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Announcing the world�s fastest VP8 decoder: ffvp8

Jul 27, 2010, 21:33 (0 Talkback[s])

"Back when I originally reviewed VP8, I noted that the official decoder, libvpx, was rather slow. While there was no particular reason that it should be much faster than a good H.264 decoder, it shouldn't have been that much slower either! So, I set out with Ronald Bultje and David Conrad to make a better one in FFmpeg. This one would be community-developed and free from the beginning, rather than the proprietary code-dump that was libvpx. A few weeks ago the decoder was complete enough to be bit-exact with libvpx, making it the first independent free implementation of a VP8 decoder. Now, with the first round of optimizations complete, it should be ready for primetime. I'll go into some detail about the development process, but first, let's get to the real meat of this post: the benchmarks.

"We tested on two 1080p clips: Parkjoy, a live-action 1080p clip, and the Sintel trailer, a CGI 1080p clip. Testing was done using "time ffmpeg -vcodec {libvpx or vp8} -i input -vsync 0 -an -f null -". We all used the latest SVN FFmpeg at the time of this posting; the last revision optimizing the VP8 decoder was r24471."

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