talkback[s])

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KDAB, the Qt Experts have issued a new release of the Qt Addon collection KD Tools. This release goes along with a significant extension of KDAB's training course offering, now including in-depth trainings and more advanced topics. KDAB developer Stephen Kelly has been interview after he won the Qt Contribution Award. He, and all other KDAB developers are now Qt certified.

New Qt Training Courses, KD Tools 2.2 Released, Steven Kelly Interviewed, All KDAB Developers Qt-certified

KDAB extends Qt training offering

KDAB extends its offering of Qt training courses. Next to the Qt introduction courses, there are now three different training programs, aimed at non-novice Qt developers who want to deepen and extend their Qt knowledge and skillset:

  • Deepen your Qt Skills: Our new in-depth training course is the perfect choice for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Qt. The in-depth course covers aspects of Model/View programming, working with QGraphicsView and using multiple threads in your application. The course will skip over basic knowledge of Qt.
  • Pick and Learn: This new course KDAB offers allows you to assemble your Qt training yourself. For this course, we offer a series of possible topics, along with an indication how much time is needed to cover these subjects. The Pick & Learn course is the right choice for those who already have some knowledge of Qt, but need to dive deeper into certain areas, be it for a specific project, or just to shed more light on areas inside Qt you haven't gotten in touch with yet.
  • Qt Update: This course is aimed at all those who feel that they weren't able to keep up with all the new features and techniques that have gone into Qt. The course will provide an overview of changes in Qt 4 since Qt 4.3, including improvements in QGraphicsView, the addition of QWebKit, the new animation framework, and many more.
As usual, all trainings are held by KDAB's certified Qt trainers, using the official Qt training material. Please get in contact with us regarding specific offers for the above mentioned trainings. Have a look at our training schedule for planned courses.

KD Tools 2.2 Brings Incremental Improvements

KDAB has issued a new release of KD Tools, the collection of Qt addons that make many Qt developers' lives so much more productive. The new version brings a new email address validator, a template-based generic factory implementation and a convenience class for starting QThreads that use signals and slots. KD Tools 2.2 also brings a large number of improvements to KD Updater, the component that makes it easy to update your application from within. These improvements add to the existing functionality in KD Tools, offering extended logging features, a large number of convenience classes, for example for manipulating rectangles and many others.

KDABian Stephen Kelly Wins Qt Contribution Award

Over the course of the last year, Nokia Qt Development Frameworks has opened up the development of Qt substantially. Making Qt available under the LGPL, moving the main source code repository for tracking Qt development and simplifying the process of contributing code to Qt were the cornerstones of this process. Since KDAB is working extensively with Qt, from time to time our engineers find room for improvement in Qt. Lately, Stephen Kelly, one of the Qt Experts working from KDAB's Berlin office has won one of the Qt 4.6 contribution awards. We took this opportunity to talk with Stephen about his work on Qt, and how his contributions blend in with other work he and his colleagues are doing at KDAB. You can find the interview with Stephen here.

All KDAB Developers are Qt-Certified

Qt Development Frameworks offers a comprehensive certification program that enables developers to validate their Qt skill set. Naturally, KDAB can't miss here, so we set out to get our developers Qt certified -- all of them. Today, we are proud to announce that we've reached this goal, and that all developers employed at KDAB can prove their knowledge of Qt with this certificate. We've taken this step to ensure our customers that when working with KDAB, you can be sure to work with a Qt Expert.

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