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Developer Linux News for Mar 21, 1999

  • MyC - VB-like C API wrapper for MySQL (Mar 21, 1999, 22:26)
    "MyC is a set of simple C routines intended to make programming applications for use with the MySQL database engine a bit easier, especially for those familiar with Microsoft's DAO engine model (used with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Basic)."

  • SJ Mercury: Code maestro bringing Linux to the masses (Mar 21, 1999, 21:57)
    "De Icaza is orchestrating the development of software dubbed ``Gnome,'' a sophisticated line of programs full of graphics and icons that aim to make it easy for ordinary users to run computers with Linux, a non-Microsoft operating system."

  • InfoWorld: GNOME builds an open interface (Mar 21, 1999, 21:48)
    A review of the GNOME desktop.

  • TheAge: Once were Windows (Mar 21, 1999, 20:58)
    "All around the world, anonymous volunteers are fine-tuning an operating system that may redefine computers as we know them. It's people power in its purest form - and it has Microsoft looking anxiously over its shoulder."

  • Windows Magazine: Opening Pandora's box (Mar 21, 1999, 11:00)
    Readers respond to an earlier article that speculated on Microsoft opening the source code to Windows.

  • Information Week: Microsoft's Legacy (Mar 21, 1999, 10:27)
    "Since when has compatibility been a primary concern for Microsoft in any of its products? Such problems have been in Microsoft products throughout its history. I remember being very upset when the second release of the Windows software developers' kit came out and many of the APIs had changed and new ones were introduced. I was set back weeks in making the programs usable with the new SDK. Maybe Linux and other software producers will provide us with more stable and standardized software systems."

  • Boulder Daily Camera: Lining up for Linux (Mar 21, 1999, 10:19)
    "The Eklektix trio - former National Center for Atmospheric Research engineers Jonathan Corbet and Elizabeth Coolbaugh, and former operations specialist and teacher Dennis Tenney - provide client companies with customized training on the best ways to install and use Linux and other open-source software. Eklektix also publishes a weekly online newsletter, Linux Weekly News, which attracts 700,000 page views per month."

  • On Free software and the Free press (Mar 21, 1999, 07:03)
    Paul Ferris asks, "Can we afford to let one company own the printing press of the digital age?"

  • SJMercury: AOL May Cut 750 Netscape Workers (Mar 21, 1999, 06:48)
    "America Online Inc., moving quickly to swallow its newly acquired Netscape unit, reportedly plans to slash up to 30 percent of the software pioneer's work force, or 750 employees."